Alcohol detox timeline: How long to detox from alcohol?

The regular course of a typical alcohol detox is about three (3) days, but alcohol detox can be prolonged for up to two (2) weeks after cessation of drinking. An alcohol detox timeline here.

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Onset of alcohol withdrawal usually begins 6–24 hours after the last drink. But what can you expect in terms of moderate alcohol withdrawal symptoms vs. severe symptoms and their duration? We review here, and invite your questions, comments, or feedback at the end.

Alcohol detox duration and length

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms: how long? The duration, length, and severity of alcohol detox all depend on personal factors such as: level of alcohol dependence, personal health, age, gender, etc. However, some general principles exist during alcohol detox, as well. For less severe cases of alcohol dependence, detoxification from alcohol is usually brief, and ends after 2–3 days without treatment. Infrequently, detox may continue for up to 14 days.

How long after your last drink do symptoms of alcohol detox begin? Detox can occur when the blood alcohol level is decreasing, even if a person is still intoxicated. Onset of alcohol detox is usually 6–24 hours after the last drink. Consuming opiates or sedatives may delay the start of detox process.

Alcohol detox timeline and schedule

Alcohol detox duration commonly lasts from around 5-14 days depending on how long the patient has been drinking. This is depends by many factors. The severity of alcohol detoxs also is determined on the number of drinks per day, the total number and severity of past withdrawal episodes, usage of sedative drugs, and the number of health problems.

First stage: 0—72 hours

When does alcohol detox start? Between 0—72 hours of an alcohol detox, general symptoms may occur. Initial symptoms include tremor, anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, and nausea. These symptoms usually subside without treatment after a few days in people only mildly dependent on alcohol. However, more serious withdrawal symptoms occur in approximately 10% of people going through alcohol detox. These symptoms can include:

  • fever
  • increased blood pressure
  • increased body temperature
  • increased breathing rate
  • increased pulse
  • profuse sweating
  • rapid breathing
  • seizure
  • tremors

In cases of severe alcohol dependency, severe symptoms begin to manifest early on. Convulsion attacks or seizures usually start early in the detox process, around 7-24 hours after the last drink of alcohol, and do not always occur in a single episode. Seizures may manifest in people of any age and are followed by muscle contractions and possible loss of consciousness. People with a previous history of severe alcohol withdrawal should be observed regularly during this time.

Second stage: 2—5 days

During the first week of alcohol detox, other forms of severe symptoms may occur, including delirium tremens (“the DTs”). Delirium tremens is the most severe form of alcohol detox syndrome, and medical intervention is needed. It usually develops 2–5 days after stopping or considerably reducing alcohol consumption. This state of the body includes severe symptoms, extreme restlessness or agitation, autonomic instability, gross tremor, confusion and disorientation paranoid ideation, hallucinations (any senses). Its mild symptoms are: nervousness, shakiness depression, mood swings, nightmares, not thinking clearly.

How long to detox from alcohol?

Alcohol detox duration typically lasts from 5-14 days but symptoms can persist for weeks or months after detox, depending on how long the patient has been drinking and the stage of alcoholism. In fact, some people may experience continued fatigue, insomnia, mood instability, reduced sexual interest, and hostility for weeks after their last drink. This subset of symptoms are called “protracted/post-acute” withdrawal symptoms (PAWS).

Acute symptoms of withdrawal occur at the beginning of the detoxification period, and they last for about 2 weeks. After this period, people may experience protracted withdrawal symptoms that last for a considerable period of time. Medical research indicates that a protracted withdrawal syndrome may develop following acute withdrawal and may persist for at least 1 year after your last drink. Common PAWS symptoms include:

  • anxiety
  • decreased energy
  • decreased metabolism
  • depression
  • hostility
  • reduced sexual interest
  • sleep disruption
  • tremors

Alcohol detox scheduling questions

Do you still have questions about alcohol detox? Please ask any other questions about alcohol detox in the comments section below. We are here to help and will try to respond to your questions personally and promptly.

Reference Sources: NIAAA: Complications of Alcohol Withdrawal
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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I normally drink about 5 pint 4double gins and abottle off white wine most night I have been off the drink for 2 day but then seem to all way be like this I can go a week once in a blue moon I can not sleep if I do not have this amount off alcohol ? have I got a problem I wake up every day for work and hold a full time job can the doctor give you tablet to sleep I am at a stage in my life we’re I don’t want to drink any more

    1. I think pills are the worse solution. You can do it without it. Create some BS story in your head, whatever you want to sleep role play, doesn’t matter what, absurd by clouds just that it will make you feel good, you will see that soon your brain will say F. off leave me alone from this HS, ill better.

  2. My daughter is going into detox next week but i am worried she is not really ready healthwise. she has been very sick mentally and physically and drinking in the morning. She had a motor car accident a night ago and crashed another parked car, now lost her license for a month has to go to
    court in May for drunk driving.
    I am concerned she is not ready. She keeps crying non stop and is worried she will have a seizure.
    What are your comments?
    Should she wait a few weeks and in the meantime try to reduce her alcohol and start eating meals or would she be alright to go straight into rehab detox?
    Thanking you.

  3. I have been a heavy drinker for the past 2 In half years I been drinking a pint to 2 pints a day I’m 35days sober besides methadone I have been having really been having fatigue insomnia anxiety I have days where I ha e of of energy then days where I don’t wanna do anything. It sleep I overeat but mostly cravings of chocolate n coca cola my legs have been swelling and arms hands keep going to sleep is anyone else having symptoms like this or could anyone give me some advice

    1. Hello,
      It kind of sounds like you are going thru what I went thru about 7 years ago…..Now going on 8 years sober. Everything you are describing is normal, but I am sure you have heard that and didn’t want to now……OK, what did I do. I bought a bunch of boxes of things called “Super Pops” made by Popsicle. They only have 80 calories each and are big.

      You are craving the sugar that was in the alcohol. Or, just eat the chocolate. If you are staying off the alcohol you won’t gain weight permanently like people think. Take it from me. I have always been in pretty shape….Skated with 1980 Olympic Hockey Team, grew up in AK, was commercial fishing at 16, and lived a very active lifestyle in AK. Later after college I still maintained my health.

      After a serious accident I began drinking. When I stopped I was drinking about a 12 pack a day. I wasn’t blacking out or getting sick yet. When I stopped though I began craving sugar. I just as went with it. I was exercising, not getting all those empty calories, and eating as usual and I never gained weight. In fact, I lost about 25 pounds and look even better.s

      So, just go for it. As you become healthier the cravings will disappear because you will be healthier minded, following a better diet, and most likely due to your new found confidence, a more active lifestyle.

      Just go with what feels good and makes you happy. Make those things your private time… I sure hope this didn’t sound like a lot of bullshit because it wasn’t and for me it worked.

      Take care

  4. I’m 34, I hadn’t not had a drink in a given day in 17 years. Over the past 5 years drinking gradually increased to ridiculous amounts. About 4 years ago I started having a stiff drink before bed. that escalated from 100ml(3.5oz) to 200ml (7oz) to a 375ml (13oz) (this doesn’t include the usual lunch beer, afternoon beer, dinner wine and evening drinks). Eventually I started having a 200ml of vodka mid day, afternoon beers, wine with dinner and then a 375ml of vodka before bed. I started adding things up and I got to the point where I was drinking just under 750ml (26oz) of vodka per day and didn’t even count beer or wine. I went through around 1/2 a year where I was taking a big morning swig on top of the afternoon and evening. The biggest reason I started drinking so much was that I couldn’t sleep. A week ago I had to go to the ER in the evening for something completely unrelated to alcohol. I ended up staying at the hospital until 5:30am after some blood tests and a CAT scan. The doctor came to me at the end of the night and said I was fine, but noticed I had a minor “fatty liver” – I was shocked as I thought it would be way worse. When I got home at 6:00am I was tired and hadn’t drank since 5:00pm the night before. I decided to go to sleep without a drink and did successfully (albeit I had to wake up at 7:30am to go to work). so I had the 90 minute nap, decided not to drink and went to work. Felt fine until lunch and then nausea kicked in bad. I got some nausea medicine and went the day without drinking. lots of shakes, cold sweats and nausea but I functioned through the day. The next night I fell asleep around midnight. I woke up a lot and had crazy dreams. I woke up feeling hungover. I was drinking SO much water, but always dehydrated. Still a lot of nausea and I forgot to mention having to pee every 30 minutes and brutal Diarrhea. this went on for 3 days. Day 4 felt better, day 5 even better. Still having trouble falling asleep and I have the biggest cravings for alcohol when I first wake up and while I am trying to fall asleep. Now on day 6. It’s fun challenge. I am going dry for 3 months. I want to drink – I want to be like everyone else I know who can have a beer in the locker room after hockey or 3 or 4 beers during softball and then stop. I don’t want to go to AA as they preach abstinence. I hope that I can, I guess we’ll find out.

  5. I have been drinking beer 6 pck or more daily for about 2 years straight. Some days were less and some days were more. . I just found out I’m pregnant, so I completely stopped cold Turkey. I’m on day 5 and I havent had any nausea or anything yet. Can I still be detoxing with my bowel movements or it has passed already? Thank you!

  6. I’ve been drinking heavily for the past month. Would it be a bad idea to quit cold turkey. I’m proscribed benzos but can’t take any extras. I just have a fear of having a Seizure So should I taper down?

  7. I was drinking a 6 pack of beer a day everyday sometimes a little more for the past 30yrs. Stopped drinking Monday, no bad symptoms only slight headache first 2 days, no appetite these 5 days but still eat once a day and I normally drink about 12 bottles of water a day, some gas pain day 3 thru 5, don’t sleep much and have night sweats. Crave a beer on the way to get togethers but I tell myself no you’re doing this 30 day challenge that was my way to get this started and I prayed really hard about it and left myself in Gods hands. Daily life is better, take meds regularly, go to work without a hangover, cook more for my family and get up early to make breakfast and pack lunch for my husband instead of buying food, lost a few pounds, wash make up and use night creams instead of just crashing without washing face or brushing teeth used to leave this for the morning. Day 6 and I feel lucky to have no bad symptoms the only problem is every family, coworker, events include alcohol and I enjoyed drinking dancing watching games and eating crawfish or bbq’s with friends drinking. People look at me like cmon how long you doing this for because I’m not the lively person without alcohol but I know I can be it will just take a little more time sober, but I thought of visiting AA meetings to help me stay sober and not only for 30 days. Wonder why I had no withdrawal symptoms after drinking that many years and smoking cigarettes and marijuana while drinking. Quit marijuana also but the cigarettes later because I’ll need them to handle the thought of no drinking.

  8. I’ve not had a drink for 14 hrs and nothings happened yet! Does this mean I am going to be really lucky and not get any? Please help advice me I’m very scarred. Thaks

    1. Hi Mags. Withdrawal usually begins 6 to 24 hours after the last drink. The severity and the length of the symptoms may vary from person to person. Factors like age, gender, length of use, use of additional substances etc. should all be taken into consideration.

  9. I am on day three of being sober after experiencing one day of withdrawals, I haven’t had symptoms since, is it safe for me to drink a safe, moderate amount?

  10. I recently went through alcohol withdrawals for my first time, they only lasted a day or so, I’m wondering if and when it will be safe for me to drink again in a safe and moderate amount?

  11. I’ve been drinking heavily for about 4 wks now a bottle of wine sometimes vodka a night sometimes both. If I stop cold Turkey now will I have complications since it is only 4 wks or will it still be not advised

  12. Hi..I think I have a weakened immune system and stopped drinking for going on 8 days now but I still feel drunk..what’s wrong with me?..will this alcohol on a weak system after more days sober me up? I’m still drunk on a weakened’s been 8 days now but I’m still drunk..I can’t focus on my tired..will I sober up after a few more days of no alcohol are stay drunk because of my weak immune system?

  13. So I had a spout of about 12 days where I was drinking a good 50 standard drinks over 24 hours (passing out waking up etc). I have been clean for 4 days but tonight due to corfu.stances had 5 beers. I was just wondering how far they will set me ack in my detoxofocation. Thank you.

  14. I drank 8-16 shot per night for about three years. Sometimes less and sometimes more, but not often. I did a week and a half taper, starting with 8 drinks per day, then 6, then 4, then 2. It has been 6 days (147 hours) since my last drink. I feel my entire consciousness is on fire during cravings. but tend to make it past them ok. My question is, since my actual withdrawl was pretty minimal after the taper (the worst part has been trouble sleeping) am I out of the woods as far as symptoms? Is it likely that I’ll develop seizures or DT’s?

    Also, I’m hoping to one day return to moderate social drinking. I just wonder, will getting a buzz once in a while cause withdrawl or will I just be subject to bad hangovers if I over do it?

  15. I am a year and a half of alcohol and am having strange symptoms at the moment that remind me detox. Such a bad dreams, sleepless nights, sweats etc. Do you go through another detox at this stage????

  16. I had been drinking heavily 14 years ago I then was in addiction unit I went off drink with there help and was put on antibuse I continue staying of the drink it’s the antibuse that I knew I couldn’t drink with it I’m was of drink for years there a year ago I stopped the antibuse and thought I could drink a sociable drink not which has become a problem I only drink beer I was with my GP and she has put me on Librium how long do I have to be off the drink before I can start taking the Librium??

  17. Good morning, I just came out of the worst of a withdrawal detoxing ever. I have them ever other week I drink about 9 steal reserve beers a week and about 5 pints of vodka a week. And I choose to stop some weeks and I know what the hell im going to suffer with when doing so. I don’t know why i choose to want to suffer detoxing I am so terrified of Dt and seizures it’s the worst I ever been threw in my life I had one before. I been shot in eye and lost it and I tell you a seizure was worse than that. It feels like you’re about to die before having one. Its day 4 so I’m kind of out the gate with one now being day 4. I’m quitting this time do to being terrified of one and the withdrawals. For anyone suffering from alcohol its deadly its poison please stop you will die simple as that. It’s the devil’s drink.

  18. I have been fighting depression due to my business failing after 24 years. and having no life or anyone to share my life with. I’ve always been just a moderate drinker but not everyday. Since all this is happening I’m fixing to have to sell my house so I started drinking vodka maybe at the most two months ago. My tolerance has built up way too much and I’m ready to detox. I’ve read that starting out with beer and stop drinking liquor is best way. Since I’ve only been over drinking for less than 2 months how many beers a day should I drink and reduce daily. I read start with 10 which I know I cannot drink.10 because beer bloats me. I can drink maybe 6. So should I start tomorrow drinking 6 then 4 then 2 then 1? Will that help me not go into withdrawals. Thank you so very much for a reply. I am very strong-willed and know that I can do this

  19. I am 49 years old and have been drinking since my teens. Over the last 5 years it has been on a daily basis,I have always considered myself as “functional”.however things have been going from bad to worst lately.i have lost a few friends and some of my family members have been commenting about my husband is also over my behaviour. I have noticed a few health issues that I realise are directly related to drinking. So I have been honest with myself and decided enough is enough! It has been 5 days since my last alcoholic drink, I have surprised myself, no tremors, a few hot and cold sweats,headache of an evening, slightly depressed but however I have woken up with internal pain on the right side of my body, I’m guessing it is my liver and kidneys wondering what the hell is going on? Is this a normal side effect? And should I be concerned?apart from that I feel ok and I’m confident that I can do this, not just for me but for my family as well, just feeling a little confused right now , any advise would be appreciated Thank you

  20. I stopped drinking a pint of 100 proof vodka a day yesterday am going to be okay ? Have have alprazolam for sleeping I never take. Will this help

  21. I’ve been drinking atleast a fifth of 100 alcohol everyday for the last 6 months. I now have to go to jail for 3 months. I leave in 3 days. I’ve been trying really hard to ween of and break this cycle. It seems almost impossible, I was wondering if going to a sauna or something will help. I’m a bit worried on how I’m going to do without medical care ect…

  22. Im on day 3 of a home detox from a 30 day heavy binge of detoxed 6 times prior to this always medically .this time i just didnt wanr to go to the hospital.first nights was horrible shakes,sweats & unable to sleep. Now im done sweating & shaking & can move around normally ive been taking B1 & multivitamins but the only thing is insomnia now and & anxiety should i be worried

  23. I’ve been an alcoholic for 15 years or so. I get on the wagon but fall back off too frequently. I know the symptoms of withdrawal all too well unfortunately. A couple of weeks ago I fell of the wagon again. It ended in a bad bender. After 72 hours i am still having extreme abdominal and chest pains. I’ve experienced these before but they usually have dissipated by now. The one thing that is frightening and unusual is my inability to even drink water much less put anything else into my body. I’ve been trying for three days to sip water, take medications, and eat solid foods and nothing seems to be working. On the night of my last drink I vomited violently which is what i assume this problem is derived from. I am happily back on the wagon again, but could i have done something to my insides that you think need to be treated medically or do you think in a short time my symptoms will lessen and i can start putting much needed nutrients in my body without the physical pain in my throat, chest, diaphragm, and stomach. Do you have any recommendations on what i might be able to do in order to speed up the process.

  24. Im 38 and have just been diagnosed with cirhisis. 8 weeks off the alcohol now and i can tell you that the withdrawal is a walk in the park in comparrison to the pain to get when your liver has to fight to keep your body working. Do it guys! Dont sweat the small stuff. X

  25. I’m not sure why no one has said it but in my experience marijuana is the number one best medication for overcoming alcoholism. I find specifically eating it helps but it needs to be eaten so it kicks in before the usual craving. Smoking works too, I just get a deeper experience and insight from ingesting it. Not only does it take away the craving it also gives me the insight as to WHY I don’t want to drink and brings me strength from not drinking. Some may scoff at “replacing” one drug with another, but to anyone who has seriously experienced both you understand they CANT be compared on the same field. Especially when others are recommending pharmaceutical drugs… it’s natural, it’s releases endorphins, it gives you a head change (like your brain is craving) but in a much more beneficial way. Obviously don’t go to extremes but let it help heal you. CBD (one if the other main cannabinoids aside from THC) is medically used to suppress seizures. It is the number one over looked treatment in my opinion due to our outdated view that all “drugs” should be viewed the same. It is not physically addictive and there are NO WITHDRAWL SYMPTOMS (aside from mild psychological dependence and maybe decreased appetite) even in people after years of use. It is important to state that there is a break in period just like many pharma drugs. It will take a week or two if you have never ingested/smoked to both find your dose as well as let your tolerance adapt. The true medical benefit may take a week or two to show (it will become much easier and enjoyable to function “high” at this point). One more side note. Not all marijuana is the same, some people will benefit more from indica’s some from Sativa’s. I tend to lean more toward Sativa’s because it’s easy to keep motivated and it helps to bring stronger insight and reaffirm that I am stronger than alcohol. It’s my choice to make not its choice to make. I hope you can open your ears to actually hear the truth I speak. I know the struggle I send love to you all.

  26. Having been drinking very heavily on and off for years,I finally stopped drinking on 23 February after approx 2 weeks of one bottle of spirit a day and on 26 February had 24 hours of seizures. Is it possible that the seizures could continue beyond 24 hours? My doctor is aware of my condition and we intend to work together from now on.

  27. Hi,

    I drank beer heavily almost everyday for the last 3yrs.
    I was getting anxiety attacks and devolped a itchy rash around my neck. I haven’t drank in 2 + months.
    Rash has gone away. Anxiety is almost nearly gone.
    But today i feel like im going thru alcohol withdrawal.
    Is this possible after not drinking for 2 months?

  28. I’m a 30 year old female who has been drinking every day for the last 12 days. It’s 375ml of vodka and usually 2 small barcadi shooters. I have been drinking 16 oz of water close to 5 times a day if not more as well. I know I have a problem and I won’t to stop drinking. I stopped last night/evening. I already deal with anxiety and woke up last night with extreme anxiety. My hands and feet also will get tingling but it doesn’t last long. I have been shaking a bit too but that comes and goes. I have not been able to get comfortable in bed to go back to sleep. I had an issue with drinking before and was sober for almost 4 years. My family who I live with have no idea that I have been drinking every night. I don’t know if I should go somewhere to get help while I go through my withdrawals. I also don’t have any insurance and am currently looking for a job so I have a very low amount of money. My heart rate is still the same as it typically is as well

  29. i have detoxed about 5 times, i was drinking a litre of vodka a day for about a month after i relapsed. if your a heavy hard alcohol drinker and have been “on a bender” for weeks or months my advice is to have someone take you to the hospital once the symptoms start. its the safest place to detox. the potential seizures and heart palpitations can be deadly and there’s no way of knowing if you’ll have them or not. if you have already detoxed once it gets worse every time after. if anything they can hydrate you, give you some (Ativan) to control the seizures and shakes, and (Zofran) for the vomiting so you don’t dehydrate. they take alcohol withdrawals seriously. most hospitals have protocols. i was a paramedic for 5 years and trust me, if you’re a heavy drinker of hard alcohol and have been for a while, you CANT do it alone. it’s too dangerous, better safe than sorry.

  30. I was a very heavy drinker for about 2 years a bottle almost every night of vodka.. went through withdrawals in July and ended up having DTs
    I have relapsed and drank the past week
    Am I going to go through that again

  31. For about 3 years i have been drinking no less than a half a pint of gin upwards to 2 pints a day. I recently detoxed on my own because i had no choice. I have drank a biymt if wine here and their with the alchol content being only 11% as opposed to the gin at 40 %.. Will this hinder my wothdrawals or is it good. Because i habe been having a bit od trouble sleeping.. Not getting to sleep until 3 in the morning and sleeping late. Thank you for any advice you can provide me with

  32. I have been drinking a bottle of bourbon plus other drinks nearly every day for the last few years, it spiralled out of control. Nearly a week off now, it has not been pleasant but I went cold turkey and it is working out for me. i am off it for a year or maybe for good, who knows?

  33. Im 41 yrs old. I been drinking beer for many years. 15 days ago i had a bad hangover. So i decided to stop drinking. Now ive been feeling like crap. I visited my doctor yesterday. Because i been having bad anxiety and losing sleep and i was worried about my blood pressure. Doc told me BP was fine 128/82. But i still feel like crap. Anxiety, headaches, sore shoulders, and still having trouble getting a good night sleep. Should i seek help or keep dealing with it myself?


    1. Hi Gil. I suggest that you call a toll-free Alcohol Helpline on 1-888-675-1820 to find a high-quality alcohol addiction treatment program. This helpline is accessible 24/7 and gives you the chance to speak with trusted treatment consultants who can help you find an alcohol recovery program suited to your individual needs.

  34. Drinking beer 3 to 4 bottles for 2 years now. Having symptoms after 3months of cessation. Like internal shaking or tremor that are not visible. Is it possible to have the symptoms after 3months of cessation.

  35. I’m going to try to stop drinking alcohol. I’m not having any issues but feel it’s become a habit and I want to stop. My last drink was 14. days ago and I have not missed it at all. How long does it take before I can honestly say that I am not dependent on alcohol.

  36. To: John
    Try to get a few AA meetings – and find a sponsor at one of those meetings. There’s no cure but, it does help as long as you keep ‘coming back’. In time you’ll find “you are alone”. CFA

  37. I Am 20 years old been drinking hard alcohol religiously for 4 years .. I woke up one morning after a huge bender over the weekend and just decided to stop drinking. Two days later I drank one beer and then managed to stop for 40 Days . The worst part of quiting is the detox , I continued my regular life just without the alcohol .. the Detox lasted about 20 days I Wana say .. during that time is intense cravings for booze , extreme Depression and anxiety .. the hardest thing was the tremors / seizures I had about 4 separate episodes all happening on stressfilled days before bedtime .. the first one was very intense and scary I had the looming feeling of death and then an intense craving followed by heart throbbing . I felt my body temp get really cold then I started into the seizure with out of control muscle convulsions and extreme shaking . The first one happned one day into sobriety , the next one was 4 days in , the next one was 7 days in and almost hung on my mind for about 10 more days until the last seizure happned the worst and most intense one …. I think I got it all out of me but it is some very scary stuff and being 20 years old being that close to death is very scary.. at day 40 I think the anxiety and cravings are still very much a part of life , the night sweats stopped about 2 weeks ago but the fatigue is always there and Bowels are still recovering

  38. I relapsed 2 years ago after 6 years sober. It started gradually and over the last 8-9 months has become daily, ranging from 3/24 ounce cans of beer, for a total of 72 ounces, or can be 4-5 24 ounce cans of beer, or 3/24 ounce cans plus (1) 40 ounce bottle of beer for a total of 112 ounces. The 40 ounce bottle isn’t always added on but it does happen. My last beer was yesterday between 7-9pm. I haven’t had any today, i want to quit, so it’s been completely on my own, home detox. So far fatigue, some tremors earlier. I’ve been pushing water, vitamins, thiamine, creatine, milk thistle. Will i experience severe withdrawal from the above amount of beer? I’m petrified of seizures happening. I can’t go to the local ER as my husband works there, & i have a pre-employment drug screening for employment next week. I’m hoping the alcohol will be out of my system by next monday or Tuesday in order to pass the screening. Can you please give me some advice or suggestions. Thank you.

  39. I’ve been sober for 22 yrs. I have come to know alcoholism as a family illness. By way of example, my younger bro. K. just left detox (a hospital setting). He’s now in a halfway facility where he may stay upto 1 yr. K. has been in and out of detox for approx, 10 or so yrs. -but to no avail. Staying away completely for friends and places where drinking, etc. took place is difficult and the downfall of past attempts to recover. Returning to the old places and ‘hanging’ with the same old crowd will trigger a reaction. So, be aware. Put your faith and fate in your higher power.

  40. I had quitted alcohol 6 months ago and still I’m facing some gastrointestinal problems which lead to high blood pressure and palpitations in heart.. I always get anxious… what should I do

  41. Hello, I am a 120 lb woman who has been drinking 2-3 beers every night for at least a year. I am 48 hrs. sober and have felt fine until now…..feeling tired, a little restless and have a headache….I was not a heavy drinker but a consistent one, how long do you think my withdrawals will last? how bad can it get on this amount? Thank you very much.

  42. I’m on day 22 of alcohol delirium tremens and am taking gabapentin, all symptoms have ceased but am still getting severe head pain, how long can it last ?

  43. I have just come out of rehab had a detox haven’t had a drink for 5 weeks but I so down and anxious is this normal and will it get better please please help

  44. Im currently self detoxing from alcohol its been a little over two days the first 2 days i was shaking and had chest pains i was taking alot of vitamins and still am but ever since this morning i feel like my normal self again is it ok for me too have a beer at this point now that i feel normal?

  45. I’ve binge drunk for 5+ days and had far worse side effects from it recently just finished a 4 day one and nearly died so I won’t drink again it’s been 60 hours now since I went cold turkeywhen will my appetite come back fully I can only eat partical meals and just won’t be hungry at all I’ll eat because I no I need to but have little to zero appetite. Please help

  46. I have been drinking lager every day for over 3 month’s I want to stop drinking all together but am struggling. Any advice?

    1. Hi Carmen. It seems like your drinking has gotten out of hand and your alcohol tolerance levels are increasing with each day. Have you considered talking with a psychiatrist about your drinking? You might find it helpful to call 1-800-662-HELP (4357) Treatment Referral Routing Service. This Helpline provides 24-hour free and confidential treatment referral and information about mental and/or substance use disorders, prevention, and recovery in English and Spanish.

  47. Will the one shot of fenolbarbital I got this morning help.I am dependant and have been off alcohol for 18 hrs…. Will I’be ok?

  48. hello i was an average drinker on the weekends mainly friday and saturday 2-3 drinks at night and after awhile i would have moments that a week or 2 might go by and i wouldn’t drink. I did the mistake of going cold turkey from alcohol after a bad hangover/dehydration episode that made me ill for quite a while close to a month i had thought i had gotten sick since it was still the cold season after going to the hospital on the 3rd day of feeling ill they just gave me an IV and said i need to eat more and stay hydrated which happened in march and its now the end of july and I’m still having issues I’ve been going to my primary care provider and taking vitamins but in two incidents I’ve gotten the feeling of being dehydrated and the symptoms seem to come back like anxiety, restlessness, body aches faint at times idk how long will this go away or what else i should do

  49. I am a regular in taker of hard liquor 90ml every day before dinner from 2011to 2016 that is 6years, now I am 50years old left liquor since 6 month but everyday I feel some disorder about
    activeness, performance, strength, stamina, decision, food intake, digestion, urination and stools, how should I just get rid of these days

  50. I’m dying at an ever faster rate.
    I can’t afford to lose my job but I’m in trouble.
    I;m 70 in reasonable health but I need a path.
    Can I offset withdrawl with a pain killer?

    1. Hi Wayne. No. Using pain killers to ease alcohol withdrawal may be switching one addiction with another. I suggest that you call a toll-free Alcohol Helpline on 1-888-675-1820 to find a high-quality alcohol addiction treatment program.

  51. I live in SF Bay area and my friend female is homeless in Los Angeles. She has been alcoholic all her life since she was a little child. Since I met her five years ago, she has been in an inpatient sober living arrangement, 8 months at a time and after third relapse, they threw her out. And she has been homeless for 18 months, drinking heavily. I have contacted a detox program in Hemet and am trying to convince her to go and get a doctor clearance before she goes into detox.; I have a new sober living arrangement worked out for after the detox. My question is how long is the detox program to be? They told me five days. I am not comfortable about the brevity of 5 days. I feel like it should be two weeks to a month. Please g ive me wisdom on this. Please also be sure to send your response to my email address, in case I do not come back to here. Thanks!!! I myself am not alcoholic nor drugs at all, ever.!!!

  52. I suffered from delirium tremens and rumfits in November 2016 due to alcohol withdrawal now iam on lorazpam for anxiety disorder iam not having any problems can I have moderate alcohol since from sixth months iam on sober

  53. I used to drink two bottles of wine most nights for the last four years. Went on a bender sunday and haven’t drank since. I’m now on day three feel a bit better. Doctor prescribed Librium. I also suffer from anxiety and take lexapro daily. Am I over the stage of getting a seizure I’m really worried I will.

  54. Hello! I have a question (which may lead to more). My Husband is the one with the alcohol problem. I recently found out about Al-Anon, and have been attending for one month now. My Husband is not aware, as we have been seperated since Dec. 2016- he removed himself from our home due to the fact of finding out he got caught stealing from a store, went to jail for a couple of days for it, found pawn receipts for items he took without anyone knowing, and now has a Bench Warrent for not appearing to court. All of this happened around Sept – Nov., I think, of 2016. My question is, we have talked recently, over the Memorial Holiday, we spent a couple of days together and I asked him, how long does it take, when he has not had a drink, for effects to happen? He said negative effects, and I replied yes. My Husband responded 16 hours. This made me want to cry but I sat strong and listened on. He has stomach issues, and the shakes he says he doesn’t have them anymore. I would just like to have an expert inform me of how bad my Husband is, when do you predict his rock bottom will be, and is there a chance for our marriage (we were married 07/19/2008). Looking forward to your response(s). Thank you.

  55. I stopped drinking 5 days ago on the first day i had librium but discharged myself from hospital. I have been taking diazepam 10-12 mg a day am i safe from seizures

  56. I am a female 79 yrs of age, no medical conditions, take no medications & enjoy 4-6 or 7 low alcohol beers every night for a year. I stopped 3 days ago cold turkey….just because I didn’t want it anymore. I feel fine. Could I develop any withdrawal symptoms?

  57. How long do the hand tremors last after you stop? It’s hard to hide them from co-workers, boss etc). Also, is there a way, other than benzos, to control them? I can stop shaking if I think about it but during a meeting if some hands me a paper, it is noticeable and can cause me employment issues if it gets too obvious.


  58. I’m 40 years old. Today is my 4th day without drinking. I was doing at least 12 beers for the last 6 months or so… I’ve been having withdrawals, like every morning was shaking any sweating, fever and very rapid heart beat… I think I had couple seizures being home by my house alone. The first one I went to hospital and the other two I had to call 911 because t thought I was having a heart atack… these days have been really tough since I’m also having severe pain from endometriosis.
    I’m in good shape, I even go workout when the “hangover” is not that bad.
    A friend gave me some xanax and it’s been good help when I feel that my pulse start racing…
    For the record, most of the members of my family are alcoholics. Mother, father, brothers, my grandmother and almost all my uncles.
    I think that if I make it till the next Sunday without drinking I’ll be fine.
    I’ll like to have help for an outpatient treatment, I cannot leave the house to get help because I need to take care of my house and 11 year old son. I’m positive and I know I can make it since I did it 15 years ago when I was a crack cocaine addict for 4 years and I cut it cold turkey. Btw… I’ve been taking gory kola and mink thistle and it seems to be helping.
    I appreciate any feedback

  59. I have been sober for 92 days. My question is how long will the fatigue and SEVERE muscle PAIN last. I wasca binge drinker on weekends for 14 yrs. 12 of those yrs was beer then the last 2yrs was liquor and or whiskey. I am determined to stay sober but it is very disheartening being in so much pain.

  60. My son has been in a rehab for al obols for 5 months, he will be graduating in a couple of weeks. Is that long enough to be in a program he said he is ready his counselor said he is ready. WhT do you think

  61. Hi, i binge drank for a whole week anything from liquor, beer and wine from morning to night. Before this i didnt drink for 3 weeks.. cause i was trying to quit. Im on my 3rd day of not drinking and have extreme anxiety and cant sleep at all.. Had the shakes on day 1, and took a 2mg xanax.. The shakes are gone now on day 3 but When will i be able to sleep again and feel like myself…

  62. I have drank a fifth of whiskey every other night for two years how do I safely on my own taper off and avoid withdrawal symptoms

  63. Hello, my name is mike and i’ve been consuming alcohol for more than 20 years.I’ve cut way back on the consumtion and I’m currently in the process of detoxing again..The withdrawal systems are less acute this time but I’m still wanting to drink..How long does it usually take to be normal again?’I can tell you that I’m still nervous and I sometimes see things that are not there and I have very little energy.I’m 62 and I ‘m not ready to die.

    1. Hi Mike. Call a toll-free Alcohol Helpline on 1-888-675-1820 to find a high-quality alcohol addiction treatment program. This helpline is accessible 24/7 and gives you the chance to speak with trusted treatment consultants who can help you find an alcohol recovery program suited to your individual needs.

  64. My husband, who is 63, quit drinking 12 days ago. Prior to that, he was consuming approximately 18 Miller Lites a day. There has been one day of confusion, and he has experienced some slurring of his words. He has trouble remembering things at times, but not consistently.
    Currently, he sleeps a great deal and is generally fatigued. He talks as though he is too tired to move. I check his blood pressure and temperature often, and they are always perfect. He hasn’t had any tremors, nausea, or hallucinations. He takes 1-2 Valium a day to offset withdrawal symptoms. My question is: Should I take him to the hospital to have blood work done and a scan of his brain? Is it possible that he has had a pin stroke during this? Also, most of the stuff I have read says the worst of the symptoms are over after about 8-10 days, and we are past that.

    1. Hi Judy. I suggest that you call a toll-free Alcohol Helpline on 1-888-675-1820 to find a high-quality alcohol addiction treatment program. This helpline is accessible 24/7 and gives you the chance to speak with trusted treatment consultants who can help you find an alcohol recovery program suited to your husband’s individual needs.

  65. My mother has been drinking for 30 years and has never been through a detox. She drinks 1 gallon of Rum every 2 to 2-1/2 days. She has been admitted into the hospital and is heavily medicated to help her through the detox. But my question is approx how long will it take for her to Detox? When she was first taken to the hospital her blood alcohol level was at 4.5. And she has been drinking none stop for 30 years now and has been diagnosed with stage 2 kidney disease. She has been very sick in the last 2 months and has agreed to get the help. We are working on getting her into in home rehab.

    1. Hi Amanda. Call a toll-free Alcohol Helpline on 1-888-675-1820 to find a high-quality alcohol addiction treatment program. This helpline is accessible 24/7 and gives you the chance to speak with trusted treatment consultants who can help you find an alcohol recovery program suited to your mother’s individual needs.

  66. I have stoped drinking for one month I was binge drinking once a week at a high level some times twice I ache I have buterfliys in my stomac and fell light headed at time is that bad

  67. So I have been a half a pint whiskey drinker and 1 or 2 beers a day for the past 4 years. The past 2 years it really had taken its toll on my life from loosing jobs to ruining relationships. I recently about 6 months ago was out of work for a month and drank probably about a pint of whiskey a day if not more for that month waiting on my new job to get me processed in. It got to the point where I couldn’t even keep down the alcohol so I decided that was it. I stopped all together and the first 48 hours was living hell from the night sweats to the involuntary body jerks and twitches. I went for about a week sober and I think after day 3 most if not all symptoms subsided. I then picked it back up and have been drinking only beer mostly this time almost every night for the past 3 months. I’ve decided now that I’m paycheck to paycheck mostly because I’m spending all my money on alcohol and cigarettes it’s time to stop and go for the long haul. It’s been about 48 hours since my last drink and the withdraws this time was far less aggressive than when I stopped from the spirits. I don’t believe I’m at risk for dt’s or seizures but it does scare me. I hope that this story will help someone and I believe writing this story will and has helped me go in for the long run. Thanks.

  68. Hi:

    Is it possible to go from 1 bottle or so of wine per day to 2 glasses per day without going into withdrawal….I am on day 10 doing this but is still difficult …I have been determined to stick to this even tho I still get agitated somewhat in the aft. before I have a later drink. I’ve been to re-hab, it was difficult with the people there and don’t want to go back.
    Thank you

  69. I was a heavy drinker for a couple of years and was able to quit on my on. It was hard on me for about 2 weeks, but i did recover. Now I slipped up and thought that I could go and have a couple of beers after 7 months and be fine and i was wrong and ended up drinking heavy for 3 days. I have quit now for going on 4 days and this feels much worse that it did after quiting for years. I am still shaking alot. Is this normal?

  70. I had (4) 1.75 liter of Bacardi rum in 8 days, I’ve been sober for 36 plus hours, I started with regular throw up, just no sleep, been eating and drinking water last 12 hrs, is that safe or do I need to go to hospital, no symptoms expect irritation in stomach and can’t get any sleep

  71. Sir

    I have undergone alcohol detox programme on 7th of Jan onwards n it’s being 13 days as of date but feel confused could not walk properly. .could not hold myself. .feel disheartened. My legs could not balance.
    Please help

  72. My husband is a lifetime alcoholic at age 66. His last drink was Christmas day. He has untreated lymphoma type B cell in his groin. We went for our initial oncololgy appt…the doc found he was in afib…ended up in icu at our local hospital then rushed by ambulance to a large city facility after 2 days. He had severe congestive heart and lung failure. They got 40-50 pounds of fluid off of him with diuretics.. His heart was in arrhythmias so they did a cardioversion which put him back in normal sinus rhythm. Then he kept going back and forth. Finally he went back in regular sinus rhythm on his own and his lungs and heart got strong enough to go to a specialized rehab for heart and lungs. They also dis a tracheostomy and are weaning him off the vent at the rehab (Vibra) . They have been giving him. Atavan and dilaudid which really snows him. He has not been able to communicate with the trach, but he rarely even opens his eyes even after the drugs wear off. When the drugs wear off he is restless and keeps putting his legs over the side railings of his bed…at which point he gets drugs again. He needs to participate in his rehab of speech therapy, pt, and ot. The whole family is very frustrated with this lack of progression after 2t days. The nurses are frustrated with him also, and tell me that he is still going through dt’s and withdrawals and that he needs the medication because he is suffering. How long does it take for such a severe case as this? He is making good progress physically with his heart and lungs. How legitimate are the words of the nurse? Are they just keeping him drugged for their own convenience is my fear. I saw in your artical that seditives and opiates will delay detox. Please…if you can help, it would be so appreciated.

  73. I drink 56 oz of wine every night. Do I need to go to rehab to detox or should I try cutting down? I want to quit because it’s starting to change my looks, weight and is just bad.

  74. My boyfriend of 20 years has been drinking a six pack of beer a day for 20 years. He is 55 years old . I have been trying to get him to quit for years or even cut back. He works very hard and never misses a day of work. I know the first step is for him to want to stop. Would he w draw right away if he cuts back ?

  75. My daughter just got out of the hospital from detox for 7 days. She refuses to go to a detox clinic, she will be seeing her doctor after the holiday but what can I do to help her until then.which will be in 3 days

  76. My husband is detoxing from alcohol voluntarily . His last drink was 11/21/16 at 10;00 p.m. Taken to hospital on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday night around 10 p.m. he pulled out all his lines. On Sunday morning he had to be intubated since Ativan in excessive dosages would not control his agitation. He was pulling out IVs, etc. Haldol did not help either. They sedated him and intubated for his own safety, flown by helicopter to high level of care hospital, direct admit to ICU on Monday morning. at 4:30 a.m. . They tried to extubate on Monday 11/28/16, but he was still agitated and confused, pulling out lines, so intubated again. Tuesday morning 11/29/16 tried again to extubate. Once again he became agitated, respiratory rate up to 55 per minute, and pulling out all lines. He was not responsive to commands. Very combative. They intubated again and changed medication to ziprasidone. They will try to extubate again in the morning. This will be day 5 since he stopped drinking. I am trying to find out what to expect next. He is 63 y/o has CAD, depression/anxiety, and hypertension. Do you think he will ever come out of this???

  77. Long time spirits drinks 1 to 3 shots per day, now going into my 5th week alcohol free. Consistent low grade heads, irritability w/real or perceived poor customer service clerks, will not shop Baby’s r Us or Safeway anytime soon. I will not ask VA for support; private MD no assistance especially on questions in regards to post symptoms, i.e., headaches and extreme dehydration. How can I better communicate with private MD or how can I get assistance/information on my specific post symptoms. thx

  78. My adult son who still lives with me his Mum is trying to come off alcohol 7.5% strength cider. He also has diabetes type 1.He has had several seizures which doctors at the hospital he attended say it is most likely alcohol withdrawal and to cut down gradually. As he denies drinking more than 2 litres a day we tried to start from that amount and cut down very gradually but he is getting tremors more often than when he ended up having a seizure. He is petrified that he will go into another seizure so wants to drink more each time. I am at my wits end and wondered what would be likely to happen if he drinks slightly less every few days but ignores the shaking if it continues. He refuses to go for treatment but I am worried that his alcohol intake will end up increasing and the situation will get worse.

  79. my father is suffering from alcohol withdrawl symptoms he has been hospitalised and has severe dTs how long will it take to recover from this will he recover ?

  80. This is my 1st day quiting cold turkey drinking ! Been about 24 hours! Should I be fine? I quit cold turkey after relapsing wt vodka! It’s been 24 hours should I be fine? I’m scared!

  81. Hi, I’ve been drinking heavily for about 8 months. Sometimes 3 days on, 2 days off, 6 days on, 1 day off. no real pattern but about 10 drinks or so a day when I do drink. I haven’t had a drink in about 36 hours and was wondering if I should expect major withdrawal symptoms as I want to not continue this pattern of drinking any more. I have not been able to sleep very well, and have felt sluggish with a bit of numbness/tingling throughout my body. I have been a bit neasous as well but nothing too severe. I am not sure if I should go to a clinic or just wait it out. I’m 30 and i am over weight. I have had 0 cravings to drink and feel like I won’t have any problems staying away from it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  82. Hi this is only my experience but I thought it might help .
    My episodes of binge drinking have gradually got worse . My last binge lasted 7-8 days and I consumed 4 bottles of wisky and 36 tins of Strongbow in my room . I know this as I counted them all as I was cleaning my room . I also went out drinking in bars during this period. I decided to go cold turkey and the first 3 days were hell , I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy but I stuck at it and I now feel I’m in recovery. I touch wood have scared myself enough now not to face death in the face as trust me you don’t want to go there.
    I’m 32 and fit maybe that helped .

  83. I have been drinking at least a 12 pack of beer daily for 11years.I decided to quit 4 days ago. However I went out to eat yesterday and had 3 beers. I became extremely cold and started shaking all over. I went home and laid down with several blankets on. I also took two over counter sleeping pills. I woke up a couple hours later with a fever of 102. I went to emergency room and they found nothing but vitamin deficiency and fever. Today I still hurt all over. My question is…Was this part of detoxing? And when I drank 3 beers is that why I got and still feel so sick,

  84. I was drinking at least a 12 pack a day often more. I am a 50 year old woman and was doing this for past 11 years. Three days ago I decided to quit. Then my son took me out to lunch and I had a beer. I began to get very cold and shaking badly. I was freezing. I had 3 beers. I went home and still shaking and cold and every bone in body hurting I put on warm clothes two blankets. I took two sleeping pills. A couple hours later I had a fever of 102. I went to emergency room and other than a fever and vitamin deficiency I was ok. My question…Was this part of detox? I still ache a lot today.

  85. I was a baaaaad alcoholic for a decade. I could drink two fifths of vodka and a 6 pack of 16 Oz beers. I quick cold turkey cause it got to where I couldnt hold any food down and I was throwing up all day. When I quit I got soon shake it felt like seizure and I very litterally thought and was sure I was dying. I even said my goodbyes to people… it was scary.

  86. i use to be a heavy rum and coffee drinker consuming a pint a day mixed with coffee for 5 or 6 years. i quit cold turkey in 2012 for 24 months. Zero alcohol of any kind and did not experience withdrawal of any kind. For the last two years I have been drinking 1 to 6 beers a day and zero hard liquor. I am on some strong opiate pain meds for chronic knee and back pain and have been for several years. 72 hours ago i decided to quit drinking completely. So far I have not noticed any withdrawal symptoms. Do you think i am now past the possibility of having any withdrawal symptoms if I stay clean and sober from now on?

  87. My brother is currently detoxing at our parent’s house. We have let him know that once he has stopped drinking he can stay with us for a while and we will help get him to counseling, meetings, etc to help him focus on staying sober. He has had 2 seizures. How long after a detox seizure should we wait before we allow him to drive?

    1. Hi Tim. Depends on what type of seizure he had, and what/if any brain functions were impaired. I suggest it’s best to speak with his doctor and do any necessary tests to confirm that he is safe to drive.

  88. does ur body ache when detoxing after drinking for 20 yrs sometime mild srinking an orher over drinking choice of dri k was vodka

  89. My husband has been sober for 1 year after consuming large amounts of alcohol for 10 years. He went with me to a hot springs day spa for my birthday. We were in and out of Epsom salt baths, cycling pools, sulfur, and mud. He was tired and napped a bit. The next day he was acting strange. Started bringing up past issues we had worked on in counseling and it was like a flash back of the old him. He is angry, agitated and accusing me of being delusional. I have wondered in the last 2 weeks if he started drinking again but he says no. Then I began to wonder if the detox of the hot springs and cleansing could have this effect removing build up from his liver and organs? I have tried to find research on the matter but nothing specific. Am I reaching for an answer or could this be a possibility?

  90. I have this pattern and can’t break it even though i want to.Day 1after deep sleep have mild alcohol and low energy, which gets better as the day wears on and more food and soft drinks taken. Day 2 feel fabulous, can work well or exercise fine. Sleep. Day 3 get to the evening and am gagging for a drink. So feel better after 2 cans of beer but end up having 10/12. Is it simply having two and that will ease things. Or does my body need the extra alcohol to last the three day cycle as its been for the last four months?

  91. I have drunk all my life since I was 14. (I’m now 45) I have always held down a job and none of my friends would think I had an alcohol problem and I look fairly trim. I would say for the last 30 years I have drunk 6 or 7 beers a day and a bottle of wine, or If I stayed out of of the pub I would drink between 2 and 3 bottles of wine a night at home. I would alway eat healthily and take multi vitamins. For the last 3 years I have been experiencing anxiety and paranoia. I have had weeks where I didn’t drink because I didn’t want to face the guys at the pub or the shopkeeper. I went to the doctors and they did a full set of blood tests including liver and came back ok (I didn’t mention I drank too much and when they asked they were horrified I halved the amount and said between 1 and 1 1/2 bottles a night). I ordered Propranonol beta blockers 10mg online and they knocked the anxiety and related symptoms on the head within half an hour. Feeling much better and after a heavy Thursday night with the prospect of another weekend waisted at home doing nothing I stopped drinking cold turkey. Friday felt like a hangover, Saturday woke up soaking sheets with sweating and vivid dreams, Sunday nausea, more damp sheets, foggy head no appetite, Monday same and noticing concentration with work is difficult. Hoping Tuesday will be better.
    My father was an alcoholic and was told he had liver cirrhosis aged 40 and would have a year to live if he didn’t stop. Well he didn’t and he was so proud when beat the doctors at their own game after still being alive at 50 albeit then on 8 cans of 10% lager, valium, 40 smokes a day, morning vomiting of blood and social anxiety. 58 years old he still beat his liver and died of stroke caused by brain shrinkage caused by alcohol abuse. As I never looked ill like him (waisted away to 7 stone and looked twice his age) I thought I was fine. It’s only when you stop and your body gives you these signals you realise you are further down that slippery slope than you once thought.

  92. I’m in the post acute withdrawal stagefrom beer and xanax I been off of both of them for over 10 months months they say it will take 2 years to have my brain healed from that I like to have a couple of beers while wathing the game my question is does it take that long for my brain to heal thanks

  93. For a long time, I had a good relationship with alcohol. I would only drink at weekends, occasionally in excess but always under control. A few horrid hangovers but nothing major or destructive.
    More recently, life got on top of me. Family health problems, work stress. I started to drink in the week and more importantly in the day. I drank up to a couple of bottles of wine a day, excluding weekends where oddly I would drink less. For about 6 weeks I believe. I stopped cold turkey, I know not advisable, but here we are.
    I have had withdrawal symptoms, no DTs, no blackouts no seizures. Palpitations, sweating, confusion, general ill feeling. As those symptoms subsided, after about a week, I have for a few weekends had 2-3 drinks. But each time I have had withdrawals again come Monday morning.
    My question is, I don’t consider myself to be an alcoholic – I don’t crave drink, I stopped after 6 weeks, I can control my drinking (I know I sound like a cliché).
    Will I always have withdrawals after only a small amount of drinks? Am I not leaving it long enough to recover, or am I suffering from permanent kindling? Please, an experienced voice. I naively believed only long terms drinkers had withdrawals, only long term drinkers had a problem. I’m only young and I’m terrified.

  94. I am on day 2 of self detoxification. Been rough. I vomit every few hour the fullest day. This second day it’s been every 5 or more hours. I was drinking a .750 bottle of Bourban a day for about 6 months. So far it the nasea & fatigue are the worst. I read that it takes about 4 days which I hope as I return to work on 5th day. My doctor has given me Lorazapam & Thorazapam. Any more advise would be great as this is a terrific new job I took.

  95. I am 31yrs old ,I was in alcohol detox for 10 days initially I had shivering, insomnia, increased blood pressure, confusion, now after 10 days I am unable to sleep at nights and feeling confused and depressed at day due to sleep less ness , how long will I have this problems please let me know if I have to make any changes in my daily lifestyle

  96. Hello I’m detoxing off of pain medication ( oxycodone 10.325 8 a day) 13 yrs of use Adderall around 70 mg a day< sometimes with addipex.. 7 yrs of use. Ambien 10-20 mg 10 yrs of use.. I've been to rehab for detox 14 days ago..stayed for 11 days it wasn't a fit for me. didn't have many withdrawals systems there, but now that i'm back home I'm having restless legs, chills, numbness in my hands, bad stomach craps.. not to mention i haven't slept it seem like 50 hrs in the 14 days.. Not thinking about using again, just want to know how lonf before I feel better?

  97. Hi All, another week after being admitted to the emergency department for severe withdrawals, 2 days left to go on benzo’s then i’m going to have to battle it out again and try not to drink EVER AGAIN.
    I want to make a really important point or few in this post.
    Alcohol is the number 1 reason for emergency admissions here in Australia. The stuff is toxic, and I know what it’s like to be addicted having detoxed atleast 10 times over the past few years (with multiple visits to emergency for severe withdrawal). I NEVER WANT TO TOUCH THE STUFF AGAIN.
    Anyway the point I’m trying to make is that although this is a great forum to be able to share and know we’re not alone, all of this stuff needs to be discussed openly with your GP (doctor) – NO LIES WHEN TALKING TO YOUR DOCTOR.
    As alcoholics I believe we’re ALL liars. How many people do we hide our problem from? How many excuses do we make to be able to go have another drink? THE ANXIETY IT ALL CAUSES?
    I got sick of lying. By lying I was just isolating myself from friends and loved one’s further and further over the years.
    Now I have no friends. I guess they knew I was lying and couldn’t bear me harming them in this way anymore. The same with family. I now have no friends and no family, also no job.
    I decided to stop lying or hiding my problem because if it continued I would not be alive today. It took a lot of courage. I know I have the serious medical problem of alcoholism.
    Even though the decision to stop lying was only recent, once I admitted the truth to people (medical professionals, associates, employer etc, and not just regarding alcoholism, this is regarding all my issues) people have rallied around me to try save me. I think now they know I’m being 100% honest that they understand why I are the way I am. They appreciate the honesty and start to understand how hard this really is. Although my support network is only small (VERY SMALL), I feel like by admitting the truth that I am beginning a better phase in life.
    SO THE POINT IS… firstly talk to your GP – they will try help you (doctors become doctors for a reason – they want to help heal people) but be 100% honest – your GP will not judge you, he is not the guard to the gates of heaven, but you MUST be 100% honest with him and tell him everything relevant to your problem. Once I did this he put me in touch with a professional support network that is absolutely fantastic, and they all want to help me get better. I will continue to be 100 % honest with all of them as I know they’re not judging me.
    SECONDLY – be honest with your friends and family, although I no longer have any, I’m sure it wouldn’t have gotten to this stage if I was honest with them at the start.
    I told my employer about my problem and lost my job because of it. But atleat they understand why I was acting the way I were, and they don’t hold it against me, I have excellent references from them, in addition I feel like I’m no longer carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders by hiding my problems or lying, and even though I’m flat on my ass at the moment, it feels a damn lot better than being a bloody fraud by hiding and lying about my problems.
    I have found that by being honest to people about all this “shit” (excuse the language), that people now have a new found respect for me. They understand I’m doing it bloody tough. They understand I’m battling for a quality if life instead of going in a downward spiral, they are now offering the emotional support that I never had when I was lying about my problem all the time – the type of support I haven’t had in about 12 years…. YEAH…. ITS BEEN A LONG LONELY JOURNEY 🙁
    But now I feel it’s getting better…
    It’s not a quick solution, it’s a gutsy one, but it is the right solution for me anyway.
    I really hope this post helps someone else here, sorry bout the caps lock – it happened because I felt it was needed and I’m not even going to go back and edit this before submitting it:-)



  98. I have been drinking 5 to 10 pints a day and not eating. The doc prescribed me benzos yesterday for accute withdraw. I had a beer today. After taking the meds What will the combo do? Just could not resist a beer but not going to have 2-3….

  99. I have recently quit drinking, and was hospitalized for the first 24 hours due to tremors, tachycardia, chest pain, etc. After 2 days of being on a benzodiazapine (librium) I took myself off it and was doing fine. I got into a routine of waking up early, reading the AA book, eating a healthy breakfast, and exercising for an hour. I was feeling better everyday, and my sleeping patterns were finally beginning to return to normal(ish). But today, on my 14th day of sobriety, I had a severe panic/anxiety attack. I woke up around 7:30, and felt symptoms around 11am. By 12pm I was incapacitated by fear and trembling. It’s currently pm and I still feel mild symptoms come and go. Is this common? I thought I was past the hard part….

  100. Hi. My story. I’m a 31 year old make, and from the 18 of 18 I realised a few and a night used to help me sleep. I did that pretty much everyday up till I was 26, with the odd weekend binge when out etc. My problems started when I met a girl, who used to really binge at the weekend with spirits and wines etc, pub all day, etc etc. I was seeing her at the weekends and one night in the week, I was drinking the same but binged which her heavy at the weekend, when we split, I went back to my normal amounts, but it felt like it wasn’t enough, I saw a councilor and someone from the hospital like a support worker. Who explained it was increased anxiety and mild withdrawals. I was safe to go cold turkey. I lasted 4 dry months …. But the pains and anxiety wasn’t really any better and I thought what’s the point. I had a drink, thought I could trust myself but I I learnt that this masked the anxiety and it gradually increased back to every night Then it went to drinking in the day, then in the mornings. Couple of cans before going to work etc, then by 11 I’d be feeling anxious and have to sneak out for a couple more. Then the worse thing I went on an all inclusive holiday for a week with my new partner, I’m scared of flying so had to have stron drinks before getting on the plane. Drank spirits like no tommorow whilst over there, made it look like lemonade, as I went to the bar would order vodka lemonade, if my partner went if just ask for a lemonade just to hide it etc. So mum drinks when I went looked like lemonade.
    After coming back, I just couldn’t get the balance right, was drinking more cans, then the thought of going to toilet every 20 mins the bloated stomach. I changed to wine, then little 1 glass bottles, easy to hide, quicker better effect, not as bloated and the toilet runs reduced, my day pretty much consisted of hiding it best I could, making excuses to go out for a meal or a drink to the Mrs, just so j could have proper beer and look normal doin it lol…. Then feb of this yer we split, understandable, my drinking went through the roof, I went on self destruct, I didn’t know if I was hurting because of damage by the drink, wether it was anxiety, or withdrawals, and up to the 2 weeks before going to the hospital I went self destruct, vodka in the mornings, off work I’d go pub. Have a southern comfort with every pint, go home at tea time, with 8 Stella’s and 2 normal size bottles of wine. It was like I was thinking there’s no way I’ll wake up in the morning. 2 weeks of that I snapped out of it, I’d still managed to keep my job and thought I’ve got something worth fighting for.

    I tried to cut down, went back to cans only, but it just wasn’t enough, I again could t get the balance right, I’d have 2 cans and 30 minutes later I’d feel awful. And because I have a health anxiety, always thought it was something else and abit to die, I’d tremor. See things, hear voices, I was think g this can’t be right I’m still drinking, then on a Wednesday before work, 2 weeks ago, I pulled up outside a shop, about 8 am, again tremouring sweating, I thought I’m not doing this, not another day like this, battling just to get through, I bought 4 cans,phoned work told them I won’t be in, went straight to hospital, drove my self,had the 2 cans in car park.

    They took good care of me, put me on drips, kept me in over night, tablets to take the withdrawals off, they really did rally round for me and provide really good care. It gave me the condfidence when they said we think your safe to go cold turkey now.

    So I did, I’m now 14 days no drinking at all, I must admit the 1st 3 days were hard, which took me to about Sunday, I managed a full week at work from the Monday, had a good weekend again, then Monday Tuesday and Wednesday which is today seem to be the hardest??? Feel very dizzy, like I’m not in my own body, clammy, seems to be mainly the mornings, very strong .. Then just through the day bad spells, but they pass quite quick, because o have health anxiety, I’m convinced it’s a problem, heart or some other organ not running right, but I’ve been checked, tested n so on many times lol.. I suppose it’s no coincidence that I’ve come off the booze? … I’m trying to convince myself that get to g through that first year dry and I’ll see the improvements. I’m kind of gutted my first week was better than my 2nd week, I just expected every day to be better and better. But I suppose the body adjusts??? I suppose it realises hang on you aren’t putting any more in? .. I guess I’ve done the 2 week now, reading these comments and posts help, I’m back at mum n dads. Eating properly and drinking plenty of water, on vitamins, trying to give my body the best chance.

    I’ve avoided councilong and groups, just because of the anxiety, and feeling the need to drink after. I’ve done it alone with my family’s help.

    I really wish the first time I quit that if given it longer than 4 months before thinking no change may as well drink just to feel relaxed and at peace….

    Keep up the work people, it will be worth it in the end…. Thanks for reading my story…


  101. I am on 150 days of quitting smoking after 45 years of habit. I am 63 now. I am still feeling carving at times. Never had once after quitting. Was chain smoker. How long this will continue? please guide if possible. thanks

  102. Hello,
    I am writing because my youngest sister is a heavy drinker. She is 30 years old and she drinks at least 6-12 beers per day. She moved in with me a little over a month ago after her boyfriend broke up with her. They had been living together for a couple years.
    My sister has been drinking pretty much every day for the past 5 years or so. She doesn’t just have a couple beers at night to unwind, she gets wasted every time. She has been hammered every single night since she moved in and I am concerned. She just lost her job yesterday and she tells me they just stopped scheduling her. I think she might be lying because she doesn’t want to tell me she got fired. I think her alcohol consumption is a reason for not only her recent break up but also for her getting fired yesterday.
    I haven’t said anything to her about her drinking for a while. I wanted to let her grieve the end of her last relationship and I figured she might just be drinking so much to numb that pain. Unfortunately, I think she drinks heavily like this even when she is not upset.
    It is time for her to stop. I know I cannot do it for her and I know it’s not even my choice whether or not she stops or not. She is my little sister and I love her very much. I cannot sit and watch her continue to get wasted each day anymore. I can’t lose her.
    What I would like to know is: How do I know if my sister should go into an inpatient detox or if she can do it at home. She has Kaiser Insurance and I think it covers inpatient detox, but I am not sure. Don’t all insurance plans have to cover this these days? Is there any sign I can look for that might let me know if she needs to go inpatient to detox safely or not?
    Is there a best way to bring the subject of her excessive drinking up without seeming like I am being too judgemental or critical?

  103. My husband is now nearly 2 weeks sober – drinking around 6 litres vodka a week for 2 years. He’s on medication, but he still seems shakey. He has difficulty walking, sleeping, is tired but has little bursts of energy, has difficulty making conversation but then has pockets of clarity. His memory isn’t good either, so doesn’t remember what he’s doing, is forgetting to eat, etc.
    Are these symptoms of detox? Or could he still be drinking (he says he’s not but I’m not sure whether to believe it)? I’m really worried…

  104. If you have been sober 2 1/2 years and drink one time will you have alcohol withdrawal like the person did when they were drinking heavily or will it take time to develop withdrawal symptoms?

  105. i have been sober for approximatly 5 loss of consintration an being disorented part of my detox an if so will my brain straighten out in time.i also just started feeling fatigue and body ach during the day.

  106. I drink 10 units per day 7 days a week. I want to stop but not sure what to do.
    Will I get bad withdrawel from quitting 10units a day?

  107. I didn’t have any withdrawal symptoms,except I feel tired and lightheaded 6 weeks after my last drink.I thing this is because of my neck or some other issue? I was drinking one bottle of wine every night for several years.

  108. Hi, I’ve been drinking a litre of vodka every night and detoxed multiple times over the past 7 years. I recently had a 6 day bender (litre a night again) and am worried I might get dt’s ( have easily spent more time drinking than not over the years. I am taking B1, multi-vitamin, magnesium and valerian but no benzo’s and have been off cold turkey for a day and a half now. Sweats are over, but have major insomnia and sporadic anxiety as the valerian ware’s off (1 tablet twice a day), headache, muscle pain etc. This is the first time I have gone cold Turks with no benzo’s. What is the chance I would get dt’s after only a 6 day binge ( with 40 days sober prior to this)? I really don’t feel that bad at the moment compared to prior detoxes with benzo’s. I’m 36 yr old male, pretty fit (2hr cardio session 3 days per week, weight training other days, and very healthy diet (when I’m not drinking)

  109. I am on a detox from the hospital a home 1 that’s lasting 7 days I didn’t take yesterday’s tablets and drank 1 bottle of wine… I feel ok and want to get back on track I had a shit shit day yesterday and just needed it, will I be ok to continue today as normal I am to scared to tell any one

  110. I been drinking for about three weeks every day. I drink half a pint of brandy. I wanna stop but I’m scared if I withdrawal. Will I withdrawal?

  111. Will I experience severe withdrawal symptoms if I quit cold turkey after drinking half a bottle of wine a day for several years

  112. I am 26 I have faced alcohol withdrawal seizures for 2 times in six months 1st time I don’t know that the seizures is due to withdrawal as I didn’t stop drinking and the 2nd one caused when I willingly stopped drinking with in 48hours,I have a doubt after undergoing detoxifacation treatment,and stopped drinking.Do seizures reoccur after it or may hav chances to get again????????plz help

    1. Hello Suresh. Seizures commonly occur in people who’ve been using alcohol chronically and for a longer period of time. They usually occur 6 to 48 hours after you’ve had your last drink, and it is common for several seizures to occur over several consecutive hours. The risk peaks at 24 hours, and is drastically lower as you keep away from alcohol consumption.

  113. I’m assisting my girlfriend through this ,5-9 seizures a day ..less frequency but has holes in memory… This is her 6th day..I’m doing more for her than the hospital has…please pray for to have the strength to carry her burden..I have enough love to stay…! Thank you.

  114. I have been drinking 12-15 “hobo beers” (very cheap and very strong) 3 nights a week for the past year, since I got laid off. Before that, I would have 24 normal beer every weekend and feel like hell at work on Monday. In 2012, after a weeklong vacation where I binged every night, I landed in the hospital with tremors so bad that I couldn’t stand up. Since then, I’ve been so terrified of having it happen again that I don’t leave the house the day after drinking. I have now been sober for five days and the withdrawal had mostly been severe fuzziness and agitation, but I’m scared to go out walking or shopping or anything just in case I get a massive case of the shakes again. Is it possible to get an onset of the tremors after this long or is the withdrawal just making me paranoid?

  115. I was a after work moderate drinker/weekend binger for 15 yrs. Then I stopped working and drank about 10 vodka shots a day for 5 yrs. I entered a.a. 2 yrs. ago, went clean a while and started doing 4 day binges about once a month. I have had depression, cold sweats and crazy dreams a few days after I stopped. Same after my last short binge on the days after the Superbowl. The last one really made me feel bad, mostly very guilty, as I do have a support system. I’ve had a good 12 days and really want to get my first year clean. Been all into recovery lately, speaking eloquently at a.a. and buddying up with people at my level of recovery. Today I had a mild anxiety attack and it wasn’t too fun. I know smoking doesn’t help. I know this anxiety will get better, but wow, how can I stop the insanity? I’m pretty sure I will go 40 days clean, as I committed to Christ for lent. After that I will get all high on life and be right back in jeopardy. Any suggestions? I know I could end up in the hospital if I don’t stop. And it’s one thing to hurt myself, but my family doesn’t deserve to suffer also. I’ve been to over 300 a.a. meetings. Now what?

  116. (you can delete this post but i wanted to suggest that you might mean “organ” not “organism”)
    Thanks for the awesome article and comments section!

  117. Always known I’ve had unhealthy drinking habits, but never had problem stopping when I went to work, and I can work 4 week shifts dry. I was laid off in late October, and was very bummed because of reasons more than the money. I’ve drank heavily the last 3 months. Ten days ago I had a very unsatisfying drunk, which was weird, and I smoked two packs, also weird. I haven’t drank or smoked since, and I haven’t had a single craving for either. That being said, it’s been far from easy.

    Sober for 9 days and I have first stage symptoms still, excepting seizures.
    I’m always to hot or cold, I can saturate a bed in an hour, and I mean saturate. In the day time I go through shirts like some people chew gum. When I get cold, no amount of blankets will keep my whole body from convulsing for the next 45 minutes. Headaches, nausia, acid reflux, and loss of appetite are my constant companions. I drink water all day and night due to the sweats, but my lips are always dry. There’s been days I was so nauseous I ate nothing but rice, fruit flavored tums, and advil. I’m 25 and I have to cum twice a day. If I tried going without masterbation or sex, day 3 and beyond are at risk of me unloading unholy proportions in my sleep. Since I quit drinking I haven’t even had a boner.

    My big issue is the loss of sleep due to all these factors; I don’t believe I’ve gotten more than two hours in a row. I would go to the doctor but I suspect I’d be given benzos. Between the sweats and freezes, I feel it could be unhealthy to sleep through the swings.

  118. I have just recently left a comment that after 15 days of ceasing alcohol, after consuming a min. Of a litre of port per day for many, many years yet still having tremors. I deliberately left out all the other things I had gone through after the usual vomiting associated with alcohol poisoning ( obviously a result of well exceeding my usual daily amount) this was all followed by a period I have only been through about 6 times in my life – the horrors, though not hallucinations as such, seeing strong images when my eyes were shut, paranoia, confusion & on other occasions auditory hallucinations. Very scary indeed. It is just not worth it. Yes! Something has got to give but I believe I am now in a good place. I can well understand why some people are on suicide watch when withdrawing.

  119. Have had my
    Last drink 15 days ago after years of drinking at least 1 litre of port per day, & am still experiencing tremors. How long can this last & could I possibly have caused permanent damage in some way?

  120. I’ve been on a what seems like a two year binge with periods of sobriety, but, have been drinking straight for six days, and when I say straight, I mean I fall asleep, wake up, and drink. (Whiskey) not feeling drunk even anymore, but, I wake up feeling soo down, and sick inside, I just start drinking again, I know what I need to do, just really want to be confronted by anyone, my neighbor has checked in me, I tell him I’m sick…something has got to give

  121. I have been drinking at least 20 + units a day for years now usually starting around mid afternoon, I am now into day 11 of unsupervised abstinence experiencing achng joints, lethargy and mild anxiety, headaches and now oversleeping in the mornings, no other symptoms but I don’t feel any better which isn’t encouraging in helping me see the reasons for staying off the sauce

  122. I am a severely long time heavy drinker. I typically drink a bottle of vodka a day. I have not had a drop of alcohol for 14 days. My doctor prescribed Zoloft that I have been taking consistently for about 21 days now (50mg). At the same time that I started the withdrawal process from alcohol, I came down with a bad sinus and ear infection. I went to the doctor for this and have been taking an antibiotic for 4 days (Levofloxacin). When I first stopped the alcohol I had the shakes, sweats, chills, nausea and even flinching and random movements in my sleep. I am talking in my sleep and moving my hands and legs my wife says frequebtly. I am also having some confusion and having very vivid dreams, and at times, seeing things that aren’t in the room. I am tired and sleeping a lot. Is this normal to be still going on for alcohol withdrawal? Should I be taking the Zoloft? I do not feel the urge to drink as I normally would though. I am hoping that these sleep disorders will all ease up after some time. I plan to call my doctor after the weekend. Any insights or suggestions would be helpful.

  123. Hi,
    I’m not sure how old this is. I’m hoping to get some feedback. My question is, I drank just about every night for years, more beer than hard liquor a few nips. Is it possible that I had no symptoms in the beginning. It’s 8 days now and I am feeling it now, shaking, no sleep , decreased appetite, paranoia and a few other symptoms.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Lynn. Yes, withdrawal can have a belated onset, since it occurs as all traces of alcohol start to be eliminated from your organism. That’s when your body and brain start to crave it. I suggest you start taking 100 mg of thiamine (Vitamin B1); a magnesium supplement may help improve general withdrawal symptoms, as can an oral multivitamin formula containing folic acid (take it only for a few weeks).

      Keep in mind that you can benefit from counseling sessions and group therapy. There will be cravings, triggers, and situations that will act upon that old need to drink, and having a professional, as well as peer support can make a great difference. Good luck to you Linn!

  124. I am an alcoholic! I know that is my first step to recovery..I ‘ve raised my children, and they are very angry at me…you see I didn’t drink while raising my children.. I have grandchildren now, and made many mistakes while drinking. I don’t want my life to be dependant on alcohol.. My children believe that I can jus t choose to stop, I raised them to believe that way. I know from my experiences that it doesn’t work that way..I cannot go to them for help, and they aren’t there for me…I have custody of my granddaughter who is a special needs child. I have just laid alcohol down four days ago. I have been told my children that withdrawals are in my head, also expected to be what they expect of their mother.I have no one in my life right, and my grown kids as well. That’s enough to make anyone drink.I have to take care of grandchild, she has no one but me.she loves me so much. What should I do?

    1. Hello Kay. I believe it would be best for you to stop drinking, but consider doing it with the help of a proper treatment program. If you have questions about your alcoholism treatment options, immediate assistance is available. Call our free helpline to speak with our trusted treatment providers.

  125. im worried about being shaky for work tomorrow. once i get through that, i should be ok. went on a bender for about a week while on vacation. wondered if xanax helps

  126. 50 y.o. male. I have been drinking 12-16 beers a day for 6 years (before that 6-9 for 3 yrs). I eat a good diet, and take well-researched supplements (multi-vitamin, b-complex, COQ-10, L-Carnitine, Alpha lipoid acid, 2g of fish oil, and milk thistle), and I eat fruits and veggies, and add fiber. I do 4-6 hours of aerobic, and 3 days of weights per week. However, I am 5’11”, and 195lbs and BMI of 26. I also take 0.5mg of Xanax – low dose and not while drinking.

    I feel tapering off over the next 2 weeks will be less painful and more safe. It will however, be tempting to drink more than the schedule since it’s a longer tapering time. I just want to be safe about it.
    I plan on drinking Gatorade to keep electrolytes in balance, and only do MILD exercise, and not my regular program as I get halfway through the taper. I also plan to monitor my blood pressure, and heart rate. I thought about adding L-Glutamine to my diet, and eating lots of fruits and vegetables and water.
    How much Gatorade should I substitute for electrolyte balance? Am I missing anything here?
    I might take an extra 0.25 of Xanax for last couple of days.

    I feel that tapering off is the best.

  127. I am 63 and ha ve been drinking most of my life after work about 5-6 pints sometimes more. I have decided to stop because of health reasons. haven’t had a drink now for 8 days feeling awfull no energy week clamy is this normal

  128. I’m 25 I became a heavy drinker starting may of this year an since then o drank 2-3 axes a day or 6 pack or more of beer. I only did it to cover up my anxiety so this became an almost everyday thing the longest I’ve been sober is 2-3 days now I’m to the point where I want to quit but scared of if I might have withdrawal.

  129. I would drink 3 to 4 beers or 3 to4 glasses of wine every week night some nights more and on the weekend nights around 10 or more drinks. I have been doing this for about 30 years. I had my last drink 3 weeks ago. I still feel absolutely terrible everyday. I would have thought I would be past this by now. Why do I still feel so bad everyday? No energy, headaches, body aches, etc. Not sure what to do.

  130. My husband was admitted to detox 9 days ago…. Around 1 bottles of whiskey a day and a case of beer, at least that’s what he can remember drinking each day. He starts around 7 am and usually drinks all day until he blacks out. I saw him today for the first day since I took him there. I was horrified to see him in the condition he is in, he is not mentating right, he isn’t himself, his physical appearance is awful, he is retaining so much fluid that it is very upsetting to see him like this. I truly thought after nine days he would sound so much better, I truly thought I would see “him” again but to my shocking it was the total opposite, does anyone else have experiences with “severe alcohol detox” and when I can see him come back to me?

  131. Will Darvocet act in the same manner as Valium to ease symptoms of withdrawal. My 45 yr old son relapse 2 wks after 90 days at Betty Ford. Wants to quit but is detoxing here. Should we ween off with beer or not.?

  132. I’ve been a pretty steady beer drinker for the last 7-8 years. (35 years old now) over a month ago, i decided to quit. i was an 8-12 12oz. beers a night drinker. every night except for twice last year when i got sick, and didnt drink for 3-4 days till i felt better. anyways, i have been slowly tapering off since my decision to quit, and am now down to 4 12oz. beers a night. i am so ready to just quit and be done, but i’m worried about withdrawals. should i cut back further, or am i safe at this point to give it up?

  133. Hello,

    I have been searching for information about delayed onset of alcohol withdrawal and am learning that this seems to be an under-researched area. I was wondering where the information you provided about opiates delaying alcohol withdrawal came from and if you have more information about this? Anything at all would be so useful.

    Many thanks,


  134. There is hope! I was drinking a bottle and a half for 9 years. Drowning my sorrows after my brother and dad died. I literally woke up one day and decided not to drink. Apart from the first day (hangover from hell) I have been fine. No withdrawal symptoms at all. I do tend to always have some form of liquid in my hand(water/tea/juice etc) but that’s habit. I encourage everyone to make a change but maybe not the way I did it. Everyone is different and so reacts differently. Good luck!

    1. Hi Cary. In recovery, it is advised to avoid people and places where alcohol is present, at least until you can control the urge to drink again. Hanging out with friends who drink too soon, and you will be playing with fire.

  135. My sister chugged 2 pints of liquor every day except the weekend and then it was 4 pints She has huge financial responsibilities including caring for our other sisters cancer treatments She refuses to have this in her medical records, July 14 had her last Vodka and promptly went to the ER under the guise of chest pains on the 15th.. She was admitted as a blood clot was located on her right lung. MRI’s on chest and belly, full blood workup. All else fine. During her 1 night stay, she had a seizure.. They gave her Ativan and chalked it up to anxiety. Sent her home with 15 more pills. She wants to stop drinking. Will the Ativan keep her from dying due to seizure? I am so frightened for her but she is refusing to tell the truth, Monday morning the 20th of July her ER doc made an appointment with her DO and she is going but still wont tell him. Just wants refill on ativan so she can not miss work but not die in the mean time, She did have another seizure last night. This makes 3 nights in a row. She is 53, drinking like this for 2 full years. Can I help her at home? She wants this to work but also not send her to the proverbial poor house,losing home,job ,family health insurance ect…Can some kind soul please tell us how long the seizures will last? She also has slight DTS but knows they are not real. We thank you!

  136. To everyone who want to stop drinking: 1. It is very important for you to go through an alcohol detox program—–alcohol withdrawal can lead to death (specially for someone drinking heavily and everyday), medical intervention is a must. 2. Get professional help to figure out what’s the causes for you alcohol abuse.
    Don’t ever tired to do a detox at home by yourslef. Best of luck to all of you and your love ones. Life is hard but still worth to live it, be strong. With some medical professional help, you will be able to get through this.

  137. My mother ia detoxing. She hasnt had a drink in 16 days but she is still hallucinating. Do you think she could still be detoxing or what is going on??

    1. Hi Bethany. Is your mother being supervised by a doctor? Please take her to the hospital where medical professionals can examine her to see why she’s still having hallucinations and find a way to help lessen the withdrawal symptoms.

  138. Hi,I am on 4 day of soberity and taking 10 mg librium and 0.5mg etizola in afternoon and 20 mg librium and 0.5mg etizola at night,can i have sex with my partner…..

  139. I have been looking after a friend of 20 years who sudfers severe post traumatic stress, he has been drinking roughly 3 litres of vodka per day, his physical and mental health dramatically changed in that time, trying to seek help for my friend from turning point , GP, and MHS has proved impossible due to lack of compliance ( mental instability “paranoia” preventing this) I was told to walk away block/ delete number “some people just can’t be helped”
    Being his only contact and only source of getting drink” ( he could not leave the flat ) I was able to reduce this slowly down to 1 litre of vodka, no help support guidance given by any professional,
    Last Friday I came to my limit the affects the whole situation was having in me and my family I made the hardest decision of my life, it could not continue ( I was putting my own life /health at risk) to not supply the drink,
    I told him that day of my decision, I refused to block and delete him as adviced by the mental health and have still been to check and to supply essential goods,
    I made it clear that I will be there for him in this recovery he knew to contact me if He felt the need for help ( always refused help in fear of being sectioned)
    He obviously wasn’t happy at first and has suffered immensely, I have been waiting on a time bomb which has broken my heart, we are now day 5 in detox and already I am seeing an improvement, mental he is more stable and he admits himself it was the best decision I made , I don’t want to get high hopes but I am hoping this is a massive turning point

  140. Just thought I would add to my above comment. Any one coming off alcohol abruptly need to be medically supervised in some way. The reason for this is that when the DTs strike so can life threatening seizures. That said not everyone, including myself , can afford this. We are lucky that we have an N.H.S here in the U.K where you can see your own G.P (.M.D) for free and at least be given some librium for a controlled home detox. Either way I can’t stress enough that it is a dangerous practice to go it on your own and some, even if very basic, medical assistance is required.

  141. Nick: Been an alcoholic who has quit and detoxed many times over the last 30 years. Currently 6 days sober after another run. 2 days in are a dangerous , crucial time. Dts usually begin then and that is when the fun begins, get through this period safely, usually around 3-5 days, and although you will not be home and dry yet, there is a fair chance, if you really want it that is, that you will get there. It won’t be easy and I hope you made it. I realize that this comment won’t directly help you now, as that time will have passed, I hope you are still on the right track and others may find it of use, either way all the very best..

  142. I’ve been drinking around a liter of whiskey a night for about six months. I’m on day two with none, but last night I had this horribly vivid dream/nightmare. It felt so real as in I think I was awake during it. I feel horrible right now I feel like I’m floating above my body like I’m not here so to speak. I’m sweaty I’m anxious. I just am wondering how long this type stuff will last. Somebody please answer me and let me know

  143. I drink around 20 to 25 beers a day, sometimes other types of alcohol. I have not gone a day without in a couple of years. The last few months I’ve started feeling withdrawal symptoms after only like 10 hours, which scares me. it’s taking a toll on my weight, mood for sex, overall health. I don’t think I can go cold turkey. Should I try and taper off my drinking, or what should I try to do. I don’t have anyone to talk to. Please any suggestions etc would be great.

    1. Hi Levi. I’d advise you to see a doctor first. During these years of drinking you may have damaged your organisms health in manners that require professional medical assistance in order for you to quit successfully. There is a range of medications that can block the withdrawal symptoms from alcohol and also stop alcohol cravings. This way you will be able to focus on treating your addiction without going through the stressful withdrawal stage and without feeling the temptation to grab a beer.

  144. Going on four weeks from 4 straight years og heavy vodka use, stopped cold turkey. Developed pneumonia, mono and Lyme disease 3-7 days out….I am thinking clearly but joints and fuzzy headless have grown worse,..

    Is this still withdrawl?

    1. Hi Ken. Yes, what you are feeling may be the protracted withdrawal symptoms. Ask your doctor about effective ways you can treat these symptoms.

  145. I was a blackout vodka drinker a few times a week for the better part of 2 years. I went into treatment, relapsed shortly after, got dry for about 6-7 months, relapsed for 6-8 weeks and have been sober now for about 6 months again.
    I haven’t talked to a doctor or another alcoholic yet, (hitting a meeting tomorrow at noon) but I figured I’d put a feeler out here as well. In the past few days I’ve been getting some of the old physical feelings of early withdrawal. I have the old feeling of clamminess, some physical, skin sensetivity, (I always felt like it was having tinfoil for skin… weird, I know) dry throat, and the metallic taste in my lips and throat. I am fully aware that these could be the symptoms of a cold coming on, but I wanted to ask about this here. The physical sensations feel very much like when I would go several hours without a drink while in my active alcoholism. I guess I was just wondering if there was any possible physical cause, or if it is most likely a mental, maybe psychosomatic thing. If anyone has any thoughts, I’d welcome them 🙂

  146. Last year I was drinking 70 units a week and had a minor operation. I cut out all alcohol voluntarily for three days and had no withdrawal symptoms. 12 months later I’m wanting to cut down significantly from my usual 70 units to 21 units per week. Is it safe just to do that straight away?

  147. Hi I’m on my third day without a drink. I have drank heavily for many years. And used to having 5 plus strong drinks a day. I’m sweating pretty Good and was wondering if anyone could tell me how long this might last. And how important it is to see a doctor . I am very terrified of needles so really can’t do doctor without something to calm me down before going . any thoughts would be helpful. Thank you

    1. Hi Tim. Yes, see a doctor. Alcohol withdrawal can be dangerous, so please don’t attempt to do everything on your own. It’s best if someone else can drive you to the doctor’s, and if not call a cab. I don’t believe it’s safe to drive in such state. I hope you get better soon!

  148. Hi Jenny. You’ll probably need a few days in bed due to low energy and the stress your organism will go through. Please see a doctor or talk to a pharmacist about what you can do to help the symptoms when you quit.

  149. Hello Cindy. I’d suggest that you look into help with an addictions psychologist, who is knowledgeable in symptoms of withdrawal and treatment of psychological issues surrounding the drinking. Any kind of detox from alcohol requires psychological treatment for continued sobriety. My best to you!

  150. If I’ve been drinking heavily for the past two weeks (pint of vodka or two bottles of wine, quickly) during the day and also at night, I’m I going to experience withdrawal symptoms? Should I try to taper down first? My psychiatrist didn’t seem to concerned, but I kinda am.

  151. Im on day 6 of a detox from 2 bottles of wine every other day. Had progressed to whisky and had some really scary things happen and stopped drinking on 1-1-15. Not using meds but feeling pretty anxious. Any insight??

  152. Hello Elizabeth. I understand you stated doctor’s help is out of the question, but it really isn’t safe or recommended to detox from alcohol without doctor’s clearance and medical assistance. You should be fully examined before attempting to quit and supervised during your detox from alcohol. Please do this by the book, for your own safety.

  153. I have been drinking one bottle of wine every night for the past two almost three years. I am starting to get up to one and a half bottles per night. This is why I want to stop. I’m scared of detoxing. My husband is going to help me and I have clonazepam. I weight 135 and pretty healthy. How much and when should I take clonazepam. I also will be taking vitimins. I can’t tell a Dr so any help and our advice would be appreciated.

  154. I was in detox for alcohol and benzo abuse after 10 years sobriety and relapsing for a year and a half really hard. after 6 detoxes I was having seizures. this time I did a very rapid 3 day taper with Ativan, left there feeling ok. and didn’t take my seizure medicine. at exactly 2 weeks I had 3 seizures. I am very scared. it is now 3 weeks. any advice would be appreciated. im back on seizure medicine – Topamax, for a week now, but felt a slight aura today so am afraid to leave the house. I will never drink again. I don’t even need to say one day at a time. not after all of this. thank you…

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