Does punishment stop an alcoholic from drinking?

Corporeal punishment, shame, and embarrassment have been some methods societies have used over time to stop drinking. But do these methods work? And how can you stop an alcoholic from drinking?

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Government attempts to control or reduce alcohol consumption

In addition to using alcohol for various reasons, attempts have been made to control or reduce the amount consumed. In biblical times some of the methods used to curb consumption included putting dead bugs or worms in the drunkards’ wine. They tried pouring alcohol on all the foods he ate, believing he might become sick of the taste.

There were other methods which were even more disgusting. Years ago, the wife of the drunkard was put in jail because it was thought she caused the drinking problem. Another attempt was to limit the consumption of alcohol by pouring hot burning liquid down the drunkard’s throat. I even recently watched a news program from Singapore where they filmed a man who had been arrested on his first DWI. He was stripped of his clothing, strapped to a body-holding apparatus, and whipped until his buttocks were a bloody mess. I can’t imagine the punishment for a second offense.

Self awareness of a drinking problem

Drinking socially must be great! But if you’re lying on your bed, hanging on to the mattress to keep from falling off, or sucking on a wine bottle wrapped in a brown paper bag, somehow the pleasantries are gone. I have known alcoholics who have told me they were just going to finish their binge for the weekend, and then come back to A.A. Sadly, they didn’t live through the next four days.

Can you stop an alcoholic from drinking?

Today, the alcoholic or drug addict doesn’t have to be lying in the gutter wearing a torn overcoat, or begging for food, to qualify for treatment. We all know tht wealth does not prevent us from addictions; we just do it in fancier clothes. Many people have unhappy relationships with alcohol or other substances and may be oblivious to their condition, or may be aware of it and just can’t find the courage or desire to do anything about it.

To learn more about how you can help an alcoholic with a drinking problem, read our alcoholism intervention tips.

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