Drug and alcohol recovery issues: How ready are you to stop?

You are here because you or someone you are close to is addicted to a drug or alcohol. But are you ready to stop? And how can you assess possible success in recovery? Learn some simple truths about addiction recovery, plus five (5) questions to assess drug and alcohol recovery issues here.

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Why are you reading about addiction issues?

So what are you here for? Likely to get some questions answered. I’m going to try and share some very simple truths about addiction and recovery with you. But first, let’s figure out why you are here.

You are here because you or someone you are close to is addicted.

I say this because people who are not addicted, or are not impacted by addictions do not come on sites like this. You may be in denial about your addiction, but unfortunately with a high degree of certainty I know the above statements to be true. Time will show you.

Self-assessment questions for alcohol and drug recovery

I coach people who are addicted or have been affected by an addicted person. Because I guarantee results to those I work with, I spend about an hour at no cost with any potential clients to understand where they are at, what they are feeling and how much they want success.

Being a recovered addicted person myself, having had a lot of training and having worked with hundreds of addicted people and exposed to thousands, my intuition is generally pretty good. Here are things that I look for in assessing the potential for success.

1. Why are you considering giving up a behaviour or substance? If it is to please a loved one, get an employer off your back or similar reasons, the likelihood is that you will fail. It is likely that you will succeed when you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and want a changed way of life entirely, or primarily for yourself. This is a plain simple truth.

2. Do you think that you can fix yourself? If you think you can “fix yourself”, you do not have much chance for success. While I do not believe there is just one way to recover from addiction, every way I know involves asking for help and taking it from someone who knows what recovery is all about, and preferably, has walked the path you want to walk.  Personally I believe that the cause of addiction has to be addressed. I believe recovery is a holistic process that involves a balanced new life style involving change mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. One must appreciate that there current lifestyle IS NOT WORKING! Just look at the place you are currently at.

3. Are you ready to do the work? How much time, effort and energy are you willing to put into recovery? To succeed will take work. If I could talk people through the recovery process, do the work for them and simply lay my hands upon them and through this “fix” what is broken, there would be far fewer addicted and hurting people walking the face of this earth today.

4. Are you ready to be honest? Be prepared to be honest; specifically, be prepared to be 100% honest with yourself. Total honesty to self, and to your support team, is critical to success.

5. Do you think that you are special or gifted? Well, you are not unique as much as you would like to think you are. We have all faced crisis and big issues in our lives and handled them poorly. The sequence and the specifics of events may be unique to you, but in the big picture, nearly all humans have to deal with life and what life deals them. Those who are addicted have learned poor life skills and coping tools. New skills must be LEARNED and practiced and for most, they do not come easy.

Drug and alcohol recovery issues start with you

What I have articulated above is not an exhaustive list of truths, but all are simple and valid.

I hope these shared thoughts give a few people cause to think and that they can identify with the simple truths. When you can get your head around them and are prepared to take action and move forward, if you get the right support for yourself, you’ll move to a better life than you ever dreamed possible.

If you really want a full and complete life just for you and a life where peace and happiness is a part of daily living, it is available to you. I look forward to questions and comments about these simple truths, and how they related to you at this moment of time.

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I am a Master Life Coach who is ICF certified and a certified addictions coach. I consider myself recovered from the effects of addiction (16 years) but still in recovery mode as it relates to personal growth. Professionally, I am university educated, a former corporate CEO and have been in the consulting business for over two decades. I'm a husband, father, grandfather, friend, uncle son, a trusted confidant and many other things but bottom line, I'm Keith. I hope that I can help SOME out there with ideas that will make you think deeply.
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