Drugs and alcohol problems

What are drug and alcohol problems based in? Fear! Face your fears to overcome drugs and alcohol problems. More here on where to find help for drug and alcohol problems.

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Drugs and alcohol will not take away your problems

Using drugs and alcohol are not the answers to your problems. Regardless of what you think, drugs and alcohol do nothing but add more problems. Here are some reasons why drugs and alcohol are not the answers to your problems.

  • Drugs and alcohol are dangerous to your health.
  • People die from using drugs and abusing alcohol.
  • Chemicals do nothing for your short term or long-term health.

Are you avoiding fear?

Avoiding your fears and problems are not the answer to coping with life. Eventually, you will have no choice but to confront your fears and stresses. Save yourself the time and heartache and confront your problems now rather than later. Don’t put off what you can do today.

When you decide to face your fears, you will begin to learn how to manage your fears. As time goes on, you will become better in dealing with anxiety. With some patience, it will only be a matter of time before you find the answers to your problems.

How to help drug and alcohol problems

Get professional help from a licensed clinical social worker, psychologist, or a psychiatrist to help you with the process of self-study. There are many professionals out there who can assist you in dealing with your stresses. There is nothing wrong with asking for assistance and making excuses will not help your situation. Be determined to solve your problem.  Residential treatment for drug addiction or alcoholism are also possible solutions.  Here are some sources of professional help for drug and alcohol problems:

1. SAMHSA Drug and Alcohol Abuse Hotline 1-800-662-HELP

2. AAAP – American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry, an professional organization for psychiatrists working with addiction

3. FDAP – Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals Directory of Practitioners, a directory of counselors, workers, referrers, nurses, and doctors who are drug and alcohol professionals.

4. NAATP – National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers, listing of hundreds of addiction treatment centers in the U.S.

5. NAADAC – National Association of Drug and Alcohol Counselors, a directory of addiction professionals by city and state

Drugs and alcohol can make your problems even worse. They only add more trouble and make things more complicated. Dealing with your fears is difficult enough. Why would you want to add more problems to what is already there? Be smart and tackle your fears one at a time.

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Stan Popovich is the author of "A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear Using Psychology, Christianity and Non Resistant Methods" - an easy to read book that presents a general overview of techniques that are effective in managing persistent fears and anxieties. For additional information go to: http://www.managingfear.com/
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