Low bottom alcoholics (BOOK REVIEW)

Alcohol addiction advice and stories from someone who’s been there. If you’re an alcoholic, or love an alcoholic, we present the reasons why you should check out The Autobiography of a Low-Bottom Alky here.

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If you’re a low bottom alcoholic, life takes on a shade of darkness. If you’re looking for a ray of light and some hope…check out this book offering alcohol addiction advice and stories you can relate to. Or, if you know/love someone that has an alcohol abuse problem, you can better understand an alcoholic’s internal state of mind.

Here, we review the book, “Back from the Abyss – The Autobiography of a Low-Bottom Alky”. Reasons why and how this book can help low bottom alcoholics. Plus, info on where you can get it. Then, we invite your questions or comments about getting help with alcohol addiction at the end.

Low bottom alcoholics: A book written just for you

Writer, Kieran Doherty, in his book “The Autobiography of a Low-Bottom Alky” takes readers to places known only by us alcohol addicts. This book is a memoir of his wild life, filled with turmoil but also love, hope, and joy. So, why should you check it out?

1. Storytelling mastery

Kieran Doherty was a professional writer – a journalist, in fact. For more than 40 years, he wrote articles for travel, business, and health and authored 14 non-fictional young adult books. But his memoir is poignant; it is written in a clear and straightforward style. With a voice reminiscent of Pete Hamill, he tells his story full of cleverness, boldness an Irish charm. A page turner, you hear his unique voice come through. So reason #1 to check out this book is because it’s well written.

2. Alcoholics can relate

Kieran Doherty describes the dark side of his life. In this book, you watch him change from a quiet boy to a rebel. You witness how he throw away his talent, and view his military adventures. You follow him through his four unhappy marriages and countless lovers.

This memoir talks about the internal pain we as alcoholics know. On the one hand, he struggles with alcohol addiction and, on the other hand, he has a constant wish to be normal person, a loving husband, and a good son. And reading about the truth of this pain helps us to know that we are not alone.

3. Loved ones can start to understand alcoholism

Addiction is a complex and confusing condition. Where does it come from? Why does it persist. So, if you’re looking for answers to these questions, there are few lessons that you will learn from this book.

The first lesson that you can take home is that anyone can become an addict. No matter what your race, gender or social status is. Secondly, addicts are nearly always running away from something. They are dealing with big internal issues, and they need help and support. Underneath the mask of any addiction, and alcoholic is a real person with deep feelings. And lastly, addiction can be managed through abstinence. No matter how low bottom the alcoholic, there is hope.

4. There is hope for alcohol addiction!

Keiran Doherty died in 2010, shortly after the release of his memoir. But he did so surrounded by the love, care, and concern of a life partner and a group of people who miss him dearly.  If you are a low bottom alcoholic, you can get better. Mr. Doherty’s life is an example of adventure, inner conflict, and resolution. This book can help you because of its harsh honesty. Your emotional and psychological state are treatable. But you need to do the work.

Hope for low bottom alcoholism

For those looking for a way out of low bottom alcoholism, or looking to understand alcoholism… this book is for you. It exposes the mindset of a true alcohol addict. It can help you get past your fear of change. It can change your life.  If you have any questions, please comment in the section below.

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Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.
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