Mixing oxycodone with alcohol

What are the effects of mixing oxycodone and alcohol? Can you die from oxycodone overdose? More here on harms and warnings for mixing oxycodone with alcohol.

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Are you considering mixing oxycodone with alcohol?

Weigh in on the risks and dangers of oxycodone get high here. We review what happens in your body when you mix oxycodone with alcohol. And we outline what can go wrong. Plus, we invite you to ask your questions about mixing oxycodone and alcohol at the end.

Oxycodone and alcohol effects

Some people mix oxycodone and alcohol to enhance the euphoric high of oxycodone by adding a sedative quality to the experience. In self-reported examples, people have reported some of these effects:

  • euphoria, a deep sense of well-being
  • dizziness
  • dream state
  • itchiness
  • relaxation
  • wandering mind
  • short attention span

However, oxycodone chemically reacts with alcohol and has additive effects in the body and brain when combined. In other words, the effects of oxycodone are increased by simultaneous use of alcohol and are similar to an overdose, or taking too much oxycodone. And vice versa. And not all the additive central nervous system effects are enjoyable. In particular, oxycodone hydrochloride may be expected to cause respiratory depression, hypotension, profound sedation, coma or death when used with alcohol.

Dangers of mixing oxycodone and alcohol

When alcohol is taken with oxycodone, dangerous side effects can occur. Why? Mainly because mixing alcohol and oxycodone can intensify the effects of both alcohol and oxycodone. And alcohol in particular can trigger additive central nervous system depressive effects when used with oxycodone. Some potentially dangerous effects of mixing oxycodone with alcohol include:

  • difficult breathing
  • dizziness
  • drowsiness
  • impaired motor control
  • memory problems
  • overdose
  • slowed breathing
  • unusual behavior

Additionally, you may not have considered that oxycodone can enhance the effects of alcohol itself. Alcohol is a sedative and can make you sleepy, drowsy, or lightheaded. Drinking while taking oxycodone may result in trouble concentrating or lowered mechanical skill performance which can put you in danger (especially when driving or operating machinery). Plus, you can black out from drinking too much, or lose consciousness. Although it may not seem obvious, you are also at risk of falls or serious injuries when mixing oxycodone with alcohol. Older people are especially vulnerable to these risks.

Oxycodone and alcohol overdose

Risk of overdose on oxycodone increases when used concurrently with alcohol. This is because the combination of alcohol and oxy’s are “synergistic”, so that the effect of taking mixed drugs is greater than the effect one would expect if taking the drugs separately. Although oxycodone hydrochloride tablets should always be used with caution, safe or conservative doses of oxycodone include reduced dosage (1/3 to 1/2 of the usual dosage) when alcohol is also in your system in order to prevent overdose. Although some users report more dosing control by delaying drinking until oxycodone effects begin, the truth is that self-dosing when combining drugs is always risky.

Oxycodone and alcohol deaths

Alcohol is one of the most prevalent drugs used in combination with oxycodone that can cause death. In fact, death can even result if you drink alcohol in combination with the usual doses of oxycodone hydrochloride, especially the extended-release tablets. In order to prevent death from overdose or accident, you can make the decision to NOT DRINK ALCOHOL when taking oxycodone.

Is it safe to drink on oxycodone?

No. Mixing alcohol and oxycodone increases the intoxicating effects of both alcohol and oxycodone. To be sure, you can always ask your prescribing doctor about the safe use of alcoholic beverages while you are taking oxycodone. Still, the FDA warns against mixing the two at all. Some drug labels for oxycodone products read:

Do not drink alcohol. Using alcohol with oxycodone hydrochloride may increase your risk of dangerous side effects, including death.

Mixing oxycodone alcohol questions

Do you still have questions about mixing oxycodone with alcohol or other substances? Please leave your oxycodone questions here. We try our best to answer all questions personally, and promptly. And if we don’t know the answer, we will refer you to someone who can help. Your experiences with mixing oxycodone and alcohol are also welcome.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. My friend has been taking oxycodone for many years. Now taking 20 mg (no tylenol added) 3xs a day and goes on drinking binges every couple days and he also takes valium daily. Why has nothing ever happened? He doesn’t want help feels he is in control of his addiction. so drinking alcohol to get smashed about 3-4xs a week with 20mg of oxy and IDK how much valium. I do not worry anymore as I i did my part to help. fed up.

  2. I took a half 5mg of oxy, and plan on drinking 2-3 beers within the next four hours. Should I be safe from dangerous side effects?

  3. Sorry to all that knew someone who OD. If your spouse is abusing do blame him that he’s ruined the relationship or family blame yourself for not knowing how deep opioid addiction can lead someone. Never blame the person who is currently lost. It’s a path that is impossible to find your way back to the moment you started. You can recover be kinda like before. After lost alone in dark numb seclusion for few years you were on the perfect balance of life and death when there is life that most can’t run from you have the only friend you ever need. He tucks you in and if you know each other for over a year trusting that he will keep you alive but do what he dose best. A glimpse of a end to this meaningless self enduring struggle. If you believe on paper to live makes more sense than to die I’m envious.

  4. Hi my name is breanna im going out with some friends for new years tomorrow. I have been prescribed oxycodone for the pain in my wisdom tooth is it okay to take one tonight and go out and have a couple drinks tomorrow night??

  5. I had a glass of Bahama mama and swedish vodka that was 70 proof with more Sprite than alcohol. I took a small hour nap was feeling a little buzz. My foot was hurting so I took two oxycodone pills because I felt the alcohol was enough out my system to take it. Well about an two hours later I woke up to me vomiting and diarrhea also very dizzy. This happened on late Saturday night and I was in bed all day Sunday weak with nausea and headache. It’s Monday and I am still in the bed with headache. What to do now!!

  6. My girlfriend was here this evening and had a glass of wine and she said she did not feel well. dry mouth, sick feeling, tired, just not right. She said she took oxycotin for her back about 6 hrs ago. 20 mg. She went home but I am wondering if she will be ok?

  7. I took about 7 oxycodone in a 4 hour time period and consumed over 20 standard drinks of alcohol over that time and the next 4-5 hours. I was unaware of the effects and was told that i would just get a little drunk abit quicker. Im curious to know the effects it had on my body and if an overdose or even death was a possiblity. It induced extreme vomiting and memory loss and the worse hangover iv ever had lasting 3 days. I am 19.

  8. I went drinking last night and got home around 2 am it’s now 6 and I woke up with terrible back pain is it okay to take my oxycodone for pain if not idk what to do. I’m in a horrible amount of pain and don’t know if it’s safe I’m sober enough to walk pretty straight and have pee a lot. I know the alcohol isn’t out of my system yet though.

  9. so i took my oxycodone hcl 10 mg then 5 hrs later i drank a glass of cranberry juice with litterally a table spoon of cherry smirnoff in it. Then without thinking i took my next dose of oxycodone about two hrs later. With as little alcohaul as i had and how far away from my oxycodone doses it was am i still at risk of depressed breathing? I want to go to sleep but im afraid

  10. I have had a very intense headache for over a week. I can’t take it. Good thing I don’t have a gun. Went to see my GP today. Haven’t slept since last Saturday. Headache keeps getting worse. Doc is ordering tests, but I cant get them done until. next week. He just said take some OTC pain medication. Ibuprofen doesn’t touch it. I’m not looking for a high, just some relief. I drank a few beers today to see if that would relax me. No dice. I have a bottle of low dose 5 mg Oxycodone I was given in the ER a while back. To tell the truth, the pain is so bad I almost don’t care if it kills me.

  11. Im taking oxycod/acetamin 5-325mg. My last dose was this morning. Can i beguin drinking alcohol tomorrow.?

  12. Hi I put 3 oxycodone in my anus before going out to the club drinking with my friends is this safe? My friend said it was safe because it bypassed my liver. Is this true?

  13. I had knee surgery 12 days ago, I stopped taking my pain medicine(oxy) 3 days ago. Am I good to start drinking again?

  14. hi I take 5mg OxyContin twice a day I want to have a drink on sat party if I miss the tablets sat will I be ok thanks

  15. If the powder from oxycodone was dropped into a stubbie of beer, would this cause an effervesant effect and leave a pale froth around the outside of the bottle, and cause the drinker to become aggressive, and perhaps self harm? Eg. Head banging, delusional, semi blackout, seizures?

  16. my girlfriend says i fall out of bed and dont remember it. it does come with a strange dream. i take oxycodone 40mg/20mg one tab twice per day. and i take oxycontin cr tab 40mg twice per day. i do have 3 sometimes 4 beers which are 3.5% in 375ml cans. can this be the cause of the problem as I was in Cairns north Queensland in very hot weather. I came back South and the . occorrences stopped untill last night which was warm. Can you please clarify if this is the cause of these episodes. I also take heart medication Atrovastatin 80 tab. celebrex x 200mg cap. ClopidogrelWinthrop 75mg tab, indosvl mono2 tab sozol 40mg tab, Spren100mg tab. These once daily only. Are any of these causing my wierd episodes and what are they. thank you

  17. I took .5 mg of xanax at 11am today and at 9 pm-1 am drank 5 beers and took 20 mg of oxy. Its 330 am now and im lucid with regular heartbeat but reading this thread has me worried and I’m tired and want to sleep. Is it dangerous? Should I stay up?

  18. I currently limit alcohol intake to 0>no more than 2 drinks per day because I am now taking Xarelto for A-Fib.
    I am scheduled for surgery on 11/29 for stenosis. In the mean time, I’m dealing with some incredible pain. Tylenol and Tylenol with Codine don’t touch it. Hydro codone not much. I’ve been given an Rx for Oxycodone/ acetaminifine 10 325, and now I wonder if I’ve gone too far after reading all the warnings.
    Leaving for 26 days in Europe in two days. Hate the thought of missing a great glass of wine or beer. What would you say to using one dose, at midnight to help with sleep and allowing myself a wine or two in a noontime cafe or evening dinner. Male, 69 y/o, A-Fib, now walking with a cane, medicine controlled cholesterol and HTN. Trip of a lifetime here.

  19. ENNO,
    Your very wrong I’m afraid.
    It’s the shock deaths of young people with no tolerance that may get the publicity.
    However my friend, you are in grave danger as almost all deaths from overdose are attributable to high opiate tolerance.
    What you have published is simply incorrect.
    It’s very simple-the higher the dose-the more danger there is from dying of an overdose.
    Your tolerance may be lethal if you continue.
    It just takes one “blip” in your system and you could die very easily. Your body would be struggling to cope with your alcohol already and the mix of the opiate won’t help it. If your body gets its wrong, just once, your going to be in big trouble.
    Trouble doesn’t get much bigger than death.
    If you continue on your current path, you will die.
    I’m sorry to say it but the history of this combination shows your going to regret your actions at some stage and the consequences are severe.
    Good luck with it but please don’t tell other people it’s ok to mix and that tolerance will keep you safe because it’s completely inaccurate and there is s huge amount of scientific data to prove what I’m saying. I know because I’ve read hundreds of reports on tragic and avoidable deaths from combining these drugs.
    Good luck. I hope you get clean.
    God Bless.

  20. I have had knee surgery three days ago and have tried to limit the oxycodon in my system. I have had no alcohol for three weeks but I would like to have wine with my dinner and continue to take occasional 5mg oxycodone when needed, primarily upon going to bed. Is that a safe route to take now?

  21. I am telling you guys. I have been taking 5-15mg of Percoset EVERY DAY for the last year and a half and I drink alcohol everyday. I drink up to 4 beers or 3 mixed drinks. I think the problems happen when you drink like a 5th of vodka and take over 30mg of Oxy. I also think it depends on your general health or if you are overweight. I eat pretty healthy and I am not at all overweight. I deal with chronic pain and that is how I get through life sanely. I am not stupid and know my limits. Just be careful with your amounts. A glass of wine or a beer is not going to kill you if you are taking Oxy.

  22. Oxy and alcohol seem like a peaceful way to slip away from this life. I took some more than a year ago after surgery so no tolerance. Just wondering how long it takes.

  23. Every discussion is “When can I drink after I take painkillers?” I am going crazy trying to find the answer to the OPPOSITE. HOW LONG AFTER I DRINK A FEW BEERS CAN I TAKE PERCOCET FOR MY SEVERE PAIN???????

  24. I have been taking 5-15 mg Oxy for almost 2 years now and I drink every day with no problem. I drink about 2-3 beers a day or a couple mixed drinks. I have been getting panic attacks too at night and worrying that I am overdosing but when I read the kind of dosage that people are taking I think I am in the clear. 5-15 mg is considered a very mild dose. I have a friend with chronic pain that at one point was taking 200mg a day!! He is since reduced to 60mg and I know he has done this for many years .

  25. I’ve been taking percocet for 2 years now. I take 15 mg a day. My pills are 7.5 mg. I break the pills in half and take them every 4 hours. I also drink almost everyday. Not a lot, 1-3 beers. And once a week I go out so I’ll drink about 9 beers. I’ve never blacked out, passed out, puked, etc. However I do suffer from panic attacks, recently diagnosed, a couple months ago. Now I can’t drink and take percocet without having a panic attack and I honestly think I’m overdosing when it happens. So, how dangerous is what I’m doing? I feel like 15 mg isn’t much, and a few beers? I know it’s not good for me, but, as far as an overdose? Whats your thought?

  26. I take oxycodone bur only at night. I like 1 mixed drink a day (I use only 1 1/2 oz of bourbon per drink. Is this small amount of alcohol dangerous?

  27. Hey everyone. I snorted 12.5 mg of oxycodone and had 10 mg orally and 6 standard drinks in one session. Its not worth the come down. In the early hours of the morning when I was trying to get to sleep I kept jolting away not being able to breathe. Everything settled down though and I just felt hungover as fuck the following day. The high caused by the mixture of these isn’t worth the risk or come down. Either get smashed by drinking or take a couple of oxy separately. Would not advise mixing. And if you have any doubts about not being able to breathe call a health line and let them know what you’ve had. Better safe than sorry, and in hindsight I should’ve done that.

  28. My husband and I went out for a drink but halfway into his second glass of wine he said he took a Percocet. He broke his toe two weeks ago. He fell asleep and has been breathing BERY heavily on and off almost catching his breath. He seems to be in a deep sleep but I’m not sure if I should wait this out or someone please explain if this could be overdose type thing.

  29. Thank you. Tonight could have been my last. I took a 30 mg Percocet tonight for the first time in over 5 years as somewhat of a celebration. I’m not proud of it but I did it and I will not be making a run out it. But as the effects started to wear off I decided to grab glass and a bottle of strong bourbon. Before diving into the bottle head first I thought “this is probably a bad idea, I should look into this first.” Thank god I did. I’m sitting here watching my sisters house for the weekend. I could have went to bed and been laying there for 2 days before somebody found me. I feel like an idiot for even considering it now. Thank you guys for posting some of the stuff you did. You might have saved my life tonight. Thank you. On a side note, now I’m kind of freaking out because I was very hungover today when I took it and now I’m afraid to go to sleep.

  30. I have been prescribed OxyNorm Instant 5mg tablets amd have been taking one a night before bed since Tuesday (4days). The last 5mg tablet I took was at 10pm yesterday amd have been out drinking today, I have had around 6-8 spirits with mixers (roughly 8units of alcohol), I had my last drink around 6:30pm and plan on taking another OxyNorm 5mg tablet this evening as usual at around 10/11pm before bed. Will I be okay to take the tablet or should I wait until tomorrow to start taking them again?

  31. I take oxycodone 10hcl I too it at approximately 5 pm and were at a friends house and I asked for some orange juice well she put about two tablespoons of peach snaps in it. I took a huge gulp but then realized she put in alcohol and did not drink anymore of it. Am I going to have a problem?

  32. I had back surgery and am taking percoset and Valium very 6 hours. I got some real good news and wanted to have one drink of bourbon. My girlfriend freaked out so I didn’t do it but I really didn’t think one drink would cause me a problem. Am I wrong?

  33. I had surgery so I’ve been taking Percocet. I have 5/ 325 and 7/ 325 mg. I took 3 7’s and one 5. And I had one beer and am about to have 3 more with in a 2 hour period. Been taking the oxys since my surgery 5 days ago so I don’t have much tolerance but I’m a normally sized male. This probably will not make me OD but I’m wondering how much more alcohol would in a general amount? Thanks

  34. Hi
    I had a glass of wine at 6pm. I have been recovering from surgery and generally take a 5 mg oxcy at bedtime apx 10pm.
    Is it ok to take med after one drink and four hours?

  35. Normally I don’t drink alcohol; I do take oxycodone as perscribd. At my daughters 50th birthday party I had two rum and coke. A couple hours after coming home o began to itch. Not all over but on my back and both legs. I wondered what was going on. I took a Benadryl then went to sleep. This morning I woke to even more itching. I couldn’t understand why but I remembered after having knee replacement I it he’d really bad. The nurse said I may be allergic to morphine. I stopped it. So this made me wonder if taking OxyContin and alcohol was the cause of itching because I normally do not drink and have never mixed the two. If that is the problem how long will the itching last? It’s a new day and no alcohol. Will the itching stop?
    Thank you

  36. If I drank during the day and have not been drinking for approximately 3 hours, is it safe to take oxycodone at that point? Essentially is it ok to take oxycodonee AFTER drinking (with no intention of drinking once the oxycodone has been ingested)?

  37. I took 80mg of oxycodone HCL in the last hour-two hours. In a few hours im going out for a bday. Everyone is telling me i can have a drink. If i have one alcoholic drink will i OD or die? Liquor not beer. And i have a tolerance. I was taking 20 norco 10s a day at one point. I am aware of liver problems and thats why i switched. I am going to just stop all together once im out. Ive done it a few times. But again, will i die is the question….

  38. Hello there, i have a kidney stone stuck in my ureter just before going to the blader, i can feel it, when time come i thinking to take oxycodone when it will pass through my willy as a pain killer, so can i drink beer meanwhile?

  39. I was prescribed oxycodone slow release for an auto-immune disorder that norco wasn’t helping & the oxy works even less & I’m wondering is it because I have consumed alcohol while taking it? Or Is it possible that possible that it’s jus not working?

  40. Hi, I have consumed 1 bottle of white wine with dinner over a couple of hours tonight and mistakenly took 2 x 5 mg tablets of oxycodone instead of Panadol. They were my mums for her dental surgery and I picked up the wrong packet. I feel ok at the moment but am worried about going to sleep. Will I be ok?

    1. Hi Emma. If you don’t feel well, call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk.

  41. Hi. I wasn’t feeling too hot in Saturday, had a couple drinks, then had a terrible headache. I asked my girlfriend if she had anything for headaches, and she gave me two white pills. I assumed they were aspirin. About an hour and a half later I was throwing up like crazy! I threw up all night, and couldn’t lift my head at all on Sunday. It’s Tuesday, and I’m still unable to walk by myself, up stairs or anywhere farther than a couple steps. It also still makes me extremely dizzy to lift my head up. My fiancé called my girlfriend and found out that she had given me oxycodone. Am I going to be ok??? I’ve never had any reaction last this long, from anything. I’m considering going into the urgent care, today.

  42. Hello Folks,
    This conversation thread is very disturbing and some stories are very upsetting because people are dieing on a regular basis from OxyContin and alcohol mixing.
    These drugs are dangerous individually and many deaths occur when people OD or consume them over extended periods of time.
    The focus of the message I would like to share for your benefit and safety is very simple and I risk repeating myself but it’s important you understand.


    You can die from it easily at very low doses.
    A single standard drink and a 5mg Oxy has caused a fatality in Australia.
    This level of toxicity is obviously very low but the Coreners report clearly placed the blame on the fact the drugs were combined and had they not been, it’s more than likely the person would have survived with no ill effect.
    The stories on this blog are somewhat heartbreaking in many instances.
    Any death is a sad event but the real tragedy is the fact so many of the deaths described here were easily preventable just by making a decision not to mix OxyContin and alcohol.
    These drugs are both powerful depressants and work on your central nervous system.
    Basically they slow everything in your body down and if consumed in great enough quantities either is quite able to put a person into a coma that will be deep enough to kill them.
    You mix your drugs, you go to sleep, your breathing slows to the point where your heart will cease to function and you die.
    Please think about the choice you make when you are deciding on the way you choose to ingest these drugs.
    It’s one or the other and NEVER TOGETHER.
    People with high tolerance seem to think that they are immune to the risk when quite the opposite is true.
    Everyone has a metabolic cutoff where your body will simply not cope with the levels that are put into it and the result of reaching this cutoff can be disasterous.
    Some people get away with high doses for many years and then one day the body simply can not tolerate the input and death can result almost totally out of the blue.
    If you feel you have to self medicate to the point where mixing OxyContin and alcohol seems like an option you could choose, then there is without question an underlying issue around substance abuse. Please understand I am not being critical. I absolutely, utterly and totally do not want to make you feel I am accusing you of anything bad. It’s a matter for you to ask yourself about.

    Why am I wanting to use these drugs in the first place and why am I wanting to mix them to “customise” the effects they will have on me?

    That’s what I would be saying to myself! If you are at this stage or beyond, you are in great danger and far from being ashamed of yourself, why not try and ask for some help.
    Are you taking drugs just for fun and a rush or buzz? Or are you taking drugs to dull something that your feeling.
    A famous line I heard from a person self medicating was roughly along these lines. The person said they were using drugs not to feel good but so as not to feel so bad.
    The drugs were not making this person feel better, just making the person feel less crappy than they would naturally. That’s a very dangerous and unfortunate place to be in my book.
    Bottom line, don’t mix them and try to stay alive. It takes a very brave person to ask for help. You might not beat drugs the first time you attempt. Many attempts are usually required before a person is truely free from an addiction and has control again. Many people never really win. The important thing is the attempt.
    Addiction has a bad image and the stigma around it keeps many people in a cycle of feeling bad and self medicating to try and cope with these feelings.
    Addiction is an incredibly complicated issue because every single example is as individual as the person displaying the behaviours.
    Society has an issue to face collectively when it comes to drug addiction and huge steps have been taken to open up and face these issues in a new way and with fresh eyes and ideas.
    Addiction affects us all regardless of our status as a user or a non user because of the fact addiction exists and it impacts directly or indirectly in some way regardless of our personal stance on the matter. If your at the stage where you are mixing OxyContin and alcohol (or any combination for that matter) then your in a place where you need to seek out assistance and put your hand up for help. There is no shame in it and it might save your life. Take the step and do it for yourself and the people who love you and who want you to be around to share your life with them. If you don’t think your able to ask for help then make wise choices around your bad choices and don’t mix your drugs because you will eventually create a result that will cost you your life. Good luck and God bless.

  43. For many years ive been taking 5mg of Percocet (cutting my 10mg tablet in half) and drinking with it to get that great buzz. I am aware of the potential risks and limit myself to one or two percocets (4 hours apart) when i am drinking. I’ve heard so much about the possible dangers and even death (ie Prince?) with abusing percs and alchohol but my question is… is there a safer way of doing it? for me limiting myself to one or two 5mg doses (on rare occasions 3) 4 hours apart while drinking seems to work. I’ve read where people take multiple percs at a time while drinking … which i realize is ridiculously dangerous. I’m not asking for approval of what i do … but more seriously asking whether i fall within a “safer zone” by controlling it. There’s really no literature on how to handle this besides not doing it at all … and i’m serious in my question of if someone were gonna do it… is there a safer way to go about it ? Thanks for your realistic / honest responses.

  44. My brother died today, my other brother found him sitting in a chair looking at our dead parents picture… He had been drinking scotch and taking perks , he always drank and would throw back perks, who knows how many … this is not a question rather than a statement…. My brother bled out, in our minds his liver was a mess we were told … We believe that he just stopped to go on because of the alcohol and perks, the abusive manner that he was mixing them together … He would have been 62 on June 6th of this year but he will not be celebrating his birthday on earth this year rather in Heaven instead … Our hearts are crushed from this tragedy and I tell you all to please stop mixing these drugs with alcohol as you too will die from it … Rest in Peace brother Brian, we love you dearly ….

  45. I have recently began taking pills with my beer to enhance the feelings of euphoria. I suffer from severe anxiety and slight depression. I’m on Effexor XR, but it doesn’t always help alone. On days where I need an extra calming effect I turn to alcohol (mainly beer) and today is my 2nd time mixing with pills(two Oxycodone and one Hydrocodone) I know it isn’t good for me but I can’t find another way to cope.

  46. My 39 year old sister in law passed away April 18th, 2016 at her boyfriends. She was in the hospital for 1 day because of pancreatic problems. She had went to Med Xpress the night b4 she died n went to 2 bars after that from what her boyfriend told the police. She was never a big drinker at all like her boyfriend. But she did like her pain killers. She had 3 bottles of them filled on the last week of her death from different pharmacies. There was only a prescription dose taken out of each one of the bottles. So I’m asking if she had maybe 2 beers n took a pain pill when she got home n went to sleep, could that of killed her?? When we saw her just looked like she went to bed n didn’t wake up.

    1. Hi Shelly. I’m really sorry for your loss… Mixing pain killer with alcohol can lead to OD. I suggest you that you speak with a coroner or another professional who can answer your questions.

  47. I’m taking 5mg of oxycodone And drank a drink that was 5% alcohol can that kill me or hurt me. Last dose 1:00pm than I had 2nd at 8::00pm can that hurt me?

  48. I took today 10 5/325 hydros an its 1130 pm and imma drink a 18 pack wiil i be ok im serious about this my tolorence to hydro has risen i can take all 10 and bot feel a thing will i be ok

    1. Hi Joey. If you don’t feel well, call 911 ASAP. Also, please consider that it is illegal to consume medications other than prescribed, and you put yourself at risk.

  49. I’ve a bruised bone from recent trauma to my shin (zip-lining, still totally worth it lol). I have 1-3 glasses of wine most evenings but after already having 1 glass, and my pain level is still intolerable…I’m wondering if it’s worth the risk of taking one of my prescribed 5mg oxycodone. I don’t plan on doing anything but go to sleep afterward. Mostly want to take one of the oxycodones so I can sleep pain free. Wine + oxycodone = severe outcome?

  50. I take 2-3 5mg pills of oxycodone a day due to recent surgery. How long do I have to be off of the pills to consume alcohol again safely? I just would like to know when a safe time period would be. Like how many days? I just want to be as cautious as possible because of the many dangers oxycodone and alcohol can cause.

    1. HI Claudette. Mixing oxycodone with alcohol may cause seizures. Note that if you mix oxycodone with alcohol you put yourself at risk.

  51. I tore the meniscus in my knee, was really hungover from the night before went to the er they have me 2 5/325 percocet I took them and 2 hours later I was on the floor passed out and woke up sweaty and vomiting…. I’m scared to fill this rx did I just take to much I don’t take pills

  52. To end.
    0.04% BAC
    5mg Oxycodone Hydrochloride.
    Perfectly healthy 18 year old person.
    Combined in system.
    End result was death by “ethanol/Oxy mix” death by “misadventure” and a very young life tragically wasted as a result of a very stupid mistake that easily could have been prevented.
    Many young people come to grief through inexperience, sensitivity and “misadventure” and these deaths are probably easier to understand because of the physical, social and mental circumstances that surround them.
    However, many “oldies” are going out the same way, albeit commonly on much higher doses of both
    drugs, but in exactly the same fashion.
    The obvious warning is that potentially fatal doses can be incredibly low in the wrong situations.
    Regardless of age, the consequences can be horribly tragic.
    In all cases, the negative outcomes are avoidable.
    If, by reading these posts, even just one person decides not to mix the two drugs (or any other “off topic” combinations) then it’s a good result.
    Talk to your partner if there seems to be an issue.
    Talk to your children before you have even the slightest suspicion, education is they key and discussion, even if uncomfortable, can be a lot more comfortable than reading the coroners report into the death of a person you love.
    Understand the figures here and use them to communicate the danger, please!
    Telling your child that “two standard drinks and one very widely available pill can land you on the slab” because there is hard proof that some very unfortunate people before you have had that as their last life experience and it’s a crappy and humiliating way to go because of one bad decision.
    The most tragic part of it is that all of these deaths were preventable. By simply deciding not to mix two drugs that are incompatible.
    Aim to put the Coroner out of work or at least give them a day off work.
    Good luck and God bless.

  53. Don’t ever mix Oxycodone and Alcohol.
    There is no “safe” dose or combination.
    People may get away with it, without harm for long periods of time and then on one occasion, at doses they have taken for years, suddenly have a lethal reaction to the combination. It is very easy to die from mixing Oxycodone and Alcohol and many deaths are attributed to this behavior. If you are doing it you should consider the next time you take your pills and consume alcohol may be the last time you do anything.
    Alcohol and Oxycodone Hydrochloride are both dangerous drugs stand alone. In combination you are simply asking for trouble and there are thousands of deaths every year caused by people taking the risk and the risk not paying off.
    DON’T DO IT.
    Like I said, there are many deaths simply because the one day you mix may be the day your body/system is struggling to cope with something you might not be aware of and you could easily end up dying.
    Death results in a bad night out in all cases!
    In Australia, Oxycodone Hydrochloride is a strictly controlled drug. It’s illegal to posses or use without a Doctors prescription. This is because the Government has been well educated about the dangers of liberal laws around the use and distribution of this drug. The bottom line is that we don’t want the same trouble inflicted on society that had been observed in other countries where Oxycodone Hydrochloride is allowed into the community with loose controls. Even with legal protections, coroners in this country still record many COD’s (cause of death) as a “combination of Oxycodone Hydrochloride and alcohol leading to respiratory failure. If your thinking about it, make sure your will is up to date before ironing your party clothes. It’s not worth risking death for a buzz.
    You have been warned. Mixing the two can kill you and once the reaction starts you will have little, if any control over the process. Basically you want to go to sleep. You may find a nice, quiet place for a instinctual nap. You’ll settle down and you will slow your breathing to the point your heart stops beating = Death.
    Next stop= Autopsy + statistic.

  54. I am not interested in mixing the two so how long should I wait after taking 5mg Oxycodone befor having a drink and the other way around?

  55. NEVER drink while taking oxycodone! I sadly lost my dad last year(2015) due to the fact he had taking the tables while drinking, he was found dead. Very dangerous. My dad was a healthy man, which was proven in his death report don’t risk it. So important I share this!!!

    1. Hi, Chanel. No words can describe how sorry I am for your loss. Hope others will read your post, and get the message.

  56. I have a broken foot and drank a lot of booze last night. Woke up Solberg and my foot really fucking hurts itso throbbing can i take my prescribed narco? Yet? Or should I still wait.

  57. I think it really depends if you are overweight and are generally unhealthy for alcohol and oxy’s to kill you. Of course the right amount WILL kill you if you are an idiot. I take up to 15mg Oxy everyday for a failed foot surgery 6 YEARS ago. I have a drink(hard liquor)or 2 EVERY night and have been doing this for a few years now and have not had a problem. I will say it again that if you take more than 20 mg and get drunk you just may not wake up the next morning but if you are responsible and maintain a good weight, eat healthy, exercise, and have a general positive outlook on life you will probably be fine. Also I never get more than just a good buzz to kill the pain. I hate hangovers so I avoid them like the plague! They put these warnings out on these pills for all the douchebags that don’t have any common sense whose families will then sue the drug company for killing their stupid family member who didn’t have any sense in the first place.

  58. I knew of the effects of mixing pills and alcohol and attempted take advantage of it to help relieve pain from my broken finger because no amount of medication perscribed helped.I didnt even get a buzz after a decent amount of alcohol. I was up to Percocets 10s and I was still in the same amount of pain. This was the first time I’ve ever had to take pain medication, why isn’t it working?

  59. Girlfriend and Sister have scripts for OXY/Percocette and are addicted. One drinks the other doesn’t. One that doesn’t had a 1/2 glass of wine and nodded out during dinner. Almost fell in her plate. She was trying to talk but really couldn’t. Wasn’t this opiate addiction?

  60. I have been taking 10mgs Oxycontin once a day since November for Transverse Myelitis. I put the tablet in my dossett box but don’t take it if I don’t really need it. Tonight I have drunk 374mls of white wine, so only two little bottles. I didn’t intend on taking the oxycontin tonight but accidently took it just now with my other tablet, only an hour after drinking. Is that okay??

  61. Hi i really need help please. My husband for the past 18mths has been abusing oxycontin he snorts it and also chews it. He got his prescription from gp on 2 feb 20mgx1 2 times a day by 8th feb he had taken the lot this has been going on for months. Its destroyed the marriage and i made it clear ge has to leave as i cannot live with lies the conditions as i have my own health issues and his behaviour is making my condition worse. My question is how on earth is he still alive? He drinks beer occassiinaly on them. His breathing is to a point where he cant speak as cant get his vreathe this happens almost every night he wakes coughing almost like he choking. I just fear the day we find him dead. His script was for 56 tablets next is not dye til 3rd march

  62. Had gallbladder removed yesterday a.m. Am taking oxycodone/apap 5/325 mg tab as needed for pain. Question: as the one-tablet dosage is recommended every four hours (as needed), is it OK to have a glass of wine AFTER the four hours have passed? And then I won’t take another pill for several hours after that?

    Just want to act responsibly and not endanger myself in any way.

    Thx, CLD

  63. I had one 5mg endone at 7am this morning and then two glasses of half moscato, half oj at 1:30-4:30. When will it be OK to take one more endone?

  64. Hey y’all, I am taking 5 mg Oxycdone, a couple of times a day, usually two at a time, to handle the pain of healing from a recent rotator cuff surgery. I’ve always loved to be risky and push the boundaries when it comes to getting high and I have been dying to take a couple of Oxy’s and drink a glass of wine (or two), as we all know it will compound the effects…. so just in case (as Oxy’s are new to me, I am not familiar with them) — I did a Google search to research the effects and reassure myself.
    Thank God I did. This thread has been both fascinating and a fucking horror show. OMFG. I think its safe to say that the consensus is that this would be possibly a risk that could kill me. I’m not gonna do it. Thank you to you all who shared on this thread. my life might have depended on it! — Mick

  65. 5 mg. is a very low dose. I take 5 mg 2-3 times a day and have a few drinks every night. I have had no problems. I am NOT overweight and I really am careful about what I eat and I drink lots of water. Hope this helps.

  66. I do understand I should not mix the two together. However it is superbowl Sunday and I live in Colorado. I don’t make it a practice to drink. I am in constant pain. Different levels of pain daily. I took a 5mg of oxycodone a bit ago. I thought I would take another about 2pm and around 4 I would have a drink and a few during superbowl. About 4-5 oz. Can I take another one at 10 ish? Or should I skip it and suffer more.

  67. Ok I took two 325 mg pills of oxy prone with a few sips of wine and felt incredibly dizzy, light sensitive, noise sensitive and nauseated, I took two 500mg Tylenol to help the headache but still feel pretty bad. What should I do since going to a doctor is out of the question.

  68. For the last two weeks I have been mixing alcohol with Percocet (5.5-325) which I take 3 times a day. I had surgery replacement in June and that is the pain med I was prescribed. I am very nauseous, no appetite, restless and have insomnia. Can I wait until tomorrow to go to the dr or go to the ER?

  69. I take Klonopin every night for acute anxiety. Three years ago I had surgery and was prescribed percocet. Unfortunately I am an alcoholic and hooked. I am hurting my body but cannot stop. Now I have degenerative disc disease. I WANT to stop but how? I cant lose my job. Please help!

    1. Hi, Karina. If you have questions about addiction treatment and your options, call our free hotline to speak with a trusted treatment provider.

  70. I had a level 2 cervical fusion and was taking 10 oxycodone with aceitominophen. I started waking up with cold sweats, body ache, felt feverish, nausea so i started taking 1/2 and still woke up the same way so i explained this to my doctor she said it was probably withdrawls. I was prescribed 7.5 now and am taking 1/2 and my pain is worse along with the withdrawl symptoms. When i try and not take anything for all the withdrawls to stop my pain is too bad still to do that. I hate knowing that i am addicted to this med and wonder if i try to completely stop for a few day and go through the withdrawls would my body get back to normal and how long would it take. I also want to drink tomorrow night and am a little worried about the side effects.

  71. Why am I still Alive?? & So Stupid. You’d think at 60. Id have wised up. but NO! Dumb as a Brick.
    Now? I’m Humble as a Tibet-ion Monk, Every person is born with different Genes. Im Lucky & Blessed to still be alive. @ 60.. Just got out of the Hospital ER. Yeah! Some Merry Christmas I had.
    I did learn a valuable lesson however, 8 days in hospital bed.! I did a lot of soul searching. One drink is not enough, and 10 is to many. Id mixed Xanax/1 MG/ Plus Slamming or rather Choking down 4 – 10-325 Oxies. + 1 Liter of Vodka the day before. The Buzz was so Fantastic~!! & Then it Hit me! Like a Bolt of Lightning. $ 450.000.00 Dollars later. ICFD Inserted, and in the ICU 3. 5 Hours of sheer Terror! My lungs had quit working. If? you want to kill yourself? Just go buy a gun. I now thank God for each day! & Love my Coffee! Quit the booze, & Loath Pills. As I wean myself off with a Team of Doctors Assistance. I Realized. Mixing these deadly Drugs into my system to escape reality & *Feel Better * ?? Did Exactly the opposite. Now.. I thank God for each day my Family & Friends said I look 50 now. Even the Doctors! That made me feel good! After the day is over, All’s said and done. My Only True habit is Nicotine! @$$%@@%& Any Suggestions? Forgive my curse icons 😀
    Because? Next time If I survive a few more years.. & Pray that I do! I”ll Be Needing an Iron Lung! Thanks for your Patience and Reading this, Whatever Deity you may Believe in? Or none at all.
    God will take care of it one way or another.
    Feel Free to ask me any questions, Ill Answer if I know the correct one, Or Refer you to a Poison Control center, or the ER. & dont feel Bashfull if you need to go there. It Saved my Life! Before It’s to late. Happy New Years Best wishes to all.

    1. Hello. That’s a huge dose. Please consider what you are doing to do. Mixing medication with alcohol put your health at risk.

  72. Hey, my mother is moaning and screaming in her sleep she I don’t know how much oxycodone she took but I found three bottles all prescribed idk when. I found vodka 1/4 full and I’m worried, regards, James

  73. In 24 hours the alcohol will be out of your system and you should be fine. I drink about 2-3 glasses of wine every evening and take 10mg Oxy split in 2, 5mg doses about 6 hours apart. Been doing this for almost a year and no problems. It is when you get into the higher doses 40-80 mg and more that you better be careful. This past year more people died from presc. pain killers overdose than car accidents. No wonder they are cracking down on it! I just want to be pain free not high as a kite like these people that died.

  74. My brother passed away from Mixed Toxicology of Oxycodone and Ethanol. I pray that people on this forum stop playing around and realize this shit is really dangerous!! (sorry for cursing) My question is I want to know what exactly happened to my brother? Does the mix of both put you to sleep until you just stop breathing? DId he have a heart attack or liver failure?? It states in the Coronors report, “Pulmonary congestion and profuse, frothy edema fluid arising from the oral cavity and extending over the lower face region with visceral congestion. there was Biventricular hypertrophy, heart, heart weight 415grams, Visceral congestion was evident. )
    Presence of ethanol, oxycodone, noroxycodon, hydromorphone with noroxymorphone confirmed in urine but not in blood. cause of death is mixed prescription drug and ethanol intoxication..
    after reading that.. what happened?? heart attack, drugs just caused my brother to stop breathing?? causing a coma and heart failure?? i’m still trying to figure all this out. nothing will bring back my brother, but i’d at least like to know how this happened!? Thank you

    1. Hi, Chris. I’m really sorry for your loss… there are no words to express my condolences. I’d suggest that you speak with a toxicologist or a coroner about your concerns. We’re not able to provide you with a qualified response.

  75. Hello, I was prescribed oxycodone for a reconstructive foot surgery I had. It’s been a month since the surgery and i haven’t taken an oxy in about a week and a half. Last night I consumed some beer (about 11 bottles) and I wanna take an oxy because the foot pain is pretty bad. It’s been almost 24 hours will it be bad to take one?

    1. Hi, Sarah. Have you talked with your doctor? If not, I’d suggest you called him/her and ask. Or you can consult a pharmacist.

  76. I’m taking Oxycodone HLC 5 MG & I haven’t taken them since a yesterday & I want to go to a party today & I was wondering if it’s okay for me to drink alcohol?

  77. The day after having about 4 oz of vodka with normal dose of oxygen IR I get so shaky that I can’t even get a glass of water to my moth. Why does this happen and why sometimes and not others.

  78. In response to Joann from11/8. How do you find doctors that will easily prescribe the stuff? I take 10 mg. everyday for a failed foot surgery and it is a very mild dose but doctors in our area are being shut down left and right. There is only one doctor in our area who will prescribe it and they only take certain forms of insurance. Finding it very hard to just get the minimum of what I need. I live close to Fairbanks, AK so maybe it is different in the lower 48 but they are really cracking down on this stuff and making it very hard to get. I worry sometimes that I will be left suffering someday.

  79. I usually take 45 mg of oxycodone a day. Today I started a new job at a restaurant and they had a wine tasting. I tasted some of the wines but did not drink even a half a glass. Is it safe to take my prescription its been 2 hours since the tasting

    1. Hello Mike. You know all the risk that may happen, if you mix oxycodone with alcohol. I suggest you wait for a while before taking the the med, or just call your pharmacist, and ask her/him.

  80. I take 5mg of Oxycodone 4 x day. Once at 2 PM and 3 at bedtime to allay the symptoms of restless leg syndrome. Is it safe for me to have a glass of wine with dinner?

  81. A friend of mine overdosed on Oxycodone and vodka. They treated him and after being released they have had to readmit him now for bleeding from the eyes and mouth. Any idea why or what caused this? Was told he is unresponsive. Having been an EMT years back am curious as to what might have happened and what treatment might help him. This happened earlier today.

    1. Hi James. How horrible! I have no clue about what may have caused the bleeding. Did the doctors give any diagnosis since then?

  82. My husband is a cancer survivor but now he is hooked on oxycodone, morphine, alcohol. and marijuana, he is out of control not sure where to turn or what to do, I do not want to have to leave my home but I do not know how to get him help. All of his medication is prescribed and they give him enough to kill him. Why and how do Dr.”s do this to people ?

  83. How much oxycodone can kill you while drinking alcohol? If I take 5 mg and drink at the same time will I die? I need to know if I NEED to take less

  84. I am prescribed 5/325 percocet.i drank a 40 oz.of beer from 5 pm to 9 pm.my back is really hurting me will it hurt to take my 15 mg percocet?

  85. I took oxi and mixed it witch alchocol, about 2 and a half mo the ago. Had the worst night of my life, felt like I had a huge panic attack. Since then I’ve been sober and a week after that incident I was feeling normal, still se anxiety of course because my life was at risk.but I made it through the night without going to the doctor.i only tried oxi that one time but lately I’ve been feeling super anxious.i have been going through some changes in my life ( changing close friends).so I’m wondering if the oxi could have badly affected my brain or am I just being paranoid and depressed from other factors in my life? Thanks for reading this ud really be helping me out.

  86. My brother passed away from Mixed Toxicology of Oxycodone and Ethanol. I pray that people on this forum stopy playing around and realize this shit is really dangerous!! (sorry for cursing) My question is I want to know what exactly happened to my brother? Does the mix of both put you to sleep until you just stop breathing? DId he have a heart attack or liver failure?? It states in the Coronors report, “Pulmonary congestion and profuse, frothy edema fluid arising from the oral cavity and extending over the lower face region with visceral congestion. there was Biventricular hypertrophy, heart, heart weight 415grams, Visceral congestion was evident. )
    Presence of ethanol, oxycodone, noroxycodon, hydromorphone with noroxymorphone confirmed in urine but not in blood. cause of death is mixed prescription drug and ethanol intoxication..
    after reading that.. what happened?? heart attack, drugs just caused my brother to stop breathing?? causing a coma and heart failure?? i’m still trying to figure all this out. nothing will bring back my brother, but i’d at least like to know how this happened!

    thank you

  87. I want to drink tomorrow, I 20mg every 3hours. If I stopped now and took ibuprofen instead would it be out of my system by tomorrow?

  88. My children’s father died 3 months ago. He has had alcohol issues for years but was going to a pain management doctor after his back surgery did not work. The autopsy came back today that he died due to the oxycodone and alcohol he consumed. Now he will not see his daughter graduate next week from college or walk her down the aisle next spring nor see how successful his son is becoming. He chose to drink over choosing his children. Please love your family enough to not mix the two.

  89. Hi
    I have just been prescribed oxycodone by my pain specialist , but I like like 2 or 3 cans of beer only as a night cap, would it be ok to still do this on oxycodone? I never go out drinking and i only drink 3.8% or 4% volume lager.


  90. My husband is prescribed 120 Percocet by his Dr per month, these pills last him approx 2 weeks, he is then buying them off the street for the remainder of the month, he is also an alcoholic, he drinks 18 beer every day, I have threatened to leave if he don’t get help, my threats are useless, how long can he continue living this way before it starts affecting his health, it’s been almost 5 years since he starting taking perks with the dosage increasing, he started with taking 2 per day and now he’s up to taking 7 or 8 a day

  91. I take half of a 10/325 twice a day for a total of 10mg Oxy a day.. i do enjoy a drink in the evenings and have been doing this for almost 3 months now. At that low dosage, and by drink I mean a couple glasses of wine or 1 very strong gin/tonic, am I risking an overdose? I would think no but just thought I would put it out there. Thanks

  92. Doctor prescribed me percocet 10/325 every 4-6 hours after a failed back surgery. Ive been taking 3 (very rarely 4) a day for 8 months. I just took my last pill today Monday @ 8:30pm and am not planning to pick up my new Rx. I am getting married Thursday @ the beach and was wondering if it was ok to drink alcohol. I would have been without pain meds for 48 hours. Will it be safe by then? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    1. Hi Keith. Yes, 48 hours sound like a fair amount of time to wait for percs to get out of your system. It will be safe for you to drink on your wedding. And, CONGRATULATIONS 🙂

  93. Hi. My 16 year old son was at the river with some friends. Some adults showed up with varies other people due to the river running and was all gonna float swim or cook out. Any way a woman mixed my son two drinks he said the first was nasty so she then gave him a drink of her tea. His friends told me that he started falling and acting drunk. So his buddy was giving him Gatorade and water. They then came back into town when he said mom I think I got too much sun and am dehydrated. That’s how I found out about the drinks. I then I asked him what else happened did he smoke something take anything…. And he said yea my head was killing me so I took some aspirin.
    At 5:00am he woke me up and said mom something is wrong please take me to the hospital. So we went they started an IV with saline and drue labs. I find out tomorrow the BAL. But he tested positive for hydrocodone and oxycodone. His pee looked like strong tea. Today is the first day he has color. My son is an athlete. Hates pills only asked for an aspirin cause he was out of BC powder. Please tell me my son will be ok.

    1. Hello Ladonna. How is your son doing? I really hope he recovered fast and he will never take drinks from strangers again.

  94. I literally NEVER DRINK, but tonight i downed about….eleven shots of rum, and that was at like, maybe the last one at 10:00pm or ago, it’s now1:00am, and itook one 10 mg oxy, which i have never taken before. Should i be worried about not waking up?

    1. Hi Megan. I believe you’ll be OK, but just to be sure you can Call the Poison Contol Center on 1-800-222-1222 to speak to a poison expert who will assess the risk of overdose and provide guidance on what you should do next, if needed.

  95. I gave up drinking about 5 years ago, i was a heavy drinker, i was drinking 15-20 pints of lager about 3-4 nights a week, more at weekends.Due to present circumstances i feel like drinking again but not so heavy this time however i am currently taking 200mg of oxycodone sr, 600mg pregabalin sr, 50mg etorixib and 225mg venlaflaxine, would it be wise to start drinking again on this amount

    1. Hi Shaun. Those are a lot of medications you are taking to be throwing in alcohol to the whole mix. I wouldn’t advise you to do so. Why don’t you try getting into counseling or psychotherapy as a way of handling the recent situations that are compelling you to start drinking again.

  96. I am enrolled in pain management and am taking 5 mg Oxycodone 2x daily along with 75mg Lyrica 2x and Meloxicam 15mg 1x and before bed I take Nortriptaline 25mg. Today I took my meds at 2pm and by 4pm I was still in pain so I drank a couple glasses of wine and it really helped the pain. I am not trying to get high I just want to manage the pain. When I do this i am not driving or doing anything that would endanger me or anyone else. I know I can ask my doctor but I thought I would ask here as well. I actually have taken narcotics before and have drank small amounts of alcohol for over 4 years now. Thank you for you consideration.

  97. I am fairly new to mixing pain pills with alcohol. I have started recently to enhance my high since I have a fairly high tolerance of alcohol. Tonight I took 10mg of oxycodone and have drank a bottle of wine (and still drinking…), I am getting really sleepy and starting to nod off. I just want to make sure I am safe to fall asleep, or should I try to stay awake to make sure I am ok. Also, will the 10mg of oxycodone show up in a drug test (urine) in the next 24 hours if it is the only pain meds I have taken in a few weeks?

  98. Hi,
    I have a degenerative arthritic hip issue and have been taking ½ hydrocodone (750mg) twice nightly along with ibuprofen while performing as a food server in a busy restaurant. The team always takes a shot of tequila in transition when the restaurant closes and we go to “bar service only,” and I usually follow with a beer or two while closing shop for the next hour or so. This has been my regiment for almost half a year, and gets me through the shift with relative comfort, and marginal side effects.
    History: If this were twenty years ago, I would simply take “twice as many, twice as often,” and drink until I’d drop. But my priorities have since shifted, and I prefer survival above my ultimate demise.
    My surgeon has recently prescribed oxycodone (5mg) for the weeks leading to my total hip replacement. How might these compare to the hydrocodone 750s if I take one (1) twice nightly and proceed as described above?

  99. One of my family members mixes alcohol, oxycodone and valium. What is this doing to their body and will it kill them eventually. I am really worried……

  100. I have been taking 20mg oxycodone slow release tablets daily for a week. I dont have any today and want to take a shot or two of liquire to ease my pain. Is this okay?

  101. Nauseated, can’t eat, mild ache in intestines, today is 3rd day. Could it be related to having taken 6 oxycodone 10-325 and having about 10 vodka drinks in one night, albeit over several hours?

  102. How soon can I expect to start feeling better after mixing alcohol and oxycodone? The symptoms have me felling miserable. Never again.

  103. I took 10 mg of Percocet and drank about 6 beers. I felt extremely nauceaous and felt hot and couldn’t cool down. I forced my self to sleep only to wake up with the same problem. I am not throwing up and I am still hungry and thirsty. Nothing has changed except nausea. It has been 3 days and the nausea has become more of disoriented feeling and I am very irritable but is more manageable now. And if it is silent my ears begin to ring like there is a bee or fly but not that loud. This is a very strange feeling and not sure if it has to do with the pills and drinking or if it was just a coincidence. I also just got over a cold that lasted for a week.

  104. Hi James. I believe you know that mixing oxycodone and alcohol is not a good idea. Chewing turns the narcotic into an IR, and consumption of alcohol may also accelerate the release of the drug, resulting in high blood levels that may be potentially lethal.

  105. I chew 20mg oxys then usually have a night of drinking. The effect is bang, within 15 minutes.
    I have found that I nod of while I am talking to people. I dont know if this is a good thing or not

  106. I took 3 5mg ocxy pills and drank 1.65 bottles of white wine. I passed out and woke up in the morning running to the toilet puking. with extreme pounding headache. will not do that again.

  107. Hi Scott.

    It sounds like you’ve experienced alcohol intoxication followed by oxycodone side effects. This article is crafted more for those who dose simultanesouly; from what I’ve read, insomnia is a side effect that can occur during drug or alcohol withdrawal. I wonder if it’s related to your body processing excessive amounts of alcohol? I’d suggest that you check in with a pharmacist, toxicologist, or and MD who specializes in addictions for some qualified answers.

  108. I’ve been using Oxycodone since April, this year, due to a broken elbow and post-surgery complications. I don’t drink a lot, but I do describe myself as a “weekend alcoholic”. I don’t drink to have fun, I have fun drinking and being an obnoxious ass. Anyway, I mistakenly took my daily pill in the midst of rounds because my wife asked if I’d taken it yet. I was going to wait until the next day, but I was woozy enough to automatically obey her. About 2 hours later, I broke into a cold sweat and got so dizzy I HAD to get to bed. I have severe apnea. I was up ALL night, with air pushing into my face, and didn’t sleep again until the FOLLOWING morning. Falling asleep and never waking up was not a problem. I didn’t see anything about insomnia in your mixed-narcotic article. Why?

  109. I have injured my back and have been on oxycodone for a week. I’m doing much better and took the last oxy pill about 12 hours ago. At what point would I be safe to have an alcoholic drink?

  110. My good friend 70 years old is dying of cancer He hopes to live another 3 months. He loves to drink champagne with his heavy oxycotin dosages. Do you think this could kill him?

  111. This is on the extreme end of the spectrum but I just want everyone to be careful.
    I’m sure you are taking it for the right reasons but I still would like to chime in and ask everyone to be careful.
    My brother abused the drug oxycodone while drinking and passed away.
    Fell asleep and seized to breathe.
    Although he wasn’t taking it responsibly I would personally never take the risk knowing that.
    Goodluck to all.

  112. Hello N. It’s difficult to advise on actions after mixing opioids with alcohol, especially without a full understanding of the context and your previous exposure to both CNS depressants. Oxycodone usually is active for 4-6 hours; alcohol metabolizes one drink per hour in the body. Please call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for more specific advice on your situation.

  113. I took oxycodone for back pain relief and took a shot of tequila seven hours later. It has now been eleven hours since the oxycodone and three and a half hours since the tequila. Is it ok to go to sleep or should I wait?

  114. Hello Bryce. Acute effects of oxycodone do not persist after the medication has been metabolized from the body. So, you’re probably in the clear…but check in with a family doctor or general physician if you suspect injury to your internal organs as the result of drug or alcohol overdose.

  115. If I were to take 4 oxycocet’s after being completely wasted , and woke up the next day feeling like crap, would there be any long term damages to my innerds ?

  116. My question was related to using alcohol temporarily in lieu of Percocet. My Doctor, my health care provider & my mail order by contract pharmacy are in a three way pi**ing contest holding up my meds due to t’s not being crossed & i’s not being doted. Within a few days over the holiday weekend I am enroute to being med less. What do you think about vodka as an alternative to percocet until all three are singing out of the same book? This is a serious question and really has nothing to do with drinking while taking Percocet. The pain continues while the meds are on hold.

  117. Hi Jerry. I have heard of clinical cases, like yours, of people who drink to self-medicate for physical pain. I would suggest that you look into alternatives for osteo arthritis relief instead of drinking. It seems like an extremely risky move, in my (non medically qualified) opinion.

  118. Sorry but Further, I suppose I was addicted to alcohol most of my adult life although I functioned in business, marriage and as a responsible homeowner. Now I get nothing from Percocet other than rheumatoid – osteo arthritis relief. no buzz No high just no pain. If however I miss a dose the arthritis discomfort is unbearable. The potential for alcohol dependency of course exists but I know that I can handle the cold turkey again.

  119. My mail order refill of Percocet 10MG-325mg is delayed due to nit picking insurance stipulations and probably will not be processed for 2 to 3 weeks. When my on hand supply is finished in a week or less may I drink vodka to self medicate until refill is received in mid December? I stopped drinking 3 years ago when my Doctor prescribed Percocet.
    This is a serious inquiry and I am not going to mix the two. I have contacted my Doctor & Pharmacy to expedite refill but to no avail.

  120. Hi Enno. We do not condone or support mixing oxycodone with alcohol….ever. Given the pattern of use, it’s possible that you’re addicted to oxy’s and/or alcohol. You can call 1-800-662-HELP to seek treatment for possible opiate addiction. We wish you the best.

  121. I’m taking oxy 15mg. Abusing them by insuffuration. Take around 90mg a day mixed with alcohol usually about 10-12 drinks. It’s all about your tolerance. If you are not tolerant to the medication, then your risk of overdose is greatly increased, especially when mixing with another downer. I’ve taken 60 mgs so far today and had about 5 beers but im completely lucid. Be smart and safe. Caution is opiates best friend.

  122. I lost my cousin six months ago following taking Oxydocone pain reliever with alcohol, he simply went to sleep and never woke up. The coroners report shows the cause of death was due to the Oxycodone/alochol mix but ruled accidental death. There is not enough awareness about the dangers of this drug. Lives ruined, families broken and trails of devastation left in its wake.

  123. Hello Sandy. If he’s taking oxycodone as prescribed, he may physically dependent on it but not psychologically dependent. But his secretiveness and protectiveness signal that he may be getting more out of use than simple therapeutic effect. Have you noticed other behavioral signs that might indicate he’s addicted? Also, does he have medical need for the oxycodone?

  124. I’ve read that addiction to oxycodone can vary by an individuals tolerance level based on how much or long they have been using. With that in mind my husband has been taking it for three years at 30 mg a day. Is it possible that he is not addicted? He shows signs of adverse effects and rejects the idea of addiction and will not allow me to speak to his dr.

  125. Hello GG. Alcohol metabolizes much faster than oxycodone, and usually clears the system in a hour (per unit of alcohol). Given that you drank 1/2 unit of alcohol, the depressant should have cleared your system before opioid dosing. And it seems that you report no negative or adverse side effects. I’d suggest, however, that you speak with your prescribing doctor about drinking and taking oxycodone. Get medical clearance and a better understanding of the risks!

  126. On two seperate occasions within a week, I drank a half glass of wine and 4 hours later took 1/2 tab of 5/325 Oxycodene,
    Is there a need for concern?

  127. Hi Nathan. Daily drinking and dosing on oxycodone is not a good idea, especially for your liver. Chronic use of opioids combined with drinking can lead to liver damage or failure. And given the amount of drinking…I think that the issue is really about learning what compels you to drink and use opiates. A serious problem will develop in the long term. But it sounds like you are already facing possible alcoholism or drug addiction.

    In terms of risk of fatality, I’d suggest that you call your local Poison Control Center. The national hotline is 1-800-222-1222. They can provide you with more accurate information about overdose potential.

  128. nathan been taking 2-3 Norcos 10 mg at once. Once a day ..everyday for two years..usually in the AM . I consume a pint of vodka in the evenings. My question is . I took two 5mg oxycodones at 11 am . And I plan to drink my usual. It’s 8 pm now. How likely is it to have a serious problem? I know its not safe but after this amount of time on being on opiates is it fatal?

  129. Hi Connor. Once the action of oxycodone has worn off (usually 4-6 hours after dosing), you can consider drinking in the hours that follow. But I would personally wait another 12 hours after the effects have passed before consuming another central nervous system depressant.

  130. Hello,

    I have been prescribed oxycodone as a result of the removal of my four wisdom teeth. I took 5mg of oxycodone at around 8:45 AM and plan to consume alchohol the same evening. Should I not be consuming alcohol, how long after should I wait to consume alcohol?



  131. Rachel, you should look into Chanca Piedra, which is stated to “combat a number of afflictions including … chemical-driven liver damage”.

  132. I take oxycodone slow release for back pain and drink alcohol often,i’m worried about my liver due to a blood test i had 2 weeks ago and i am going to stop drinking and i also want to lower my doses of oxycodone.I’v started drinking carrot and celery juice in the mornings. How long would it take for my liver to repair itself.Also is there anything else i can do to help my liver repair.

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