In-depth analysis of alcohol and what it can do to you. Plus, how to treat alcohol withdrawal and alcoholism.

Alcohol Use

A review of the risks of excessive and prolonged alcohol use. Plus, a section on intoxication and problem drinking. ...

Alcohol Dependence

What is the nature and cause of alcohol dependence? Here, we cover how you can identify the signs and address dependence ...

Alcohol Detox

Alcohol detox can be very uncomfortable. But medical treatment can make withdrawal symptoms less intense. Learn here wha ...

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Find the answers on all major questions surrounding the nature and causes of alcohol addiction, as well as its treatment ...

What is alcohol used for?

What's the difference between drinking in moderation and having a drinking problem? Here we review the definitions of ea ...

Alcohol long term effects

Chronic alcohol abuse can damage the central nervous system (CNS) and peripheral nervous system. It can also cause sever ...

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