Spiritual healing from addiction – How can I start?

Surrender is the first step to healing your spirit and works in addiction treatment. Addiction is bigger than you and you need God to take it from you. Have faith that deliverance is possible and learn where to start your spiritual journey here.

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Some of you may be thinking: “Is addiction a spiritual problem?”  You betcha.  Here, Rhonda Landry reviews the first spiritual principle of recovery from addiction and relates through personal experience on how you can start to get better.  Read on for more about spiritual healing and addiction, or leave a message at the end about what do the twelve steps mean to you.

How to begin spiritual healing from addiction: Surrender

So you are in this pit, and you feel like you are in so deep you can never, in any way, climb back out, or perhaps you may not have enough motivation to do so! So, what can you do? The question, more importantly, should be: “What should you do?”

Do the only thing that works — surrender to God. You can’t be healed without the Great Physician; you can’t receive appropriate counsel without the Great Counselor; you can’t be comforted without the Sweet Comforter—the Holy Spirit!

Now, I know from experience that surrender may seem impossible, but is not just letting go of control, it is about resting in God. It is so amazingly wonderful, just to let go and rest right there in His big, strong, loving arms and know without a shadow of a doubt that He has you in the palm of your hand! He loved you first! When you know that: that is true freedom.

Love through the hurt of addiction

Knowing that the Creator of the universe loves you beyond measure, beyond what you could ever completely comprehend, and that He hurts when you hurt, is the key to healing! Knowing His love will allow you to rest in Him—the work is already done. Just let go and let God.

It becomes easy to let go when you finally understand that He has already done everything for you. He has already blessed you with every spiritual blessing, including healing you from this addiction, in the heavenly realms. God created the entire universe in six days. He rested on the seventh day so that we could rest in Him, because everything was already done. It is ours for the taking, and all we have to do is believe it and receive it. His abundant blessings abound because of His grace and mercy, which then enables us to be a blessing to others!

How can I surrender addiction to God?

You may be thinking, okay surrender, but HOW do I do it? Let me share my story with you. (Looking back now, I can see how God takes our brokenness and lets His beautiful light shine through the cracks of our soul so that we can minister to others.)

When my husband was in ICU in a coma dying from leukemia, I wanted to die with him. He was my everything. I was totally lost and devastated. I went back to the hotel room and lie prostrate on the floor, which is in the shape of a cross. I asked God to take my husband home so he wouldn’t have to suffer any longer. I then asked Him to somehow take all of my grief and turn it into something positive that could be used to help others.

Despite all of this grief that was inside of me, I could sense deep within that God was going to do exactly what I had asked for, that He was going to use all of my terrible experiences toward something good. It was the strangest thing. I was consumed by gut-wrenching grief, but this excitement way down deep in my spirit began to stir.

Offer your problems up to God

I know that this one simple act of humbling myself before God and saying, “Here God, you take this and do something wonderful for your kingdom with it” opened up the windows of Heaven and began my healing process. I was not only healed from devastating grief, but from a life-long battle with food addiction. In two years, I lost one-hundred and seven pounds.

Deliverance from addiction is one of God’s promises

Surrender is your first step to healing your spirit and it is the only thing that works! Addiction is bigger than you and you need God to take it from you. He WILL deliver you. Deliverance is one of His great promises and a Biblical pattern and principle! Believe it and receive it!

Spiritual healing and addiction

Do you have other suggestions or ideas about how to support an addict in recovery?  Please leave your comments, experiences and questions below.  We try to respond to every comment with a personal and prompt reply.

About the author
Rhonda Landry is an occupational therapist, a dedicated Christian, and the owner of Glory Gate Publishing and Ministries. She is a published author of Abyss to Abundance: From Recovery to Discovery of Who You Are as a Christian in the Kingdom of God, which was divinely-inspired following the death of her beloved husband. She is a recovering food addict and can provide profound advice from overcoming addictions and subsequent related behavior patterns.


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  1. I’m a #48 yr old Mother who’s Youngest Son has come to the Knowledgment that he does need rehab, went and signed up with his Probation Officer. Unfortunately I see this All to Often in Racial Country Towns such as the one we live in here in Texas. Now that My Son has Asked for Help There is No Help coming. He has gotten All way To Discouraged, he is Yet another #22 Year old caught up in Demonic Maifistaion has taken over him . I Need Much Needed PRAYER’S if anything Thank You…NAMASTE

  2. I was addicted to alcohol for most of my adult life. I quit drinking 6 years ago when I was 54. I had also been addicted to pornography since I was 14. And I had also become addicted to benzoes, gravol and anti-depressants. About 2 years ago the Lord had called me to join Celebrate Recovery, which is a Christian based 12 steps program. It is run by Pastor John Baker and Rick Warren of Saddleback Church in California. Since attending the meetings I have been able to share all of my hurts hangups and habits that kept me in bondage over the years. I have since been delivered from the alcohol, pornography, benzoes and also gravol. All of these I used to kill my pain of my past. And have no cravings whatsoever. Only God could have miraculously done this. I still take a low dosage of an anti-depressant but my goal is to get off this as well. The Lord Jesus Christ really is the great physician. Praise Him.

  3. I have been suffering from addiction for many years , I want nothing more than to be delivered from this horrible thing. I pray every day for deliverance but I still am addicted and can’t seem to stop no matter how much I want to

  4. Hi, I ve been with my partner for 7 years and love him unconditionally, I knew he was a smoker (cannabis) when we first met but it did nt seem a problem and he only smoked one just before bed, to help him relax, but over the last year he has been smoking loads more 5/6 a day and when ever I go out the house to shop or where ever he sneak in more, when he runs out he gets really angry and aggressive towards me, I get really frightened he’s not happy until Im in tears. Then after he s hurt me he will self harm take pics and send them to me, its making me feel really ill, he said tonight he’s looking online to see the best way to kill his self, I really don’t want to be dealing with his death, I need to get away, my family he scared he will kill me. Please HELP asap Thank you xx

    Oh I forgot to mention I have never smoked in my life and I had a son die from a brain tumour at the age of 14 so don’t want to have to deal with a death of my partner. I cant help feeling it sounds selfish thing to say, sorry tho.

  5. Hi Tariq. You might want to talk to a doctor about prescription medications that might help you. Depending on your drug of choice, there are Rx drugs that can help with cravings, which may be a reason for the relapses. Alcohol and opiate/opioid addiction is successfully treated this way (in combination with psychotherapy). What is your drug of choice?

  6. I have problems with letting go of my addiction because I have been and addiction for over 40 years I always give the drugs up for a while than go right back to them.. I have surrendered plenty of times saying I will never go back. I thought that I meant it , please if you have any comments on the best way to deal with relapsing over and over again please tell me thank you

  7. I’ve been addicted to heroin for 3 yrs. and need your prayers and the lords help .I know in my heart jesus is the only way I can breaks these chains, He’s helped me before and I’m really ashamed of myself and the seperation from GOD has put me in depression and turmoil. The Lords been so patient with me and I ask forgiveness almost hourly. I;m going to see my Pastor tommorw and ask the churchs support also. Honestly I feel like I don;t deserve it, but I’m hoping the Lord will answer the people that support me, thank you love Pat

  8. 2cor 5-17 A new creature in Christ…..All the old drivel is replaced with a clean heart, perfect? never, but I’m no longer a drunk…

  9. So, Peter G. what do you mean you are a new creature from past sin ? Are you still a new creation , even though you commit new sins ? And what do you mean by repentance . Does that mean to stop doing what you were doing ? Or do you mean turning away from relying on yourself to overcoming the sin that so easily besets you ? Just asking, so I can understand what you mean. And congragulations for being sober .

  10. I am very compulsive , so I have many addictions. I know Christ has set me free from all these addictions , so I thank Him and believe Him to work in my life. But through the years I do not see much victory. So I try to be obedient by self determination. boy, what a miserable failure I am at that. I still try my hardest anyway, and always will . I do not know why God does not give me the experience of the victory, that He secured for me ? Is my faith that weak ? But how can it be ? I read God’s promises all the time, and always confess my sins, believing Him to cleanse me of all unrighteousness ! My job is to believe He is doing it no matter how I feel . But it has been years and years now, with very little EXPERIENCE, of His victory for me . Also my body feels very sick. Matthew 8:17 says He carried away OUR sicknesses and diseases . I am an ” OUR ” . So He carried away my sickness too, just like He did those people in the gospel of Matthew . But I have not experienced that victory promise either ! So , in the meantime I try to eat good, and exercise, and whatever else I can do to minimize the pain in my body. I need a supernatural touch. And more than just a self help program ! Because after all , the ten commandments were a self help program, and none of us did very good at that ! So , God , I know you gave me enabling power , when I recieved the Holy Spirit ; Help me to experience that enabling power in my efforts , so I can be successful . And I do believe you God ; Help me in my unbelief ! God , it is my inheritance thru Christ , that I experience healing in my body when I feel sick and diseased too ! Because you forgive all my sins and heal all my diseases ! And all the promises are yea and amen to us in Christ Jesus. So there you have it. I need substance in the natural , of what has been given to me in the Spirit . Please believe with me .

  11. Alcohol put shackles on my life for over 30 yrs and then it happened I broke spiritually and repented for the sin of drunkenness it’s over!!!!!!!Sober and free, admit to GOD your weakness and he will raise you up under eagles wings!!!!!! I am living proof..

  12. Omg Alysia, I felt like I was reading something I would’ve written about a month ago. I’ve struggled with alcohol 15+years, opiates for about 2 years and ended up in the ER about 2 weeks ago because of overdosing on both. I too told NO ONE about my struggles. I too make good money, but was broke as hell all the time because of making sure my trams/percs never ran out. I too lied to my Mom and family members, and I too called in at times to “recover” from being innundated the day/night before. I am 15 days sober today. After being discharged from the ER and sent to the local psych hospital, I KNEW this is it for me. This is my last chance. After overdosing on 1 May, I spent the next 2-3hours sleeping, then vomited/dry-heaved every 5-10 minutes for HOURS. I couldn’t even make it to my cell phone to call 911 until about 530 the next morning. My hands and feet had began going numb and I knew I was about to “check out” of this life. That was the absolute scariest and most miserable time I have ever went through, but that’s unfortuately what it took for me to have some sense knocked into me. Some may think my 15 days of sobriety isn’t much, but I’ll put it like this… the last time I had ANY consecutive days of being sober was when I was pregnant, and that was 12 years, 11 months, and 2 weeks ago. So yes, I know God decided it’s not my time to leave yet, and that it’s on ME to make the most of what time I do have left. It’s not easy, and yes it can be so depressing, but addiction leads us to so much more pain and hurt than sobriety does. I am PRAYING for you from the bottom of my heart. I would love to take some of the hurt from you to make it easier for you to get sober. Please stay strong and know that YOU DESERVE MORE than this life of addiction!!!!

  13. Hello Alysia. My suggestion is to NOT try to do recovery alone. A.A. and N.A. are good places to start. As are SMART Recovery or Rational Recovery. If you’re interested in seeking a Christian support group, check out Celebrate Recovery. Also, seek help with an outpatient program (the majority of addiction treatment centers ARE NOT residential) and/or work with an individual psychotherapist trained in addiction treatment. You need guidance. Reach out for it, and it will be there.

  14. Hey everyone, I am writing this right now because I have had enough. I have been abusing drugs now for over 4 years, and I am so sick of what my life has become. I know that I need help, but I dont think I need rehab. I think I want to try letting god into my life. I keep reading everywhere that the best and eseentially the ONLY option is surrendering yourself to God himself, and he will provide you with the strength you need to battle the addiction. I am fine to do that, but I guess I am scared, I never have truly believed that god can help anything, and sometimes, I dont even know if I believe in God. Of course, I want to believe that there is a higher power looking out for me, its just, sometimes it’s hard to believe 100% . Anyways, I have tried to quit multiple times in the past, but something feels different this time. I am tired of living a double life, lying to everyone who cares about me to cover the fact Im abusing opiates. (All kinds of opiates to be exact) with that said, opiates are a different beast and unfortunatly there is something called “withdrawal” which is very real to an opiate addict. So in keeping with the honesty I have shown so far, I should let everyone know that I am on suboxone. So basically, I wont have to go through the physical seperation just yet (but I will eventually) the idea is to kick the mental part of my addiction, and once I feel confident I have overcome that chapter, THEN I will worry about getting off suboxone. I just want to be happy, I feel like I have lost all of my close friends, and it just feels like one bad thing after the next keeps happening. I have managed to maintain a functional life though, I have a great job, I dont miss work, well, thats a lie, on occasion, the abuse of the drugs does cause me to lose much needed sleep, and in turn, on occasion, I will take a day off to sleep. Anyways, enough rambling, the fact though? that I am even writing on this blog, and being honest to whichever strangers may be bored enough to read through this, is different then any other time I have attempted to quit. This is my issue, and it is a big issue really…. because I have managed to hide my drug abuse for the most part, it is very much like I live a double life, there is basically only one person that knows what I do, and he is seperate from all others that are close to me. Oh right, I just remembered why I started rtalking about work, I wanted to add, I make very good money, but am still always broke and lving paycheck to paycheck… and thats actually one of the reasons that brought on this strong desire to get clean and stay clean. I HATE lying to my mom. She always wants to believe the best about me, so she doesnt allow herself to see the truth, and she just continues to bail me out financially, which in turn has allowed me a very cozy safety net to buy more drugs. I AM SICK and tired of it, and at this point, I am sick of myself. I really want to overcome this, but because of the fact I hide this from all the people in my life, I dont have much support. I dont know if people use this site often, because basically I googled addiction blogs and this came up, but I would really appreciate if someone could refer me to a recovering addict blog website if this isnt in fact the correct forum. I need an outlet to get my feelings out during this rough time, and I also want to be accountable to something. I just turned 30, enough is enough with all of this. If anyone has any advice at all pertaining to anything Ive said, feel free to let me know.. I can use all of the support I can get right now

  15. Believe in your bones that God has delivered you with no doubt for in due season you will crush our enemy satan, yes the old serpent who is very wise knows how to push a Christians into sin.Ephesians 6-PUT on the armor of God his word and the devil runs like the coward that he is..Draw near to God and the devil will flee, see friends he is our enemy and our fallen flesh loves to serve itself and the opposite of flesh is spirit and what is spirit? The living word of God sharper then any two edged sword, Christ is our victory if he could stand the agony of the cross can’t we honor him by repenting and giving him our fleshly strongholds remember We can do all things thru Christ who strengthens us, by by past sin we are new creatures in Christ, how do I know? The bible tells me so…..use the word it heals….amen

    it heals all, more powerful then a two edged sword, repent,pray and read the word

  16. Hi Rhonda:
    Appreciate Your posts…The Lord (The Universe, The Power, etc.) will helps us in our way out of any addiction…Believe, meditate, pray & follow the way, You will Succeed! Appreciate all You do in Your blogs…Gratitude, Love & Blessings!
    Maria Lash

  17. To MTORR: you have to surrender your drinking to the Living God. Your husband you can’t make stop. Believe me I tried for years, threatening divorce, pouring out bottles, argueing. I would stop for a while (pot was my thing, drinking was my backup addiction); then start again. We were both saved Christians but couldn’t seem to make any headway.

    Then on April 17, 1991 we went to the bar on two for Tuesday and got pleasantly hammered. On the way home, my husband got a DUI. He said he knew it was the hand of God readhing in that it was the last time. That was it. We were both done.

    About 6 months later my husband who use to do his 30 second devotions then read the paper for several hours. He laid aside the newpaper and started doing devotions in earnest, 1 hour.

    It’s 2013 and he has been deacon at our church (an evangelical church) for six years. We have both grown spiritually.

    Check out Steve Currington’s 10 steps (not related to AA’s 12). The living God, Jesus Christ will give you the strength to quit and heal.

  18. Well….we started drinking again…! although is not an every day thing…,I am very embarrassed to admit it. I am old enough to understand that it can get very bad if we don’t stop.
    My husband wants to drink everyday….I know I must put my foot down!!..he starts with..”.what should we have for dinner…does it not shrimp and white rice with a glass of wine sound good?” then he goes to the store and brings two bottles. Why am I writing this? I am supposed to be ashamed.. and I am, not only that, but I am furious at myself. I am going to take the blame for this, because he is starting to soften me….did I forget what happened the last time?
    No..i have tried to put it off my mind, but I think that I also put out of my mind the greatness of God. I don’t even want to drink, but I end up accompanying him, and I have started to have my second glass, I wake up very sick, then who is asking me to torture myself?
    I AM BEING A TOTAL IDIOT, DISOBEDIENT TO GOD, ALLOWING MY MIND TO IGNORE WHAT IS GOOD FOR ME, admitting in miy mind it I okay to have just couple of drinks…..BULLLLLLL….it is not!!
    I made up my mind right now….pray for us. and may God forgive me…after all he does for me….I pay him with disobedience again….please, please pray for me…

  19. I have never been a fan of AA but after drinking 31 years off and on, I’ve got to try something else to ensure I don’t relapse yet again. I have quit alcohol through the years and once I am doing good, I think I can have just one glass of wine with dinner. NOT SO! I know that one glass leads to three, then the whole bottle again. I cannot control myself once I get going, so I am going to try AA again and have God take me there. After falling, hitting my head and having to be rushed to the ER, I didn’t know if I was dead or alive. When I came to; I swore I saw the gates of Hell and knew that I needed a change. I found a new church but haven’t been going regularily because I am too ashamed and depressed. Good luck to you all, thank you for this post.

  20. My book will be out next month, See my profile for more information or visit glorygatepublishing.com Anything written by Joseph Prince, Joel Osteen will inspire your faith or Joyce Meyers, Max Lucado Good luck and God bless you always! Keep in touch and let me know how you are doing.

  21. i was addicted too alcohol and drugs for twenty year now im nearly 3 years clean though following the 12 steps prog im feel i need too grow more in my faith i get stuck sometimes even though i know my god is amasing could you stuggest thinks too read too me you are an inspiration i would love too learn more thank u

  22. Hello Mtorr, Keep praying girl! Your prayers are being answered because you are praying according to God’s will. He has His hand on you and doesn’t want you to suffer, ever! Know that He never leaves or forsakes you, even when you aren’t living the life that He planned for you. Just keep your focus on Him instead of the addiction and He will become bigger than any bottle that ever tempted you!

    God bless you and your loved ones always!

  23. I believe God has a way to stop us from what he does not want us to do. I had been praying that he would stop the drinking in my house, my husband’s drinking would be daily one to two bottles of wine, beer and hard liquor if available, no fights, just drinking and going to sleep; the devil was taking his soul slowly but surely, and he was taking me with him as well, because I would follow so that he would not drink as much, our health was bad and has bettered now.

    My husband and I stopped drinking on the 10th day of December, today is the 28th, we have not felt the need to drink; we had a bad experience and we attributed it to not reasoning properly while drinking alcohol. He drove home, an hour distance, having been drinking, as we all did. not agreeing with his driving under the influence and hoping he would change his mind, I stayed at family’s house, while trying to sleep I was molested and ran out of the house crying out for help, I was picked up by the police and now …now I must fight the ticket, the person chasing me, a woman, told the police I had woken up from a bad dream as this is what the man that attacked me said to this woman, his family and that I was in panic. The police did not investigate, they acted completely wrong toward finding out the truth, to make the story short. I will fight in court nevertheless this mess would not have happened if the person that molested me would not have been drunk, if my husband had not left, at least that is what I hope.

  24. Hi Doug. Thanks for your question. Good for you to consider stopping Ambien! It must feel like time for a change! Ask your new doctor for a tapering regime over the course of a few weeks to months. And, be sure to expect rebound insomnia…and look for alternatives such as exercise, meditation, etc. to help you address difficulty sleeping. You can call the hotline 1-800-662-HELP for help in connect with addiction professionals who specialize in Ambien addiction treatment.

  25. I’ve been prescribed ambien for over 13 years. I told my G.P. a couple times I’m a recoverying alcoholic is there another alternitive. His answer was no.I”m planning on doing 2 things find new doctor and quitting the cycle of ambien.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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