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In-depth analysis of alcohol and what it can do to you. Plus, how to treat alcohol withdrawal and alcoholism.

Help for alcohol addiction

Alcohol addiction ruins lives and causes financial stress. Getting help for alcohol addiction is the first and a necessa ...

How to withdraw from alcohol

Alcohol withdrawal can present both psychological and physical withdrawal symptoms. This is why it is safest to withdraw ...

What is alcohol withdrawal?

Alcohol withdrawal occurs when you stop using alcohol after prolonged use, or a binge. Find out more about alcohol withd ...

How to Treat Alcohol Addiction

Do you know someone suffering from alcohol addiction? Are you an alcoholic and want to know how to treat alcohol addicti ...

Is alcoholism a disease?

Some say yes. Some say no. But alcoholism definitely affects your health of body and mind. More on alcoholism as a disea ...

Abstinence vs. harm reduction

Is abstinence the only way to recovery from alcohol addiction? What about harm reduction? And is there room for both ap ...

Sobriety and depression

Living for sobriety will change your life. What can you expect in sobriety if clinical depression is present? More here ...

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