The Christian 12 Steps

Christians gain strength from their faith in Christ. So how are Christian 12 step programs tailored specifically for believers? We review here.

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Those who are recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction often find it helpful to gain strength from a higher power and to work to develop their own spirituality. Christians naturally gain strength from their faith in Christ, and some organizations now offer a Christian 12 step program, which has been tailored specifically for believers in Christ, based on Biblical help for drug addiction. The concepts of the Christian 12 steps are modified from the traditional 12 steps, but like the 12 steps, can still serve a wide range of people.

Anyone who finds themselves so broken, so out of control, and so in need of help because of an addiction will be helpless to overcome it on their own. Therapy helps a person evaluate their life, their addiction, and the causes of addiction, and helps them heal their underlying issues. This process takes humbleness and reliance on others.

Christ Heals the Broken

Traditional 12 step programs help the patient admit they are powerless and in need of strength from a higher being, but the intentional vagueness leaves it open to interpretation by the individual. The Christian 12 steps spell it out more clearly for believers in Christ: We have become powerless and unmanageable, and we will rely on the power of our Lord Jesus Christ to remove our defects and renew our life.

An individual in recovery who draws closer to God will find a strength that supersedes all other sources of support. Christians can rest assured knowing that their God loves them and is with them, and that their Savior Jesus Christ already paid the price for their shortcomings. Strengthening this kind of faith can provide a much needed source of support and comfort to anyone struggling with an addiction.

Christ Gives New Life

When someone has been controlled by an addiction, they know about their mistakes and shortcomings. They know they have messed up. Christianity gives these individuals the peace of knowing there is forgiveness in Christ, and a new life in him means a life without drugs, alcohol, or guilt.

Christian rehab centers help individuals recover from a substance abuse problem by encouraging and strengthening a close relationship with Jesus Christ. Those who have participated in a Christian rehab program often find that this type of rehab enables them to put their dysfunctional past behind them, and work toward living a new life. Christian rehab uses group prayer, Bible study, and Christian counseling to help patients develop a closer connection with God.

To help with relapse prevention, a Christian rehab program will emphasize the new life in Christ, forgiveness, and the love God has for everyone, including someone struggling with an addiction. After treatment, a Christian will be equipped with tools such as faith, prayer, and spiritual growth to help them defeat the temptation to use again. Christian 12 step programs place a heavy emphasis on staying connected to the recovery community, as well as to other Christians and the church, in order to continue to strengthen the person’s faith and help them fight off relapse.

About the author
Liliann Reid is a recovering addict focused on helping others understand the world of drug addiction and eating disorders through her firsthand experience. She is blessed to have found sobriety through a Christian based drug rehab program.


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  1. I’m a Christian who has struggled w drug/alcohol since the time I was 15yrs old. I’m 36 now and on September 15, 2017 I celebrated 3yrs Clean and Sober. I capitalized those two words on purpose. We are talking about a matter of life and death here which is why I’m writing this in the first place. I know all too well the pain and suffering addictions of any kind cause. It makes no sense to people who haven’t experienced it. When I saw the most recent comment from Tracy that she was deciding to quit I felt two things….Joy for her and compassion as well. It’s much easier to say I’m going to quit than to do so. My hope for you Tracy is that you find someone who is Sober that you can be completely honest with. Drugs and alcohol are chemical solutions to what is a spiritual problem so I encourage you ask God for help and mean it! Your life is so worth living if you give yourself a chance. Seek and you shall find. May God Bless you in your recovery.

  2. That’s true, Jake! But for those who are Christians and do believe in Jesus Christ, this is their way of finding strength for walking the road towards an addiction free life. It’s suitable for many, for many it’s not. As long as it helps people, and not doing anyone harm…it’s good. Which doesn’t mean everyone has to follow the same path…and that’s good too!

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