Sunday December 21st 2014


1 Holiday recovery guide: The five W's for a serene season

It's hard to live up to the ideal of the idyllic family holiday atmosphere, especially for individuals and families who deal with substance dependence or addiction. How to survive? No pressure! Just read these 5 steps to help you choose your experiences during the holidays.

1 My loved one is an addict: What do I do?

What to do when you find that first needle, crack pipe, bag of cocaine or stash of pills? The WAY in which you help can change everything. Learn how to cope with the situation by making an assessment. Guidelines here.

1 All things in moderation? Not when it comes to addiction

Is total abstinence too extreme? Is moderation a viable option in addiction treatment? We review here.

Mobile monitoring devices for alcohol relapse: INTERVIEW with Soberlink

How can a mobile monitoring device really help alcohol relapse prevention? We interview Brad Keays, the CEO and inventor of Soberlink, on this new approach to alcohol relapse prevention using technology.

1 The Holidays in an alcohol or addicted family: 3 tips for survival

The Holidays, we are told, are the happiest time of the year. Crisp, cold days, flurries of snow, gathering around the fire and sitting together to enjoy a beautiful meal – these are the images of the ideal from Thanksgiving to Hannukah to Christmas to New Year.

My husband is alcoholic! A book that can help...

If you think that your husband has a drinking problem, you are not alone. This book can help you face your demons. Learn more here.

1 How can I help someone prevent relapse?

The NUMBER ONE key to preventing relapse is honesty. More on what family members and addicts themselves can do to prevent relapse here.

2 Is recovery a lifelong process?

Yes, recovery from addiction is a lifelong process. What can you do in early recovery to start on the road? Practical suggestions here.

1 Coping with addiction in the family

To cope with addiction, you need to learn to let some things go. This explanation and practical exercise can help!

How to help an alcohol addict

You can help an alcoholic in the process of identifying the problem as well as helping research appropriate treatment options. More on how to do this here.

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