Wednesday May 27th 2015


Can (or should) you test yourself for addictions online?

A list of criteria to evaluate whether an online test for addiction is legit (or not). More here.

Does acamprosate help with alcohol withdrawal?

Acamprosate does not prevent alcohol withdrawal symptoms that people may experience when they stop drinking. Instead, it works to help regulate the alcoholic brains by lessening cravings for alcohol. More on acamprosate for alcoholism here.

5 How to leave an addict? (Let go!)

If you are living with an addicted spouse or partner, what does it take to leave? A guide on how to address the fear and let go of an addict (for good) here.

Does Campral get you high?

No, Campral does not produce euphoric effect and cannot get you high. We review Campral's chemical composition, mechanism of action, and possible side effects here.

Is disulfiram addictive?

NO. Disulfiram is not addictive. On the contrary, disulfiram is a medication used to treat chronic alcoholism. We review more about disulfiram here.

3 How do I talk to my daughter about addiction?

A brief guide with tips for educating your daughter about the negative effects of drug use and addiction here.

Is Campral addictive?

NO. Campral is not addictive. It is a medication used in the treatment of alcohol dependence or alcoholism. To learn what is Campral made of, its addiction liabilty, and the potenital risks of Campral use, read on here.

Why do people binge drink?

A look into the reasons why people overdrink, and where you can go for help if you think you have a problem with binge drinking.

How do you get Antabuse? How is Antabuse supplied?

You can get a prescription for Antabuse after a medical assessment and making a decision with your doctor. Antabuse is not for everyone. Learn more about how Antabuse is supplied here.

Is alcoholism a danger for my teen?

Alcoholism is only one of about seven (7) teen drinking problems. Learn a few practical ways you can help curb problems related to teens and drinking here.

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