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How long does a hangover last?

How long does a hangover last?

It’s the morning after. You feel horrible. When will your hangover end?

Hangover causes

Hangovers are simply caused by drinking too much alcohol. It might make you feel better to know that some people report hangovers after drinking one to three drinks. But on the other hand, there are heavy drinkers out there that don’t get hung over at all. Although experts still don’t know officially what causes alcohol hangovers exactly, ten possible explanations for why you feel the hair of the dog include:

  1. acetaldehyde
  2. alcohol withdrawal
  3. dehydration and imbalance of electrolytes
  4. drug use
  5. gastrointestinal problems
  6. genetics
  7. low blood sugar
  8. methanol
  9. psychological traits
  10. sleep disturbance

When will this hangover end?

OK. Now a little wake up call. Hangovers exist for a reason: the hangover experience may deter us from future episodes of heavy drinking or intoxication. They are our body’s way of asking that we avoid binge drinking and a call for homeostasis, or balance. But when will they end?

Typically, a hangover will end within 24 hours.  Hangovers begin within several hours after you stop drinking, when blood alcohol concentration (BAC) falls. Symptoms of a hangover usually peak about the time BAC is zero and may continue for up to 24 hours thereafter. Most cases of hangover end several hours after 0 level BAC, though. This is for somewhat “normal” cases of over drinking, and a typical average. But hangovers can continue for a couple of days in more severe cases or in times when alcohol withdrawal occurs.

More severe cases of hangovers

Generally, the greater the quantity and length of time drinking, the more prevalent is the hangover. Some hangovers go on and on and can last for 72 hours, especially if you are mixing drinks, drinking low quality and less refined alcohol or drinking certain types of alcohol (brandy, red wine or whiskey all contain methanol).

How bad is your hangover?

Hangovers suck. But time will ease the symptoms of illness and discomfort. There are also a few hangover remedies that you might want to try to help reduce the severity of symptoms or shorten its duration. But keep in mind that most folk remedies for hangovers have not undergone clinical tests, and experts believe that conservative management of symptoms combined with time are your best bet for feeling better.

Hangover questions

Please leave your hangover story below, or questions about hangovers. We are happy to answer and respond to all of your comments personally.

Reference source: Mechanisms and Mediators of Alcohol Hangover

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181 Responses to “How long does a hangover last?
10:19 am August 11th, 2011

I had a killer hangover that lasted 72 hours once. After that hangover, I decided that I actually had a drinking problem. I think that frequent hangovers are a sign that something is wrong.

12:20 pm September 30th, 2011

Scientists envisage “stay-sober” pill. A pill that would allow you to drink as much as you want without getting drunk is being developed.

2:37 pm October 22nd, 2011

I’m going through a terrible hangover right now. My head is killing me, I feel like I’m going to puke constantly, but there’s nothing in my stomach to puke up. I know time is supposed to help, but it feels like I’m going to be like this forever

10:03 am October 24th, 2011

Hi Sam. I know. Hangovers are the worst when they are happening. I hope that you are feeling better now!

9:31 pm November 11th, 2011

Hi all, when i started drinking about 8 years ago my hangovers last for max couple hours, later one day, later 2 days, now my hangovers last for 3 days, i drinking only on weekends, in my opinion if your hangovers last for more than one day it means than soon you will become an alcoholic like me and life sucks when i don’t drink, thank you for not drinking it is bad bad bad evil

2:24 am January 21st, 2012

drank alot for my first time last night. not sure why i drank so much but i had alott of tequila and alott of whiskey and rum and jager and i woke up this morning with a super rapid heartrate chills much like when you have the flu, and extreme soreness in my lower body and fatigue. i feel nauseas but not the urge to throw up, its been 14 hours now and i feel awful still. is there anything i can do to ease this and how long should i expect to feel this way???

7:44 am January 22nd, 2012

I’ve always had unequivocally prolonged and severe hangovers, even a couple of glasses before bed has elicited hangover symptoms. I’m currently aching, disorientated and nauseas after more than 24 hours since my last drink, from a night at the bar which set me back £50. Besides physiological hell, you feel like an absolute idiot.

Tea, water, supplements and painkillers are what I’m relying on to get through to Monday, when hopefully this will have dissipated. My hangovers wake me up after only a few hours asleep, which probably contributes to why they’re so crippling.

I remember the day after my 18th, which incidentally I unfortunately don’t remember, convinced I was going to die. Not in a panicked sort of way, I simply couldn’t see myself getting through the day with how devastated my senses were, barely able to keep down water, shaking violently. That lasted only 24 hours, so they’ve gotten longer.

7:24 pm January 22nd, 2012

Hi Taylor. Unfortunately, you’ve just got to wait it out. Give it another 24 hours. If you still feel badly, then you might want to check in with a doctor to report the symptoms and see if the hangover might be complicated by illness.

7:26 pm January 22nd, 2012

Thanks for sharing about your experience, Thomas. It does seem that some people are more prone to hangovers than others. Scientists still don’t know why…but maybe it’s your own internal programming telling you what it can handle?!

2:52 am January 30th, 2012

I drank way tOo much last night. I can’t eat anytime and I have this ringing in my head. It’s been 24 hours, should I be worried.

4:11 pm January 30th, 2012

Hi Jess. Your symptoms seem fairly normal for a hangover. You might try to eat some dry bread or toast, just to get something in your stomach. But nausea and lack of appetite is normal, as is headache. If the ringing in your head persists, you may want or need to see an ENT (ear nose throat) specialist.

9:36 am February 7th, 2012

I think I either have alcohol Poisonong or someone slipped something in my drink…. Went out Saturday night I had had a few glasses of wine white and red when I got to club I had a rum and coke…and that was all she wrote I don’t Remeber half of the night … I fell didn’t Remeber? At 4am we left and we had to call someone to pick us up… Today is Tuesday at 4am and I woke up in sweats and I haven’t felt totally good since then? I am scared someone put something in my drink can it last this long?

2:22 pm February 8th, 2012

Hi MessedupinMiami. If you think that you’ve been the victim of drugging, you can go to the doctor and request a drug screen, which may be able to detect the presence of depressants in your system. When combined with alcohol, certain types of central nervous system depressants can lead to black outs. But the detection window can be short, so I’d suggest that you get drug tested immediately to be sure that you were not drugged.

However, blackouts can also be the result of excessive drinking.

How are you feeling now?

9:48 am February 12th, 2012

hi i mixed some drinks but only had 2 shots of chardonnay and champage. i also smoked weed and i think i am experiencing a HUGEEE hangover. i am exhausted, slept all day, awake alll night, feeling a little crazy. i really dont feel well and this is my first potential hangover. i also just cant seem to feel physically comfortable and my hand eye coordination is worse and so are my thinking skills. when will i be normal again?!?

2:24 pm February 12th, 2012

Hi stolethechardonnay. Thanks for your question. Some monster hangovers can last for a few days. Give it some time to wear off, and your motor skills and cognition should return to normal. Again, hangovers are our bodies’ way of telling us what it DOESN’T LIKE!

Guilty and Confused
8:33 am February 13th, 2012

Well tonight I was the winter formal, and afterwards I went to a party and someone spiked my drink, and recently I have been an investigator at the church of Latter Day Saints (Morman Church), and their policy on alcohol is zero, and I am 100% for that cause. But last night some of my non-Morman friends spiked my drink and I didn’t remember getting home that night and I woke up super early in the morning and was stomach sick until it was time for me to leave for softball which I ended up skipping, but I still left the house so my Mom didn’t think anything strange was happening(because if you know me you know that I don’t ever slip practice). At first I didn’t know what to do so I looked online and I have tried everything from pickle juice to cold/hot showers but I still have a killer headache and sensitivity to light and sound. I just got stomach sick again and it has been over 24 hours. It’s 2:30 AM here and I have to go to school in five hours! What do I do?!?!?!?

1:11 pm February 14th, 2012

Hello Guilty and Confused. Time will most likely resolve these symptoms. Some things that you can look into include SPECTA, a chalk-based drink to calm the stomach. Or ask a local pharmacy for other over-the-counter products which can help ease nausea. Ginger tea works for some people. So does mint tea. Here are some more ideas for using lemons to help cure a hangover:

6:02 pm February 28th, 2012

I went drinking with old friends Saturday night. I had four or five, and a half, drinks, rum and coke. I totally trusted my friends and have gone drinking with them before and never had so much as an awkward moment, let alone a problem, so I didn’t think much of my one friend wanting to order and pay for our drinks. He was the DD and I trusted he was looking out for our best interests. But then I felt like my friend was pushing the rest of us to drink more and more so I started to slow down my consumption and by the end of the night it was clear he had plans to take advantage of us being highly inebriated. It didn’t work out as he had planned but it’s the third day and I still feel hungover, although less so than yesterday. I have never had a hangover like this! Isn’t there anything I can do? Also, lesson learned, nobody can be trusted that much. I’ll stick to my two drink limit every time and order or make them myself. What a way to lose a friend after 20 years.

2:10 pm March 1st, 2012

Hi Confused. That sounds like a real disappointment. On top of the mega-hangover, you’re dealing with feelings of betrayal and confusion.

It might help to seek medical advice. Are you able to hold water down? Maybe you are dehydrated? Perhaps there are a few medical explanations for a longer hangover and you might benefit from scheduling an appointment with your GP.

3:21 am March 19th, 2012

Hi I went to a party last night and I only took about 4 shots of vodka and I passed out. I woke up with a terrible hangover that has lasted for a little more than 24 hrs. This is my first one and I didn’t know they could last this long. However, I really don’t remember anything besides a few memories. Why is it that you only remember certain moments but not all? Like I know why you black out but why those certain blurbs a person still remembers.

5:30 am March 19th, 2012

Hi Lizzy. That is a good question. While I am not certain of why the brain selects cretain moments to store in memory and does not store other moments, you can rest assured that it is still operating when we drink alcohol. Perhaps, as in sober memory making, the mind places importance on more intense, emotional or psychologically important moments to file into memory, and lets go of ordinary, functioning moments because it has to deal with the stress of coping with the physical effects of intoxication.

Perhaps you could address your question to a neurologist or even your primary doctor for a more precise explanation.

10:55 am March 31st, 2012

I woke up this morning with an awful hangover, I had 8 pints of lager last night so i know why! but I always wake up super early and can’t get back to sleep.

I have eaten, been for walk and drank loads of water a.nd now the hangover is slipping away its been 5 hours since I woke so its takes a while to go doesn’t it

1:23 pm April 1st, 2012

Hi Martin. Yes, I can relate. In the days when I was drinking, I would go to sleep around 2 or 3 and then wake up, like clock work, at 7. Since then, I have read that after drinking it is difficult to reach REM sleep, and that intoxication requires TIME to feel better. Also, it might be good to set out with a limit for drinks before you start…and stick to it.

4:49 pm April 2nd, 2012

I spoke with my doctor who recommended a blood test and there were traces of a drug in my system so it wasn’t just alcohol. I feel very betrayed and have lost an old friend in a truly devastating way. I guess that hangover wasn’t to be blamed on the drinking after all. Depressing.

6:37 pm April 2nd, 2012

Hi Confused. Yes, it sounds really disappointing. But at least you are in good health and the hangover has passed!

Bad day for jay
7:06 pm April 2nd, 2012

When I was younger I rarely got a hangover and it maybe lasted a few hours even after drinking half a bottle of jack. Now at 31 I can’t even have a few beers without a problem. I got wasted yesterday watching Flyers game (about 8 strong beers 7% abv and about 4 shots) by around 5pm and I’m still dizzy and headache is unreal. Was nauseous last night but can eat and drink now. Took Tylenol last night and want to take more but how much is unsafe after so much drinking??!! I know its bad for the liver.

4:43 am April 3rd, 2012

Hi Jay. Thanks for asking. That’s a great question.

The main active ingredient in Tylenol is acetaminophen. More than 1000 mg of acetaminophen at one time is technically an overdose and can cause liver damage if you consume this dose regularly.

Does this help?

11:39 pm May 4th, 2012

My boyfriend is having a terrible time with his hangover, usually I go to work an I make a chicken soup for him when I come back but this time he can’t even hold a sip of water, we drank a whole lot but for some reason I’m not hanging. I immediately ate after my binge an stopped but he didn’t eat? Is there anything I can do for him?

2:29 am May 6th, 2012

I’ve never had a hangover until today. Honestly, I’ve never really drank enough. Until last night… I drank a whole bottle of Cherry UV Vodka. I’ve never felt so awful. I woke up with a head ache so bad I didn’t wanna open my eyes.. And i’ve been nauseous for 12 hours now. I woke up at 10:30… threw up til around 12.. and even though I’m not vomiting anymore.. I’m as nauseous as ever. Any suggestions? I’ve taken some Pepto chewable (which taste horrible), with no results! Someone please help!!

7:37 am May 9th, 2012

I went out for a few drinks with my friend at about 11 PM 2 nights ago (technically, but for our purposes it would still be “last night.”) We did a number of shots and had a few beers, after which I went home. We stopped drinking at bar close, so 24 and half hours ago, and I still feel absolutely rotten. I’ve been throwing up stomach bile all day, and it seems that it just won’t stop. I don’t know anybody else who gets hangovers this bad.

1:26 pm May 9th, 2012

Hi Kellz. Sorry to hear about your boyfriend’s symptoms of hangover. They sound awful and make me grateful that I don’t drink anymore!

Nothing but time really is needed. But if he gets dehydrated, perhaps you might take him for an IV infusion so that he can get liquids into his system. And if the hangover persists for more than a day, or two…seek help from a medical doctor.

12:23 pm May 10th, 2012

Hello Whitney. You probably need to drink lots and lots of water to rehydrate your body. And you may even want to see a doctor to be sure that you have not poisoned yourself with alcohol. At a doctor’s office, you can also ask about over-the-counter remedies.

1:00 pm May 10th, 2012

Hi James. Each person reacts to alcohol differently. It just might be your body’s way of asking you to stop drinking. Or, it is possible that you’ve contracted a stomach virus or other illness on top of the hangover. Maybe you can see an MD and get the symptoms checked out.

2:26 pm May 10th, 2012

Hey there, I know its been a while (April 2nd) but thanks for answering. I did not go over 1000 mgs of Tylenol in a 6 hour period. Took 2000 mgs in a 12 hour period. Was afraid of overdose and have no medical insurance, yikes! I have been doing well at not getting wasted. Although memorial weekend is coming up… goodluck to everyone and please try your best to have a fun but SAFE summer!! Think BEFORE you drink!!!!! P.S. for all you girls out there, PLEASE KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR DRINKS as well as how many you drink. Stay smart and don’t be taken advantage of!!!!!!

5:38 pm May 21st, 2012

I rarely go out drinking or drink at all so when I do I go hard. This past Saturday I went out with some friends and did my normal drinking. Went to bed at 4am woke at 9am feeling sick as hell. I’ve never experienced a hangover before so this being my first one and the fact it’s lasted since then is strange to me. Still sick to my stomach (can’t manage to throw up even though I’d like to) nasty headache and no matter how much cold liquids i consume I can not get rid of this burning in my throat. (yes I know it’s heartburn) How much longer can this last for?

12:43 pm May 22nd, 2012

Hi Cj. I’ve personally experienced a 72 hour hangover before. But each person is different. To treat the heartburn, you might try eating some ginger or peppermint, or drinking herbal tea from ginger or peppermint. If you’re still feeling awful in another 24 hours, you might want to go to the doctor’s office and make sure that you haven’t gotten a cold, flu, virus or bacterial infection. It’s possible that the hangover may mask the real cause of feeling so badly.

8:53 pm June 10th, 2012

I dont drink much at all but I drank Friday night, i mixed gin,red wind and rum together. i was pretty drunk but i remember everything pretty clearly. its sunday now and i feel completely exhausted, i feel light headed and i feel slightly numb, i had about four hours of sleep friday night, saturday night i had 8 hours, i am not feeling like myself, i will be going to the doctors tomorrow if it doesnt get better is this a hangover still or am i sick

8:54 pm June 15th, 2012

Hi Natalia. It’s possible to have a 36-48 hour hangover, especially after mixing types of alcohol. How do you feel now?

2:16 am July 2nd, 2012

I’m 135lb, 5’7″ and a girl. Last night I took 9 shots of whiskey and got extremely wasted. I don’t drink too much, so this is only my second hangover and it has been completely awful. It has now been 21.5 hours since my last shot and I’m feeling extremely sick to my stomach. At about 4am this morning I woke up in a ton of puke. I remember throwing up about 5 times, but I passed out in the vomit again afterwards. I feel like absolute shit. When will this he’ll end?!?! Thank you!

1:41 pm July 3rd, 2012

Hello Jayde. You’ll need to give it some time. Hangovers don’t last much past 72 hours. However, if you find that you still have symptoms of nausea and vomiting in the next few hours be sure to intake fluids, or seek medical help (an IV fluid) to prevent dehydration. It sounds like, in your case, you may have gone through some acute alcohol poisoning. You are lucky that you were conscious enough to vomit to the side. Others have been drowned from their own vomit.

11:43 pm July 9th, 2012

All of my family have had alcohol problems at 1 time but i have only drunk 4 times in the last 8night year so saturdy night i drnk 4 sminoffs and probly atleast 15 shots of bacardi rum &to 2 can of miller in about. 3 or 4what hours well i i didnt pass out i had to make my self go to sleep and now its been almost 72forgot hous and i feel confused and im having stomach pain and i have diarea and a slight head ache i went to the emergency room and they sone a bunch of test and they said every thing looked fine do u think it will go a way and do u no what it is o and i weigh 175 and it feels like i forget every thing i do like every thing i type a min ago

11:51 pm July 9th, 2012

O and could this last forever like brain damage or somthing

12:26 am July 10th, 2012

Hello Phillip. Yes. An alcohol overdose or alcohol poisoning can lead to irreversible brain damage. Binge drinking episodes like the one that you describe can provoke these, but the damage comes from untreated severe dehydration. Did you seek or receive hydration when you asked for medical help? More info here:

5:35 pm July 10th, 2012

Hello all, on 4th of july I drank tequilla alot!!! Thought I was going to die the next day!!!! Had a hangover for about 3-day’s but, for six days I have had a headache is this normal???

1:29 am July 12th, 2012

Hi Lynn. No. It’s not normal to have a headache for six days after intoxication. It’s possible that you are dehydrated, or experiencing another medical condition. I’d suggest that you go and see a general or family doctor ASAP and seek a diagnosis to help you understand and treat this symptom.

12:11 am July 23rd, 2012

one word. pedialyte

8:15 pm July 27th, 2012

Okay so like last night I only drank a wine cooler with vodka, and possibly drank half a liter of vodka straight, and another fourth of a liter with OJ… My first ever hang over, dizzy, can’t keep anything down, not even water, its been like 14 hours, when should I attempt to put something in my stomach?

1:01 am July 28th, 2012

Hi Matthew. That sounds like a major alcoholic binge. No wonder you are feeling so poorly. It might help to get some IV fluids for dehydration. And drink ginger or peppermint tea for the nausea. But your body is having a severe reaction to drinking too much, so besides fluids….it might be good to wait until you are no longer nauseous to try to start eating again. You can also seek the help of a medical professional like a general practitioner MD for medical advice.

5:05 am July 29th, 2012

Last night i mixed some hydros and like 8 shots of vodka and i passed out around 330 am its now 12 am thr next day and my stomach has been absolutly killing me the whole day along with my head and ive tried naseau tablets but nothing helps what should i do?

11:42 am July 29th, 2012

Hi Shea. Mixing alcohol with opioids like hydrocodone is very dangerous and enhances the sedative effects of both. I’d suggest that you check with a doctor if the systems of stomach pain and nausea continue much longer than 24 hours. In fact, depending on how you feel….you may want to seek help immediately. It’s possible that a number of different treatments from antacid to ginger tea can help settle your stomach…but you’ll need a medical opinion and advice to be sure.

1:52 am July 30th, 2012

Last night was my first time drinking and me and my friends drank about half a bottle of southern comfort and a full bottle of cherry vodka. I went to bed at around 5:30 am and woke up at 1:30. I still felt drunk at that point and right now 7 and a half hours after walk up I still feel a bit drunk, disoriented, and feel bad. Is this normal?

11:14 am July 30th, 2012

Hi Caleb. Yes, it’s normal to feel disoriented and even intoxicated after binge drinking. You need to give the alcohol time to metabolize through your body, and be sure to drink plenty of liquids to prevent dehydration. An over the counter NSAID such as ibuprofen, aspirin or acetaminpohen might help you manage symptoms like headache, or general discomfort. Check with a pharmacist for hangover treatment options that might be right for you.

10:51 pm July 30th, 2012

Hey everyone, its Monday afternoon and I got drunk Friday night.I drank white wine lots of it.I feel better today but I have no type of enegry and I’m lazy ass hell .is this ok

2:16 am July 31st, 2012

Hi bodybuilder. Lethargy or lack of energy can be attributed to many different states of mind and health. If this feeling continues, you might want to see your physician or talk with a counselor about what’s preventing you from living an energetic, full life.

10:39 pm August 24th, 2012

I am a very social drinker but I don’t seem to know when to stop. Last night was my friends 21st, and I had about 5 half shots, a daquiri, and three cans of beer. I’m a female, 5’4, 120 lbs. Am I drinking too much? It’s 5 pm the next day, and I still feel sick…

4:44 pm September 5th, 2012

Hi Missbrightside. Moderate drinking is up to up to 1 drink per day for women. For women, heavy drinking is defined as consuming an average of more than 1 drink per day. For women, binge drinking is defined as 4 or more drinks on a single occasion, generally within about 2 hours.

So how much is too much?

More than 1 drink a day puts you at risk of developing alcohol abuse, dependence or alcoholism.

How do you compare with the national average?

Around 1 out of 6 people in the United States have a drinking problem. Among women who drink, 13 % have more than seven drinks per week.

Do you want to stop? That’s up to you. Please let us know what you think.

Max Bond
6:01 am September 9th, 2012

Hi I had maximum number of red wine the previous night i think more than 4 bottles…Usually I don’t drink these days….Previously i used to drink a lot that was 5 years back…Right now i am going through worst kind of hangover and stomache and its been more than 36 hours… should i be worried or see a doctor….

11:32 am September 9th, 2012

Hi Max. If your tolerance to alcohol has diminished, it’s possible that you may be experiencing the side effects of acute alcohol poisoning. I’d suggest that yes, you follow up with a doctor. Even if you’ve been feeling so poorly ONLY as the result of drinking too much, it will most likely ease your mind to have a medical opinion.

Max Bond
11:07 am September 10th, 2012

Thanks Admin will consider that…

8:33 am September 23rd, 2012

For DECADES I put up with with killer hangovers. I went through a period of years where I would lay on the floor all day and take Xanax the day after drinking heavily. I couldn’t go outside. I called these my “horizontal days”. I finally discovered a cure to hangovers. Don’t drink. I haven’t drank alcohol in almost 2 years. Good Luck.

Dingle Dangle
10:34 pm October 22nd, 2012

I sort of hit an early mid life crisis since I turned 40. I turn 44 this fall. I’ve had a terrible time giving up drinking. It’s strange how the human brain has such a great ability to FORGET how bad hangovers really can be. The trick is to create reminders to not let you forget. But be careful because these same reminders can also trigger your habit by being reminders of alcohol itself. Choose reminders that focus hard on the badness of your past hangovers. Maybe if you are having a hangover right now is the best time to write down how you are feeling, what your symptoms are, and how it’s negatively affected you life (missed days at work or school, etc). Anyway, it’s getting easier and easier for me to give up drinking but I have to confess that I have a hangover now. But I am having less and less of them as I purposely and constantly remind myself that it’s not worth getting drunk. Also getting drunk is over rated. Just when you reach your peak at feeling good it’s just a downwards spiral despite drinking more that night. Also most the people that I know that drink to excess really are not happy. They either fight, argue, get sad, mope, or end up in bad relationships while intoxicated. If you think of the economics of drinking (and I’m not talking about money) you will see a balance that your life is trying to play out. There is a huge price for just a couple hours of pleasure to counter that pleasure.

8:40 am October 24th, 2012

Hello Dingle Dangle. Thanks for sharing a very practical tip on living a sober life. You’re really describing the COST VS. BENEFIT of alcohol method which is outlined in the SMART Recovery Program. If you haven’t hear of SMART yet,…check them out. You might really like their practical self-help program (totally free) for stopping drinking. It’s a great alternative to the 12 steps, and advocates for health rather than total abstinence.

9:53 pm November 12th, 2012

Ok, so I had 5 beers on Friday night & a few sips (literally, didn’t even drink 1/4 of it) of a rum & coke. I probably didn’t need the 5th beer & definitely didn’t need the rum (which is why I didn’t drink it), but I wasn’t feeling wasted at all, just a lil buzzed at best. The next day, I felt terrible, super hungover & dizzy. I thought it was a lil strange for the hangover to be that bad, but didn’t think too much of it. I mean sometimes I’ve had bad hangovers without getting really wasted, but it’s usually from drinking on an empty stomach, not drinking any water, & drinking hard alcohol or red wine – none of which was the case this time. The oddest thing was that I was SUPER emotional and didn’t even know why. Now, 3 days later (ok 2 1/2), I still feel dizzy. Not unbearably, but I just feel a little off. I’m wondering if its possible I could have been drugged or something.. I’ve never had side effects like this from beer & have never had a hangover last this long, even when I’ve drank a lot more and mixed alcohols. Or could a female’s cycle influence alcohol effects? The emotional-ness could have been cuz it’s getting close to that time, but I only felt emotional when I woke up & it wore off as the day went on.

12:35 pm November 13th, 2012

Hi Jen. These are good questions. I’d suggest that you ask them to your family doctor or a medical professional. In terms of drugging, it’s possible that yes, something was slipped into your drink. You can find out more about possible drugging by taking a hair sample to a drug testing lab and asking that possible drug metabolites be isolated and identified within a certain date range. Good luck!

1:52 am November 23rd, 2012

Hi !

I gotta have the worst case of hangover in my life. For two days I drank about 8-9 beers per day. (im not sure if thiss is accurate I might lost count) Now I am feeling totally weak , my breath is shallow and a heart rate is very slow and my hands are shaking. I can’t sleep becaouse when I lie down my head spinns and I feel very uncomfortable. I feel exhousted and actually affraid Im gonna die. I also got this feeling like emptiness inside me. Please give me some advice how to ease down those symptoms I drink much water already … also will somking will make very much worse for me ?

3:36 pm November 27th, 2012

I went out on saturday,and I still have hangover, I only drunk 4 beers and didnt even get drunk. I had hangover on Sunday,and from Monday to Tuesday night I couldnt sleep almost all night cos I was feeling so bad. Today is Wednesday and Im still not feeling well. This is very unusual for me, and Im worry that this is something serious. I dont understand why I have hangover lasting almost 4 days,when I didnt even drink that much.

3:22 am December 15th, 2012

i am 44 and have done a lot of drinking over the years, most heavily in my 20s but had to slow down after 30 due to the increasing pain and duration of the hangovers. Anyhow, my brother got married 2 nights ago and I overdid it. started with brandy, had some vodka mixed drinks, rum, beer. It was a good time (Ron Jeremy was even there!) and I did not vomit but blacked out a bit, the next morning I felt awful. I went to work anyway, big mistake. I think the 30 minute car ride unsettled my stomach. I puked up some yellow bile 3 or 4 times, spent most of the morning lying on the floor in a back office, and went home a few hours early. Today I felt way better but still not great. I hope by tomorrow I’ll be back to reasonably normal. I know I really need to limit myself to two drinks and then everything would be fine. Those open bars are a curse.

6:12 pm January 7th, 2013

I am going through a terrible hangover right now… my head doesnt hurt anymore, but im sure that’s because im drinking a lot of water… It’s the longest hangover i’ve ever had.. not that i drink all the time or anything. I drank on saturday and today is monday and i’ve felt like im going to vomit all day, but there’s nothing in my stomach. Im not suppose to drink, im only 17, so maybe that’s where i went wrong….or maybe it was mixing drinks.. i didnt know that you arent supposed to mix light liquor with dark liquor and i drank a lot of vodka/whiskey mix… idk if that would make me feel more sick or not…

2:01 pm January 10th, 2013

Shay, your stomach should not still feel upset. take alka seltzer and or tums and try to eat something. Anything. Toast, cereal or just drink a glass of milk. you may have a stomach virus. Eat and see how you feel. You may just have to throw up and get somethin outta there that your body doesn’t agree with.

1:53 pm January 27th, 2013

i have work up fine just have some shakes from my binge wtf how long will this last lol

7:26 pm January 27th, 2013

On Tuesday night, I had two and a half shots of Johnny Walker, double black label. It’s a scotch whiskey. It was over the course of like three hours. I never got blasted, or even to the point I was sluring my words, but the next day around 10AM, I began vomitting and last night (Saturday night) was the first night I was able to hold anything down. I didn’t have a fever or any other flu symptoms. I’ve been sipping on water constantly, and drinking Emergen-C to restore my electrolytes. However, my stomach never really recovered. Four days seems a bit extensive. I typically drink maybe two or three times a month, and three shots is always my limit whatever it is I’m drinking. So, my body responding this way is quite alarming. Any thoughts?

9:33 am January 28th, 2013

Hi Shelly. It sounds like a stomach virus, if you’re vomiting so much. Have you been to see a doctor?

shell fish
8:04 am January 29th, 2013

Hi AB,
I really enjoy your blog you give safe and sound advice. Waiting to get to rehab and your blog is so much help.

2:19 pm January 29th, 2013

Hi shell fish. We’re glad to be of service to you. The very best of luck in rehab. It’s something new, which can always be scary, but is so worth it in the end!

12:35 am February 3rd, 2013

I had a alot to drink on a thursday, it was about 7-8 shots of Taka i belive but man its been about 2 days and i am feeling dizzy and a headache that makes me want to close my eyes and go to sleep ( at work with this ). I took something for the headaches and i sort of helped, but now i know i won’t do this again.

2:39 pm February 7th, 2013

I’ve been having 3-4 day hangovers for years, really brutal ones. Only this week I had to much to drink and have been crippled for the last 3 days with dehydration, pain in my kidneys and my eyes swollen, water retention. I would like to tell you all that it gets better, but it doesn’t , the older you get, the longer and more painful the hangovers will get. I am quitting this time as I look and feel like I’ve been run over by a truck, takes the fun out of drinking don’t you think?

Good luck to you all, drink is a curse, stop before you do permanent damage.

7:59 pm February 11th, 2013

I am on day 3 of a vicious hangover. This is the first time I have gone into day 3 with one. Pretty damn scary, really. I hadn’t had a drop of alcohol in 2 weeks (a long time for me!) and then last Friday night, I arrived in Reno, NV. Uh oh!! Free booze when you’re playing, and only $1.50 for a beer when you’re not. I should have known I was in trouble. I had my first beer at about 5:00 PM, and I don’t remember a thing after about 9:00 PM. I woke up in my hotel room about 6:00 AM the next morning, in agonizing pain. How I got back to my hotel room is a mystery. I have no recollection of that. Strangely, I now had several hundred dollars more than what I brought with me in the first place. Apparently I am a good drunk player. Anyway…I haven’t had hardly any food since lunch on Friday (it’s now Monday afternoon) because my stomach just can’t handle it. Therefore, in addition to the regular hangover symptoms, I am definitely malnourished right now. This is pure misery. 100 times worse than any flu I have ever had.

Isn’t drinking fun??? :(

3:09 pm February 23rd, 2013

So I went out with my friends to a house party on wednesday (we’re on a break from school), and I drank about 6 drinks with bacardi and soda, 7 or 8 shots of bare bacardi and a cider. This is my second time being drunk and I’ve never had hangover before.. Today it’s saturday and it’s been around 50 hrs since i drank, and I’ve had nausea all the time.. I havent puked or anything but it feels like i have to after eating. The first 24 hrs i barely eat anything or drank for that matter because it was hard to keep it down. Is this normal and will it go away soon? and what do i have to do to speed up the process?

11:35 pm February 23rd, 2013

Hi , My 18 yr old Daughter stayed at her friends last night and she ended up drinking alcohol last night . She got so sick that she called me to come get her and admitted to drinking . She said she was drinking something called red berry amsterdam and she drank alot of it. She has been throwing up for 13 hr’s . She was drinking gingerale and water but she keeps vomiting it up. Right now she is laying with a cold rag on her head and hasnt vomited in about an hour so i’m hoping that its over but if not and she does get sick again , is this normal or should i take her to the er ?

2:31 pm February 25th, 2013

Hi Mary. Yes, you may want to take her to see a doctor, especially if she is very dehydrated and cannot keep anything down. She may need an IV drip for fluid intake. While a normal and expected outcome of excessive binge drinking, dehydration can become a medical problem if left untreated. Or, try administering hydration salts (you can buy them over-the-counter). They taste awful, but will replenish and balance her body’s fluids and minerals. At any rate, call for a medical opinion and take action based on a professional’s advice. Good luck!

9:18 pm March 9th, 2013

i have been drinking for a year just at weekend i had several hangover but it just last a few hours but everything goes to normal a gain last week i had nasty hangover that still lasting for a week [till writing this] it was nasty at first but now it is a bit mild i feel something up normal in my head [mild headache with a sound of a[ heeesss ] i am worried a permanent damage has happiend any advice

anony mouse
7:12 pm March 20th, 2013

I drank some heaven hill last night with my friends. I don’t remember how much I had but around 2 AM i was on the floor. I haven’t thrown up in years, but last night and today I’ve thrown up around 5 times. My head doesn’t hurt, but if i move to fast i get a little light headed. I’ve never had a hangover before and i’m really worried. Any suggestions that could help?

12:26 am March 31st, 2013

my mom is trying to figure out what she’s sick with. her symptoms are: extreme pinching in her stomach, nausea, fatigue and body aches. She did go out last night, but she says if it’s a hangover she’s never had one this bad. she’s not thrown up, she doesn’t have a fever or a headache, and she did go to the gym yesterday as well which could be causing the stiffness and pinching in her core. hangover or flu?

6:19 pm March 31st, 2013

Hi, I stopped drinking into the early hours of friday morning, was drinking all night, vodka cans everything. i felt hungover the day after, and now it’s sunday, and i still feel (dizzy and lightheaded) its not as bad as yesterday, but still there. Also, I’m a but concerned because I don’t know wether the dizzyness is from the drink, or… i ended up banging my head that night, into my friends head, lol. don’t ask, i had a small lump, and it felt a little bruised, the bruised feeling is going now, it’s been about 48 hours since it happend. Do you think i might have concussion?

1:51 am April 1st, 2013


5:50 am April 3rd, 2013

In the last couple of years my hangovers after binge drinking have started to last 48 hours before I start to recover. I can’t sleep. I get hot and then cold and sweaty then cold then hot again. I can’t hold water down and I’m not interested in trying to eat food. I have even started to get suicidal thoughts during these bouts with alcohol. I’m sure I am using the alcohol to treat a depression which then gets much worse when I’m hungover, but for some stupid reason I just can’t quit the binge drinking. When I am out doing it, drinking, dancing, talking, and having fun it seems to be such a great thing, but then instead of drinking 3 or 4 drinks, I end up drinking 13 or 23 or who knows how many after you have had that much.

I don’t have any help for anyone, but I can say that I have been there and I feel better on my own after 48 hours or so.

9:41 pm April 11th, 2013

Why does drinking & laughing trump being smart? I know I suffer severe hangovers, but I never think of it during the night. I just keep on till its way too much for me. I drink the same as friends, & they are mildly hungover/tired, but I am sick sick sick! I could give myself a 2 drink rule, but I would forget the rule. Dummy.

8:31 am April 23rd, 2013

I drank about 10 pints on Friday night, and it’s now Tuesday and I still feel like I am dying, I got shortness of breath since Saturday and complete exhaustion, this happens every time I drink now. I feel like I am going to pass out. I think I’ve developed a alcohol intolerance. Never used to have these problems until a few years ago.

I got to stop drinking, I wouldn’t wish these hangovers on anyone. It’s like a nightmare you can’t wake up from

6:24 pm May 8th, 2013

at last night i wass drinking som beers and i taked over i wass noysy and out of controll , and when i waked upp i feel kida dissy and my head wass hurting , but now is like 14 hour seens i waked opp and now im a little wooried abaut the hangover whill it go away ???? :;(

9:46 pm May 31st, 2013

OMG I had too much wine last night and it was crappy wine and I have never felt so awful in my life. I am sitting at work about to puke every five seconds, my head is pounding, I have the shakes, and I want to crawl into a hole and maybe just live there forever and never drink again. Why do we do this to our bodies?!

5:24 am June 4th, 2013

What they don’t tell you. Binge drinking only on Fridays is harder on your body than drinking steadily through the week. I partied hard on weekends and now at 42 I developed alcoholic peripheral neuropathy. Burning tingling hands and feet that won’t go away, and make it impossible to sleep. Now I have a chronic panic disorder too after years of being a confident speaker.

10:19 pm June 10th, 2013

On friday i ended up drinking way to much and throwing up, i noticed there was a little blood in my vomit so i woke up the next morning shaking feeling dizzy sweating and nauseated so i decided to go to the doctor to make sure everything was ok. The doctor said i probably popped the blood vessels in the back of my throat and thats where the blood is from. But now it is monday and i still feel awful, i cant eat without feeling sick and i have no energy. Whats wrong with me.

8:03 pm June 11th, 2013

I very much dislike getting “shit faced” some would say i rather have a social drink when going out with friends every once in a while Friday happened all to fast but im still feeling like my stomach isnt the same

5:09 pm June 16th, 2013

Hi All, I went out last night had a few cocktails and sambucas also had some wkds and i feel like s**t!!, also got charged with breach of the peace which is really bad and got a £40 fine!, alcohol is not worth it just stop drinking i am, i knew last night that going out was a bad idea but done it anyway, i have a sore head, unsettled stomach, cant eat, i generally just feel tired (but cant sleep) and feel wierd to be honest, i also have HIGH very high levels of health anxiety as i have problems with anxiety when i dont drink and i have found the next day my anxiety ”hits the roof” i honestly feel so dissapointed in myself i wish the government would just ban the stuff its soo not worth it. I am just going to avoid it i mean its pure evil alcohol.. for all you who are suffereing from a hangover then the only thing that will heal it is time and sleep and eating nothing else helps it whatsoever… my hangover been all day and it now 6pm at night and im starting new job tommorow and my hangovers usually last for several days alongisde a week or two of high anxiety and feeling depressed = NOT WORTH IT !! for a few hours of fun

7:32 pm June 26th, 2013

im on my third day and i was woundering if i should go to the hospital?

11:08 am June 28th, 2013

Hi Nelson. Yes, seek medical help if a possible hangover does not resolve after a day, or two. It’s possible that another medical condition may be present.

9:19 pm August 19th, 2013

Hello, I drank 750ml of Vodka, Im not a alchoholic. Im 16 years old, I was stupid wanted to have some fun with my friends. Its been 4 days in total, I STILL feel like shit. I have sweats, I can barly eat, and I get a headache that’s been going on for 3 days, I even had diarrhea for 2-3 days that was totally green/yellow/water at one point. I just don’t feel the same I felt before I drank. Its starting to scare me, Please reply to my email address thank you so much.

3:15 pm August 21st, 2013

Hi, everyone. I had a crazy weekend drank fri, sat & sun. the last day only ate a snack and drank the whole day. Mon I woke up and I thought I need it to eat something so I got some soup. But my stomach couldn’t take it it didnt want to go down my throat. I felt my stomach with a really bad burning sensation. My chest felt like congested felt dizzy, shaky and sweating. I thought I was going to die. Couldn’t sleep. I had 2 meals yesterday felt a bit better but last night I woke up to a stinging sharp headache. I had hangovers before but not this bad. I took an aleve it took a while to go away. Fell better now this morning but my appetite is not back yet. What can I do am scared.

8:18 pm September 24th, 2013

I used to be able to put away a twelve pack and a fith of whiskey in one night , now that I’ve gotten older I have noticed if
I drink only 6 or seven pints I have a hang over,
Is this because of liver damage or just aging I’m 55 ,
Getting old sucks !

11:53 am October 21st, 2013

On Saturday night, I drank 1 and a half bottles of rose wine, and on Sunday, I vomited 13 times, 11 times at my work at night, and twice more when I came home, and I couldn’t even keep water down and ended up vomiting green bile. Its now Monday and I still feel absolutely awful, I keep shaking and I feel really dizzy and nauseous still. Is this normal to experience a hangover this bad? I never ever usually drink as much as that.

6:17 am December 23rd, 2013

My boyfriend has never thrown up from alcohol before. He has had little hangovers which only included a headache and he would be fine the next day. Then yesterday was his 22nd birthday. He drank beer, like he normally does, then he had a shot, and he never drinks shots. He threw up 6 times in the car and he wanted to drink a lot of water today and not eat. I think that he will be fine by tomorrow, but am I wrong?

winnie and the kitties
8:45 am December 26th, 2013

he will be a ok just a little sock to the increase in strength of alchohol! so he just got hit a little harder and stronger

Lauren becks
6:32 pm December 30th, 2013

Hi, I recently went out and drank my usual wine, a bottle with dinner and in the evening. Was then invited out and had another bottle but this is where it gets fuzzy. I don’t know what I drank after that bottle I remember leaving my glass on the side of the bar! I then blacked out completely waking up on the floor of the pub & apparently getting violet (I am not a violet person at all and would never hurt a fly) I then had to be escorted out the pub which then as my mates put me in the car my body went completely limp and had three of them to get me in (I’m not big girl 5ft 5 and 9 stone) the next day I didn’t have a hangover at all and no munchies (very very unusual for me) and was completely put off my food. When told what happened I was mortified and still trying to remember what happened!! Never before have I passed out and blacked out and if I did drink that much to do so I would of thought I would of at least have a headache!!! Can anyone help?

12:02 am December 31st, 2013

My roomate is currently going through the worst hangover I’ve ever seen. She came in last night after drinking at a party/bar, at 10:30 pm, and then started vomiting and hasn’t been able to keep anything down, or stop vomiting since then. It’s now 4:00pm the next day, 17 1/2 hours later. She’s still vomiting/dry heaving about every five minutes right now. I’ve gotten her bananas, coconut water, and pedialyte, but she still can’t keep anything down. It hasn’t been 24 hours yet, but at what point should she go to the doctor/hospital? Would Doctors on Duty be able to handle this or should we go straight to the ER?

11:18 am December 31st, 2013

Hi Steve. I’d suggest that you call her primary physician, report the symptoms, and seek advice. If it’s not possible to get in touch with the family doctor, call the emergency room. If you suspect dehydration, she may need an IV drip. But seek medical help immediately. You can also call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for advice. Best of luck to you both.

AJ Simkatu (@Simkatu)
1:49 pm December 31st, 2013

@Steve — If she isn’t throwing up blood then I would continue to wait. Keep trying pedialyte. Just a few tablespoons at a time. If her condition gets worse then see a doctor. No need for ER unless she is throwing up blood. Dehydration is a concern but you can go a couple of days without water.

6:58 pm January 1st, 2014

Hi, thank you! She finally subsided in her nausea about 18 hours in. Shes awesome now.

7:02 am January 2nd, 2014

So last night was new years and I drank 3 and a half beers and had 7 shots if vodka. In only 1 hour. Today I felt like complete crap. I could not eat at all today. Be careful of your pace. It definitely makes a huge difference. Drink allot of water if this happens. My hangover still hasnt went away and.its been 24 hours already…

11:56 am January 3rd, 2014

I drunk a mixture of drinks a couple of nights ago I woke up the next morning sick then started shaking over the next day and today I’m still shaking but not as bad and my stomache hurts?

12:05 am January 4th, 2014

It was New Years and I drank a lot… I also smoked weed. The next dunicojldnt eat it drink until night time evacuee EVERYTIME I drank water is get even more light headed. Well it’s already been 3 days and I am still light headed and I can not focus.. I’m wondering if this is normal? I drank a lot but I feel like I didn’t drink enough to e feeling this way BEAUSE I didn’t pass out or throw up. What COULS be wrong?

6:01 pm January 18th, 2014

Lauren — my sister had a similar experience a couple of years ago. We suspected she might have been slipped something in her drink, but we don’t know for sure. She was drunk, but not too bad off, then disappeared. We found her in the drunk tank a few hours later, and she got belligerent and tried to fight our mum. An hour later she came to and had no memory, and no hangover. If she was drugged, it sounds like the same substance was used on you.

6:43 am February 4th, 2014

So I’m not a heavy drinker, I occasionally do a shot or drink a few glass of wine, nothing much, last Saturday I had maybe about six drinks, started throwing up, passed out when I came home, got up threw up again n went back to sleep. I had soup, and drink half gallon of coconut water as well as water to flush my system, here we are Monday night and I’m still feeling nausous and dizzy and had headaches earlier, why is that? Shouldn’t this hangover stopped by now or is it something else?

5:26 am February 6th, 2014

I found when during a hangover..eating salads and fruits vegies and soup only is the best and healthiest foods for one because they all contain water so the more wayer consumption the better:)

9:07 am February 9th, 2014

I drank two nights in a row.. For a wedding and my hang over just started today and I can’t seem to eat or drink and I’m really shaky I tried eating and drinking countless amounts of water but it won’t stay in :( I’m about to go to emerg I’m wondering if that’s a waste of time but I’m so hungry I’m shaky and weak

9:31 am February 9th, 2014

I’m 5’8″ 20 years old and I can’t breathe while I puke everything out :( what do I do??? I tried Advil but that couldn’t stay down! It’s been more then a day now and i can’t sleep

6:44 pm February 9th, 2014

Hi there, i’m only 19 (from the uk so allowed to drink at this age)and am going through a hangover now as i type this. The average time for my hangovers to last is 24 hours. Is this normal at my young age?

8:42 am February 24th, 2014

I’m 23 years old and I had a drink on Saturday, drank vodka and coke but I only had a banana and a packet of crisps, it’s now Monday and I haven’t eat anything yet never had a hangover this bad in my life! My boyfriend thought is been spiked the amount I was throwing up but I only had a drink with my friend! Never again I don’t normally drink vodka and I’m not a big drinker but I’ve never had a hangover longer than 1 day!

11:27 am February 26th, 2014

I am 38 years old and I drink alcohol up to four times a year. When I was younger I drank and partied a lot more but the hangovers became more and more severe, so I thought several times if I wanted to drink at all. Last Saturday I had my birthday and I drank many shots (maybe 5 or 6) of pure Smirnoff vodka. Since my body is not used to alcohol, it is no wonder that I started vomiting and went to “sleep”–i.e. passed away at 11 PM. The next day I spent vomiting, unable to keep any liquid in and the worst part lasted up to 6 PM. Now, 4 days after the party, I STILL feel like I’ve dropped on my head. I feel dizzy, tired, forgetful, low. I cannot go to gym or function normally. Why is that? Has my liver stopped dealing with alcohol? Is my blood thick? I understand that I must not even drink four times a year, since the hangovers are so bad and alcohol does not good to me. But why can other people drink and I cannot?

6:26 pm March 13th, 2014

Then it gets worse, youll drink even more and more for a long while till you tolerance becomes out of the wolrd. We are talking crazy abouts of booze. Pints at a time. Then it starts taking less amd less to get drunks – you are the psoriasis phase here.

10:40 pm April 7th, 2014

I celebrated my 19th birthday on saturday and had 2 coolers and 5 shots of tequila. i had lots of bread and water before bed and all yesterday i felt like i was gonna die, it started off with nausea when i woke up and then changed to just a really sore stomach. it physically hurts. still drinking water… LOTS of water, is there any advice out there for my stomach pain?

6:40 am April 12th, 2014

So I am not a stranger to a bad hangover. Do I get them all the time, no, I do not. Wednesday night though, I went out with some friends. I had 4 bottles of Smirrnoff ice, half a liter of red wine before going out. I had two more glasses of wine when I went out, then switched to Beer, had about 5 of those, Normally I do not mix this bad, I went home from the bar, and drank the rest of the wine, which was a 1 L bottle, so half of it before and half after all what I had out.
This was Wednesday night, I didn’t get to bed until about 7am Thursday morning, I had steak and eggs before going to bed, I figure it would help any hangover I was going to endure. Drank some water and went to bed. I slept most of the day got up, had something to eat, was in rough shape. Went back to bed that evening around 9:30 and slept until 8am..friday morning, I got up had breakfast, drank fluids, Still felt way off. It’s 3:40am Early Saturday morning now.. and I am still feeling all weird and kinda messed up from it. Is this possible? I have had hangovers that, the first day I am in rough shape, the next day tired, and basically burnt out a bit, but never like that. It’s like a messed something up inside of me permanently this time, it’s a weird feeling. Been eating fine, started putting the water to myself even more all day friday except for when I slept. I dunno, what is it?

Kaashvi Nair
6:58 am May 28th, 2014

I stopped drinking 7 hours ago. Ive slept for 45 mns. I still feel drunk. Why? Am i dying? Or should i start drinking again? Oh and i drank vodka whiskey and baileys. The baileys was really good!

5:54 am June 2nd, 2014

So last night about eleven. I got four mikes harder limonaid. A couple of sips of four loco. Then decided to mix a third of a four loco with my mikes. Then my mikes got low so I pored son rum in. Here it is the next night and I feel like shit. I slept till 4pm and had some bread and peanut butter. But I feel very queesy and I’m scared. I’ve been drunk before but never felt like this. It is now 10:30. What should I do?

9:46 pm June 19th, 2014

I’ve drank for bout three days straight and decided ok that’s enough now laying in bed sweating like hell I puked today stomach hurts I can’t eat but I am able to keep water down ugh I fucking hate hangovers think I would learn not to do this to myself someone help me cure this lol

1:58 am June 23rd, 2014

Im only 16 and last night until about 1am i did nothing but drink and smoke at my friends birthday party. It was for at least 9 hours doing both. We were mixing drinks and I was drinking straight Vodka. I just feel really dizzy and like discombulated in a way. Will this feeling go away soon???

4:36 pm June 23rd, 2014

I had 3 beers and 3 glasses of rosie wine on saturday its now monday evening and i feel terrible but i wasnt too bad yesterday wtf can anyone help???

2:43 am June 25th, 2014

Hey, I’m only 16 and last night was the first night i ever got really drunk. Basically i drank about half a bottle of red wine and then a few sips of peach schnapps and patron. I’m pretty sure it was the worst decision of my entire life. I puked six times and even now, a good 18 hours after I stopped drinking, moving too fast makes me feel like I’m gonna puke. Just the thought of alcohol is making me sick. I will not be drinking anytime soon. I will say that for some odd reason “cheez it’s” and “mountain dew” made me feel a lot better (after i started keeping stuff down). Drinking is not my thing after all.

9:06 pm June 29th, 2014

I got plastered last night which is a rare thing for me to do. But I’m in college, I had a shitty week, and I decided I was going to go out. There has been only one other time I did this and that was also pretty bad, but this one is just a continuous headache and nausea but without vomit. I wish I could puke, it would probably be better for me. My blood sugar is dropping, but I can’t eat. And I’m so dehydrated but the taste of water makes me wanna gag. I wish I just had like a bag of normal saline to use as an I.V. This is so awful. Its been almost 24 hours since I first started drinking. I just wish it would stop! :(((

12:04 am July 4th, 2014

I’m 16, smoked two nights ago and decided I wanted to drink for the first time, I took four shots of mixed stuff and I have had an on and off feeling of being lightheaded and out of it for two days. When will this go away? And is it a normal feeling?

12:05 am July 6th, 2014

Last night was my second time drinking. I had svedka vodka and Arnold Palmer. I have been puking all day, I can’t keep anything down not even water. I’m so dizzy and my heart is racing and I can’t stay calm to sleep or relax. I throw up everytime I lay down or eat/drink. I’ve never felt worse in my life. I’ve tried to eat greasy foods but they don’t stay down. I am out of ideas and just want to feel better :(

6:26 am July 8th, 2014

I went out to a friends party drank three small strawberitas, then I took about two shots of vodka and played beer pong. I’m pretty light weight so you can say I was drunk. When I got home I threw up and went straight to bed. Didn’t wake up until 12 pm the same day, I had a stomach ache and a head ache, I also felt very dizzy. I laid in bed for awhile, watched some TV then decided to order pizza. I ate a couple slices, but I felt awful for the rest of the day. I have never had such horrible stomach pains. I slept most of the day but kept waking up. It hurt so much! Around 10pm I threw up again.. And A LOT. So I decided to go to the store and buy some Gatorade as well as pedalyte, hoping to feel better. I kept drinking that for a couple hours. Woke up the next day still in a lot of pain, I had a little bit of rice and chicken for lunch and kept drinking the stuff I got. I called out of work…I couldn’t even walk. I’ve been in bed all day, it’s my second day still with this pain. I can’t take anymore but I don’t want to see a doctor I would have to tell my parents I was drunk (I’m 18). Someone help pls!

11:36 am July 10th, 2014

My boyfriend has been drinking for a few days now, and has been vomiting for 2 days. How he’s complaining that his stomach and scrotum hurts when he pees and after. What is the cause for this?

6:54 am August 2nd, 2014

My husband is drinking but refuses to pack it in he is drinking brandy and shandys. He is hot sweating, vomiting cannot eat. OR refuses to eat and pack in drinking brandy

6:05 am August 3rd, 2014

Oh my god ..I drank for two days and I feel horrible I ache all over I think I fractured my wrist..Ive got a headache and I dont know how I got home..I had my bike with me and I think I fell off a couple palms are all scraped up ..seriously I feel and look like I got hit by a car..I think the cops talked to me but I have no recolection id was in my front left pocket this morning so thats a good indicator that I was talked to by police..This hangover is terrible….

9:17 pm August 3rd, 2014

First time I drank on 1st august to such an extent I drank 13 shots of vodka and mixed shots of tequila, Jack Daniels and gin. I’m onto 36 hours with my hangover, I feel extremely light headed, numb; I can’t think or concentrate, I feel anxious, depressed, really really guilty, and really regretful. I just feel not in control of my own brain. Should I go see my GP?

9:11 am August 15th, 2014

I drank 4 ciders and 1 beer the night before last I drank them all within an hour and it caused me to pass out and be very ill. I felt so sick yesterday and had a small headache, but I’ve woken up this morning still feeling sick and a thumping headache. I’m only small bodied and it’s only my fourth time drinking and the heaviest I’ve ever drunk when will this end cus it’s awful and I feel like it’s never going to?

5:20 am August 17th, 2014

So idk if I have a hangover or what….I drunk half a cup of orange juice and gin with table salt around 5am….it’s now 1am of the next day and my head still hurts….is this weird ?

7:12 pm August 18th, 2014

I’ve had this hang over for 4 hours now wanting to puke, had saltines crackers and water , hangover anxiety, nasuea, dizziness, worked up courage drink wkiskey last night.. vow to never drink again. I lay multiple places outside, trying to comfort myself. I can’t sleep and I’m uncomfortable every where I go. God help me.

6:18 am August 19th, 2014

I got buzzed for the first time Saturday. But the next day I felt like I was going to vomit everywhere but, I have heard this is very common. But it is now Tuesday and I still feel like I am going to vomit. I don’t know why though. Please if you know what could possibly be wrong can you tell me!!

6:36 am August 19th, 2014

If it helps I only drank a shot of whipped cream vodka, a glass of vanilla vodka with coke, a shot of red wine, a glass of pickle juice and vodka and then three and a half of jack Daniels cherry limeade flavor.. But I know for a fact the I was not drunk, I was only buzzed. The next morning I felt like I had to vomit but I never did. I drank Saturday night and like I said it is now Tuesday and I still have the feeling that I need to vomit.

10:00 am August 27th, 2014

Hi,I went out last friday took about 5 to 6 bottlesof black lable lagers, I blacked out In the club I also remember puking twice before leaving the the club and when I woke up the next morning. I had a terrible hang Over the all day, surprisingly its day 5 and I still feel dizzy and losing concentration at work especially in the morning.

12:18 pm August 28th, 2014

Hello, I keep gagging and going to throw up but I never actually vomit. I have no other symptoms and I can sill eat properly. I have taken days of work as I am scared of throwing up on the customers. I was out Saturday night drinking but my hangovers usually only last for 1 day can you offer any advice?

12:08 pm September 5th, 2014

I took my scoot up for a ride and met my friend for lunch around noon on Sunday. I drank Leo beer all afternoon about 8 bothies then went to the candy store and drank until 12 so had a 12 hour session. I think about 20 bottles anyway I’ve had a hangover for 96 hours – never never again

Alex Edmiston
12:48 am September 14th, 2014

When I binge drink for a week or two, even with just beer, my hangover lasts 4 to 5 days. The severity decreases over time, but the symptoms still suck until about the 5 days of not drinking at all. Until then, no appetite (but I force myself to eat and drink a lot of water), my brain doesn’t work well, I feel introverted and avoid seeing people, I turn off my phone, I feel depressed, I don’t sleep well and wake up in cold sweats, my eyes hurt, I don’t feel like doing anything at all except lay in bed. I realize I need help with my drinking problem in general, but what might make a hangover last that long? I didn’t get them like this when I was younger. I get annual health exams and everything comes out fine.

11:10 pm September 21st, 2014

I am still having a hangover I drank a mixture of drinks all 35% or more alcohol volume…it was my first time ever getting drunk I have bruises on my head neck and back from falling and I took a few falls in a HOT TUB I’m still cleaning my throw up from my carpet and couches it was fun til I blacked out.

6:48 pm September 23rd, 2014

So I’m 15 and I got really I drank half a bottle of wild Turkey some crown and smoked some weed in the same night I feel like shit and have been throwning up for 3 days what do I do?

10:09 am September 28th, 2014

I work in a pub and didnt finish until 9pm. I had three drinks and had to go home. I was violently sick, shaking and headache. I went to sleep and didnt wake up once whch is weird for me as i wake 3-4 times a night. This morning i am even worse. Any suggestions?

2:02 pm September 28th, 2014

Hi. Myex husband is an alcoholic. He says is on a controlled detox…which he as been on since June.. i.e 4 months now. He keeps messing up which is why he is still detoxing. He says he is drinking 300 ml of vodca everyday at this point. My concern is him taking our children in his car with him….so I gave bought a breathalyzer to check his blood alcohol levels. Today he arrived 11am having claimed to only gave drink 250ml of vodca last night. His blood alcohol level was 0.55mg at 11.30am. I would let him take the children in his car so he walked them to the park instead. 3 hours later he had a blood alcohol level of .25mg. I still felt ready about him driving the children but he said he was below the legal driving limit and was therefore fine. He was however getting ratty and his mood was clearly irritable. I feel confused by what do in this situation. My children’s safety is the most important thing. How see are they if he is under the legal limit of 0.35mg but clearly was drinking large amounts the night before? Should I be taking more into consideration than just the breathalyzer readout? I think he is lying to me about him much he is drinking because his high reading at midday the next day makes me think he must have drunk more than 250ml the night before. He has admitted to drinking more tan a litre in the recent past..everyday. any advice can you give me about alcohol metabolism and his stare of mind for driving will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

2:04 pm September 28th, 2014

Is it safe to price with a hangover even if mood alcohol levels are within legal driving limits?

Ivana @ Addiction Blog
12:43 pm September 29th, 2014

Hi Tia. What did you drink? Do you take any medications? If so, it might be the mix of the two that made you feel sick. Othervise…a food posioning, perhaps?!

11:25 am September 30th, 2014

I had 3 single smirnoff and coke. I hadnt taken any medication at all. Still 3 days after and i still feel really sick.

10:00 am October 5th, 2014

I was drinking last night to kinda release stress and got carried away …..I ended up throwing up and this morning I wake up, and my stomach is killing me and I can barrel stand the light. Also I have random bumps and bruises from dribbling around !! Worst decision I’ve made. I new my limit an I broke my own promise not to drink over it !!

7:47 am October 11th, 2014

I used to drink about 8-12 cans of cider every night and be ok the next day however I recently (2 weeks ago) quit drinking on weekdays and packed in the fags, joined the gym and felt fab!!! A couple of days ago I went to pub to celebrate with a friend and had 6 pints and 5 fags!! I woke up yesterday feeling like death and had a very lethargic day feeling queezy with a banging headache, ate loads drunk plenty water went to bed early and I’ve woke this morning and my head is still pounding!! Any ideas?? Is it cause I quit for 2weels and my body doesn’t like that I had a binge!! Lol Urrrggghhh x

2:56 pm October 13th, 2014

Hi, I had a few mixed drinks on Saturday night, then threw up before bed. I have drank more in the past and was very confused as to why I was sick. I would up Sunday morning (yesterday) and threw up multiple times until I had the dry heaves because there was nothing left in my system. I have felt nauseous since Sunday morning and now it is Monday morning (more then 24 hours have past). What should I do?

11:51 pm October 16th, 2014

Tuesdaynight I drank about a half liter of bourbon with diet coke mixer, Wednesday I was so horribly nausea and headache could never throw up, was down all day, today Thursday better but still some head ache and a couple of times today have had burning after urination, have been a drinker for years and never this bad of hangover, I turned 56 this summer and it seems every year hangovers get worse, I think it’s time to quit.

9:42 pm October 27th, 2014

I drank whiskey for the first time and I’m still hung over from Saturday night my stomach feels weird and head still feels light and mixed drinks with gin and Jack Daniels help?

2:46 am October 31st, 2014

On Saturday, I went to a club and because I knew I would drink, I ate a large dinner before going out that night. I mixed drinks but did not drink much (2 shots of fireball whiskey, 1 Yeager & tonic, & 1 rum & coke). That night I vomited & continued to vomit on Sunday-all day. I am no longer vomiting but since Monday I have nausea, lightheadedness, and extreme fatigue to the point of having to call in sick from work. It is now Thursday and I am still experiencing these symptoms almost a week later. Can a hangover last this long?

2:46 pm November 15th, 2014

i started drinking at 11 pm & I’ve been vomiting off & on for the past 7 hours it’s almost 7 a.m. & I still feel like vomiting & I can’t hold anything down. the fact of ingesting anti of makes me sick PLEASE HELP I FEEL AWFUL & I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO

5:26 pm November 15th, 2014

I drank a lot last night and now I have the worst hangover. My handss are shaking and I feel very nauseous but I haven’t thrown up.

Ivana @ Addiction Blog
2:03 pm November 17th, 2014

Hi Heather. Your stomack is upset from the drinking, which is not dangerous and will pass. However, you are at risk of dehydration from the vomiting and not holding fulids down. Do you have anyone to take you to the ER, you will feel much better after a saline infusion.

4:52 pm November 25th, 2014

Okay so i had some vodka on saturday.. i cant really tell the amount since we bought a bottle and poured some in a glass and mixed it with coke or sprite.. we just poured a bit into the glass.. it wasnt much.. i drank like three of those. In the end up i ended up throwing up and just lpsing control. I hadnt drank water thay day or the day before at all. The next day at home i jist kept craving food and i was really drowsy. I figured the craving was my bodys way of telling me it needed fpod to absorb the remaining alcohol and i figured the whole drowsiness was because of travel and lack of sleep. But its been pretty much three days now and i still feep drowsy and tired. I feel out of it like im sick. But i dont have a headache and i dont feel nauseaus and i dont feel like i need to throw up. I just feel out of it. Like nothing seems clear. I dont know how to explain it. Also i had a whole cigrt after my last shot. And ive been on an emotional roller coaster. I cant seem to get a hold on myself. What is going on? Is it possible to stay kinda drunk for a few days or something? And im still craving food!ive been eating accordingly too.

3:22 am November 30th, 2014

Ok so I Drank about 6 to 7 beers on thanksgiving. …lately I’ve noticed I’ve been drinking every other day (about 6 to 7 beers)…it’s Saturday and still feel dismount and palpitations, I feel like I’m going to have an anxiety attack…what should I do

4:15 pm December 3rd, 2014

I drank too much Saturday night but not more than others at the party. I passed out around 4 am and didn’t get out of bed for the next 27 hours (except to run to the bathroom). I finally forced myself up Monday morning but felt hungover all day and now it’s Wednesday morning and I still have a headache, dizziness, strained eyes and feel tired. The same thing happened a few months ago where my hangover lasted close to a week. I don’t drink normally…..only socially at parties etc. and as I’ve gotten older (I’m 51) I get hungover from even a small amount of alcohol. My friends from the party who drank as much as I did got up the next day and painted bedrooms and basically had normal days. Could it be that it lowers my immune system and I’m feeling these symptoms because I’ve caught a virus or something? My husband keeps telling me that there is no way there is any alcohol left in my system so it can’t be the hangover still.

1:34 am December 4th, 2014

Hi. I had a party exactly 30 hours ago. I smoked two heavy puffs of weed and a lot of hookah. And the worst part – I mixed up drinks. This was the first time I had been tasted a drink. And I had 6 shots of vodka out of which 4 were neat and 2 were mixed with coca cola. And I had a glass of beer. I threw up a few hours later. It’s been 24 hours and my hangover has still not gone. I also have that guilt of drinking
Can it make it worse? Can you please help me out? Please. I just wanna get out if this.

11:36 pm December 7th, 2014

Okay so I’m a 18 year old female and I weigh about 120 pounds. I drink but I never have gotten out of hand like I did last night. I had 13 shots of tequila and I’ve thrown up 6 times since this morning and now I’m dry heaving. How long will this last?

Ivana @ Addiction Blog
6:15 pm December 11th, 2014

Hi Bailey. Can you keep some light food and fluids down? Your energy level will probably be bad for a few days, but you’ll get right back on your feet as soon as you start eating something.

12:44 pm December 13th, 2014

Hello, I’m 16 years old and two nights ago I drank big amount of alcohol (beer and vodka), and now I generally feel fine, but still I feel a bit vertigo, and i really afraid that as a result from the alcohol I have constant brain damage. its been like a day and a half and to nights that i slept fine and I still feel dizziness, and that something in my brain isn’t functioning well, even though I don’t have any problem reading and understanding. What should i do? anyway, I know ill never drink alcohol again…

1:21 am December 15th, 2014

Hi, went out sat night and drank too much. Can’t remember getting to bed but woke up on my back covered in sick. Had a very lucky escape as I had clearly been sick only back and could have been a totally different outcome. Never been sick from alcohol before and still feel awful like almost still drunk but it’s been nearly 24 hours. Shakey, cold hot flushes with nausea, very tired, very thirsty. I’ve never had a hangover like this before. My friend said it could be mild alcohol posioning. If it is, does anyone have any tips on what to do?

Red Wine
4:32 pm December 15th, 2014

Hi on Saturday night I drunk about 4 glasses of red wine its not the expensive kind the cheap one I heard that you’re suppose to drink wine slow but I did not I took big sips and frequently I went to sleep around 3 that morning feeling fine my boyfriend woke me up around almost 5 in the morning and when I woke I was feeling naseaus couldn’t really go to sleep and I had diarrhea I took a zofran which settled my stomach but now today is Monday and I’m still feeling a little sluggish I woke up for work and I was feeling a little sick I’m able to eat but no appetite really and still a little bit of diarrhea is this normal effects of drinking red wine?

4:39 pm December 28th, 2014

I rarely drink anymore, have not had anything to drink (alcohol) in nearly a year. Day after Christmas, the 26th, drank a half a pint of Southern Comfort, and on top of that drank, a 12-pack of beer. Started drinking around Noon, until about 5 P.M, in which at that time, passed out. Tolerance for alcohol was very low since I’ve stopped drinking. Extremely nauseated, starting around 5 A.M., the 27th, day after. Through out the entire day, bed-ridden with chills and extreme nausea. Time of this posting is 07:30 A.M., the 28th, the following day. Still, extremely nauseated. Drinking vast amounts of water to hopefully alleviate some of the side effects. The extreme nausea is the only effect that is still troubling me.

11:10 am December 31st, 2014

I only drank 1 and a half bottles of cider 750ml each and I used to hate alcohol, I’m 15 and 85 kg but after 24 hours I still have a mega headache and can’t really walk well… I only started having a pint of beer or a normal sized bottle of cider 2 months ago does this affect me??

11:44 pm January 1st, 2015

I went to a party yesterday and drank a 75cl bottle of vodka and I can’t stop throwing up and when I get up to walk I fall over and am really light headed

8:14 am January 2nd, 2015

On new years I had a glass of Champagne and 4shots of Vodka. My headache started before I got sober and now 27hours later I still have a ridiculous headache. No other symptoms though, just the pain. Can’t sleep longer than 3hours as well? Is this normal?

7:20 am January 5th, 2015

People are so ignorant. Alcohol is a poison. And your body was poisoned so that’s the reason why you’re having a hangover in the first place.

4:11 pm January 12th, 2015

I drank roughly about half a litre of vodka on Friday and was sick about half an hour after the last measure, i spent all of Saturday being sick and it was green an bile like, sunday i still had an uneasy stomach and again today. Is this normal? I drink roughly once a month and is usually a binge type night

Ivana @ Addiction Blog
5:11 pm January 13th, 2015

Hi Lea. It’s a reaction to the great amount of vodka you drank. It probably got your stomach upset and you’ll be feeling ok soon. However, if the feeling persists, you should be examined by a doctor.

12:07 am January 24th, 2015

I’m not a alcohol loving person but last sunday night I had a 11 shots of tequila with my friends. They forced me and I drink all. But it’s been almost 5 days and I’m feeling something wrong I mean like I’m not fully recovered or something…looks like my mind is not fresh or something. I don’t know what is happening with me can you please let me know?

11:45 pm February 5th, 2015

I had a hangover a few days ago and I thought it was over but I just woke up from a nap and I still have a headache and I feel like being sick. Why? Its been four days since the hangover unless I am still having symptoms.

3:26 pm February 15th, 2015

Hello, so its day 2 and I’m still feeling crappy. I had only 3 drinks (bloddy ceasers home made) and the next morning I was soooo sick I threw up about 30 times in that one day my throat is killing me I’ve actually burnt my throat from my stomach acid. ( I was drinking so much water too between trowing up) the past two days now I have been feeling so thirsty no matter how much water I drink I’m still really thirsty. I haven’t been able to eat for 2 days I’m dying please give some advice this happens every time I drink and I always limit myself to 3 drinks a night I’m about to quit drinking all together because of this its torture :(


Ivana @ Addiction Blog
1:33 pm February 16th, 2015

Hi Katie. Can someone drive you to the doctor’s office? You are dehydrated and need a saline infusion. It will help you regain your energy levels and you’ll feel much better soon after. And yes, you need help to stop doing this to yourself. Good luck!

7:12 pm February 17th, 2015

I haven’t ate since Saturday and thought the hair of the dog would help me get an appetite Sunday. I WAS WRONG! It is now Tuesday and I still haven’t been able to eat. Part of me wonders if I wasn’t slipped something Saturday night as I did black out and can usually handle my boos pretty well. Don”t think I want to drink ever again after this one and am also a bit scared that I’m still feeling better.

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