Sunday November 23rd 2014



What is recovery from drug and alcohol addiction?

Recovery can mean lots of things to lots of people. Read here about a new study that wants YOUR FEEDBACK about recovery. The survey takes between 12-20 minutes to complete, and is anonymous.


Mixing crack with alcohol

Mixing crack with alcohol creates cocaethylene. While alcohol can intensify the length and the high you get from crack, it can also make the body shut down, inducing an unconsious state. More here on dangers and risks of mixing crack with alcohol.


Documentary on Bill W.(Wilson)

A.A. is not the most transparent of organizations on which to base a film or story. But the new documentary on Bill W. is excellent. Here’s why.

Hit bottom: alcohol, drug addiction and advice

What does it take to hit bottom? When you hit bottom, what can you do next? Guest writer Julie Stirn explores here.


SPECT for drug addiction and alcoholism treatment

SPECT nuclear imaging tests shows how blood flows to tissues in the brain, and show marked changes after chronic drug use. More on using SPECT for drug and alcohol addiction treatment here.


Pros of halfway houses

Living in a halfway house provides you with an immediate community of recovery support. More pros for halfway house living here.


How to help an alcoholic or drug addict get help

To help and alcoholic or drug addict get help, prepare yourself first and then confront the addict. 1. Be sure addiction is present. 2. Educate yourself about addiction. 3. Build a network of support. 4. Avoid codependency.


How to set boundaries with an alcoholic or addict

Learning to set and stand by your boundaries is the first step in starting a healthhy relationships with an alcoholic or addict. What else can you do? More here.


Codependency recovery: How to stop being codependent

How to stop being codependent starts with facing denial and enabling behaviors. More on codependency recovery and where to find it here.


What is codependency addiction?

Codependency addiction is an emotional and behavioral condition that results in unhealthy relationships. More on how you can identify and treat the enabling and denial behaviors that characterize codependency here.

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